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  1. I agree with Thierry older resin or bad proportions also if you are casting in warm weather conditions that could affect it. Try post curing the castings in a warm place like the heating boiler. My two standards for casting are Axson F38 or Polytech Easyflo 60 Bob
  2. Or "cheap and cheerful " https://www.modeldesignconstruction.co.uk/photo-etch/97-luftwaffe-ww-ii-fighter-harness.html
  3. I think I would want to see a print at $92 the prints they produce is in that semi opaque clear plastic with some axis have noted build lines, it takes a lot of work to get them right. Bob
  4. Thanks Kev your a star
  5. Hi Kev, Still trying to upload Avatar with no luck Bob
  6. Try these from 3M lots of grades and you can wash them out when clogged and you cut them to any shape you want. https://tools-paint.com/3m-scotch-brite-handpads-155-x-225mm-packs-of-10-15190-p.asp Bob
  7. Tangerine Dream, Jan Garbarek,Thomas Tallis, Mark Isham and a lot of new age stuff from Windam Hill records. Have found a new source Tina Guo a cellist, she is in a lot of film scores and gaming music,
  8. It will be interesting to see the the bucket capacity and breakout force
  9. Received my 262 set today they look very good, will try to get some pics. Bob
  10. Got the Me262 on order, expensive £21.00 plus shipping Will update when DHL gets their finger out. Bob
  11. Two flat parts should be no problem we run parts triple that size on a regular basis for some of our customers if you pm me I can sort you out, If you have access to plastic or perspex sheet bigger than you parts. Bob MDC
  12. UV light is best suspect has a habit of oxidising stuff. Anything like that cool dark is the best but if you want to go OTT https://www.smooth-on.com/products/xtend-it/ We spend a fortune on stuff like this, now we used old fridges for all our stuff including super glues, pick them up in a secondhand shop run till buggered and it works !! Bob
  13. A light brush with a glass fibre pen or soft Scotbright the a flash over with Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500. Not sure what it is but older 3D prints develop a mould on the surface, it's easy to sort it. Bob
  14. Only a tube of putty "no problems"
  15. I've found a lot of my old research material now I'm sorting the book store out so I might start my Sherman conversion. Bob
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