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  1. Bob MDC

    Who will I see in Telford this year?

    Will be there both days sort of organising the demo area. Bob
  2. Bob MDC

    X15A-2 reference

    Hi Rob, A book called Hypersonic great pictures Rich has one for sale in the book auction. Bob
  3. Bob MDC


    Not to be out done the armour guys are at it Takom announced a large gantry crane (Strabokran) today Amusing Hobby the same kit !!! Anybody for double "FRIES"
  4. Bob MDC


    When you are in a business that has specific boundary's WW2 there is no new WW2 fighters being designed so there if a finite number of subjects "so" competition is inevitable From our perspective (MDC) we have been compromised a few times but that's the business (an injection Typhoon is well overdue) which I wouldn't mind as our one has been good to us but it was a few years since we produced it technology must move on. But the main thing that p%$£&*s me of is Bloody "lists" that company's produce with what they would like but no bloody idea of how to do it, I have pulled quite a few subjects that I was informed by other manufactures was "on their "list" and the buggers don't do anything about it apart from "It's on next years programme" when ever that is !! And to be fair we have not tried to stand on anyone's toes But I am working on a project that I dropped a couple of years ago As always MDC will only let you know when we have stock to sell ATB Bob MDC
  5. Bob MDC

    Dh60 Gypsy Moth drawings

    Hi Martin, John Adams of Aeroclub would be the chap to get in touch with, he should be at the Nats at Telford. Bob
  6. Hi, It's not OOP still on the web site http://www.modeldesignconstruction.co.uk/mall/productpage.cfm/ModelDesignConstruction/_RBC32001/86930/ME262A-2a%2FU2 Glazed Nose Bomber Bob
  7. Bob MDC

    Is there a good 1/32 jeep?

    There's also a die-cast http://www.forcesofvalor.com/product_inner.php?productId=197 Their not bad have the Opel Blitz for another project Bob
  8. Bob MDC

    Aircraft/military museums in Southern England?

    Hi Thierry, Traffic around the Blanford Forum area could no "will" be heavy as the 50th Great Dorset Steam Fair is on from the 23rd to 27th August over 500 steam engines and well over 200,000 plus visitors. If you need any more info just let me know, the chap that I work with in the 3D side his office is there and is complaining on a daily basis about hold ups for traction engines !!!
  9. That's the one !!
  10. I think there is some stuff on this in the Luftwaffe ground equipment book, I have a copy but finding it could be a problem as my books are in many boxes after the move.
  11. Hi Rich,

    Great news hope it does well, you can't beat working your own thing, will be having one off the Hs129 "just registered"

    On the Nat's will be going both days so if you need a help just ask.




  12. Bob MDC

    Uschi van der Rosten Leather decals.

    It sounds like you need the "big guns" Mr Softer and Setter work really well on the Tamiya car decals which are a bit thick. I have a set of the leather decals myself and going to use them on a Cat Sixty ( working on the "dark side" again) I will keep you posted There is an alternative a few years ago I saw a modeller applying car decals using a hair dryer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It Worked
  13. Bob MDC


    Hi Tolga, If you need any info just drop me a line Bob
  14. Bob MDC


    The wings are the worst area we started out to do an accurate conversion and after starting the easier option was a full kit. We can supply the wings separately. Bob
  15. Bob MDC

    Declaration of Independence

    Is West Sussex now the 51st state ?????