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  1. Both our rivet tools in 1/48 and 1/32 are still available http://www.scaleworkshop.com/workshop/video33bg_1.htm https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=76 Bob
  2. Interesting choice "Bitcoin or Border Models Lanc "
  3. Not published yet https://www.helion.co.uk/military-history-books/air-wars-over-congo-from-belgian-congo-force-publique-air-wing-to-the-mercenary-revolts.php?sid=4cc88e0555f5f5c4c4b163dd4063e708
  4. Hi, Just got a copy of the RAF Museum re-print of British Aircraft Guns of WW2 plenty pictures but no dimensions. But just drop Arthur Bentley a line I'm sure he can sort you out all his drawings are top notch !! https://www.albentley-drawings.com/drawings/equipment/guns/hispano-20mm-cannon-mks-iii-and-v/ Bob
  5. My go to is Mr Hobby Metal Primer in a can then finished with Mr Surface Primer 1500 also in a can. All our metal masters we receive are treated this way Bob
  6. We had a chat about the figure I think most figures are solid lumps on that basis An 8" figure in standard grey supplied with all support feeds on as it stands (each finger will need cleaning up) would be £60 and a high res with the arms removed to reduce clean up would come in at £200 The main problem is printer resin cost and supply is getting a bit silly but "that's progress" Bob
  7. Have a look at our Oxygen hoses you can tie them in knots it's a poly-elastomer we've been using the stuff for years cable bundles would be no problem in fact I have a few in the "masters to finish" box. If you let me know the actual dia of wire to be used I can try and get some finished. Also colour no problem I was looking at yellow for some Luftwaffe projects. https://www.modeldesignconstruction.co.uk/accessories/138-oxygen-hose-15mm-2mm.html Bob
  8. Hi Kev It's down to size and quality higher the resolution the longer it takes. Will get you a price for a high Res print on our system Bob
  9. Another aspect is the the design of the kitchen extract will be for domestic fumes and the components may not be man enough to handle solvent fumes, sort of horses for courses Bob
  10. Just got one, the quality is fantastic it's more like a laboratory tool https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/product/portable-magnetic-paint-mixer-ms-01-dspiae/ Bob
  11. https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/product/stainless-steel-paint-mixers-ammo-mig-jimenez-a-mig-8003/ That's for the UK so they should be with the US Mig stockists Bob
  12. Chinese IP Law what is this , surely this is only mythical
  13. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/08/preview-rodens-new-silver-line-gmc.html#more Bob
  14. Found this on Britmodeller, https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234949864-mcdonnell-fg1-fgr2-phantom/
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