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  1. Will be there both days in the demo area will have some of our new formula flexi belts including a new tooled Mk 103 to fit an Hs 129
  2. Not a fan of Shapeways finish but I get a job in from time to time , Halfords grey primer followed by Mr Primer Surfacer 1500 straight on top of the Halfords before it dries. I know it sounds daft but "it works for me" Bob
  3. Hi Roy, Can't help with Classy Hobby but AFV Modeller do a good range of 1/16 tank crew. Bob
  4. We do the 50 cal flexi belts in 1/48
  5. I've always used graphics industry booths a "Spray Away" for my modelling and a bloody great fan box for priming both with activated charcoal filters with prefilters. Bob
  6. Mr Masking Sol R paint it on the trim with a scalpel when dry "bloody good stuff" Bob
  7. We do a seat upgrade for the Revell plus the Mk103 plus a flexi ammo belt for it. Bob
  8. They are a bit slow on there release dates may have to get our Typhoon moulds out again
  9. Report post Posted yesterday at 03:39 PM This thinner is for Mr Hobby Color the water (ish) based one. The lacquer based Mr Color Use the deep blue Mr Color Thinners or yellow Mr Color Levelling Thinner the mix ratio is important not to thick or your airbrush thinks your spiderman Bob
  10. I think David is away till the end of August but he is still in business with some new releases shortly Bob
  11. I think the material used is a soft resin the stuff we use in our flexi ammo belts and feeds. I have been playing with this stuff for years with the hope of tyres that compress themselves "no luck" the material is way to hard unless you can cast it hollow not an easy process. Silicon might work but resin moulds and a material that's "Non Stick" The holy grail still awaits Bob
  12. Yes great news "it's back" hopefully the new design may have a larger cup. Just getting it back out of retirement so happy days Bob
  13. Hi Just found a site that sells Aerograph Devilbiss spares so dusting of my super 63 and back in action If you are of my age group DeVilibiss was the top of the range so it's great to be able to use it again. There is a copy of the 63 by DAGR (not the same tool ) but a new Devilbiss is on it's way. Bob https://www.everythingairbrush.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwj_XpBRCCARIsAItJiuTLXiWJl1tQZ7YeQHqF0wYU6KsCJ709584_6zxPIdWEmtIkRwyn2S4aAgNwEALw_wcB
  14. Hi Guys, We have had a few mails about MDC are no longer trading. I can assure you this is far from the truth we are alive and well at Theddlethorpe !! I admit we had some site and mail problems during an enforced upgrade by our store provider but all is now well and looking to the future. Hope to have some new items shortley as always no information until we have stock ready ( I could have a rant about lists that are published with no hope in hells chance of attaining ) but that could be for a later post, how about "grumpy old buggers rant" (hope I can say that). All the best Bob MDC Ashleigh Farm
  15. I second Mr Tool Cleaner "it does what it says on the tin" I had a dried up jar of Mr Surfacer a few drops a couple of hours and usable again, I even use it to clean my tools if I have been using epoxy pastes. It does smell and not to kind to styrene Bob
  16. Not Skegness sand not cliffs plus seaside beer Bob
  17. I know it's a bit confusing, but what happened is that Dave did the Mk 3 rail for the Typhoon quite a while ago, then with the release of the Tamiya kit Dave asked me if I would like to use the Mosquito mounting stubs as an addon for our rockets, I know doing a set dedicated to the Mosquito would make it easy but a time thingy got in the way. So you need rails from us or another and our stubs. Sorry about the confusion. Bob
  18. Our rockets are designed for the Typhoon, but we also sell Mosquito mounting stubbs so with a bit of simple work remove the old stubs and replace, The mark 3 rail and mosquito stubs were done by Dave Brown so very happy with them. Bob
  19. Just did a quick trawl Banff Strike Wing at War between £15.90 and £159.00 " you do the math" Bob
  20. I think the Special Hobby are based on the Tempest the rails are ok but the mountings are wrong for the Typhoon and Mosquito Our rockets are for the Typhoon but we also have the correct mounting stubs for the Mosquito. The best reference for rocket placement is Mosquito FB VI by Dave Brown airframe systems and wartime usage. and for Banff Wing is Banff Strike Wing at War by Les Taylor you can still get this at reasonable price if you trawl a bit but some sites are silly money.. If you need anything drop me a PM Bob
  21. I've been playing with Indian Ink it's water based a bit like concentrate wash you thin to what you want. Bob
  22. Fishing tackle shops they use lead wire for fly tying Bob
  23. Grahams correct if it is the similar PU resin we use in the flexi Mr S 1500 works Bob
  24. David Parker is also editor of Air Modeller some of the LSP builds are outstanding Bob
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