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  1. You could spend Mega Bucks https://ak-interactive.com/product/signature-set-total-chipping-kristof-pulinckx-set/
  2. Just finished the initial casts for the first four of a six man crew for the HK cockpit section, these are really nice Will update and try and get some pictures as the job enfolds. Bob
  3. You could try this not to expensive I think it covers all RAF airfields home and abroad. https://www.abebooks.co.uk/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=31129584327&searchurl=kn%3DBases%2Bof%2Bair%2Bstrategy%26sortby%3D17&cm_sp=snippet-_-srp1-_-image3 I have a copy will try to find it and give you an update. Bob
  4. The hard fact is that 1/24th aftermarket is not a big seller, we did a range of seat belts for British,American and German WW2 and have only had to re-order the the British sets (thanks to the Airfix Mosquito) since we had our original stock in. But there is an option to scan and reprint using 3D technology but that's not cheap. The new structured light scanning looks good. https://zealotminiatures.com/3d-scan/ Bob
  5. I was lucky enough to see it take-off and fly at Farnborough, went down the runway we all thought it was a taxi run but it disappeared in a cloud of dust and debris when it cleared it was airborne after setting every car alarm off " bloody brilliant" BUT found this Never say Never Bob
  6. Sherman and a Vickers-Onion box scraper North West England late 40's
  7. I tend to use these with the flat grip and round tip I seem to get a more positive grip. https://www.heamar.co.uk/precision-tweezers/1153-lindstrom-tl2a-sa-sl-120mm-tweezer-7314150115259.html?utm_source=Website&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=February promotion&goal=0_db35fdb72d-a50bc9e3ad-505652353&mc_cid=a50bc9e3ad&mc_eid=ea36648806 Bob
  8. When you heat a plastic up it expands hence the curving of the plastic, you could try "cold rolling " roll the plastic with a bar on a hard surface that should give you a bend that is flat.
  9. Yes, you can airbrush them for larger areas but I normally use a brush straight from the jar dries in a few minutes the use a dry clean brush, all brush marks disappear then buff the your required finish. Sealing is a must but some varnishes can dull the surface I used Mr Metal Primer with good results (must give it a try again) When MDC was doing UK shows I must have given hundreds of demonstrations over the years ( and sold a lot of Mr Metal Color) I remember one show I was demonstrating Mr Metal Color everybody wanted some even the demonstration pots went !!! Bob
  10. AFV Modeller is producing lots of 1/16th stuff https://www.afvmodeller.com/product-category/accessories/ Bob
  11. Hi Jeff The Dspiea cut though plasticard no problem, this a bit of a faff to start with but once I got going it was no problem, but I think I am going to get the guide thingy https://www.dspiae.com/en/a/PRODUCTS/PRODUCTSC/39.html I think the bumf said that it only cut very thin stuff but the blades are well man enough for thin styrene Bob
  12. Treated myself to a Dspiae circle cutter about a year ago, It looked good and the job I got it for as not started yet. But another job for a customer came in requiring accurate circles to be cut after a few minutes fiddle it worked like a dream. Can move a bit when starting so I am going to get the guide, the time I saved on the one job was well worth it. https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/product/stepless-adjustment-circular-cutter-dspiae-mt-c/ Bob
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