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  1. Yes drop David a mail he's expanding the range with some French and Bomber Command Figures. We are it touch with him on a regular basis. Bob
  2. Try some of the Si-Fi sites they seem to have a lot of light sets also model railways https://www.smallscalelights.co.uk/ Bob
  3. For sale in the UK , with bust £81.00 or standard £63.00 https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/products/new-products Bob
  4. Another one silicon plumbers sealant about an hour to set and can be cleaned off with meths (methylated spirit) Bob
  5. To be devil's advocate on this, until the kit injection moulded parts can be seen no real conclusions can be made. So far test shots, 3D renders, 3D prints and speculation are the order of the day so lets hope the production kit has none is the "problems" noted. As we have been working in the 3D print/reproduction manufacture for over 10 years companies want their product to be seen asap but forget they show the wrong version An old Scots saying "there's many a slip between cup and lip" Bob
  6. Natural Wool is great in a pad I got one at the UK Nats years ago I'm not sure if I bought it or it was a sample I think it was Italian origin, only washed not bleached or treated in any way pure wool of some type of mountain sheep. After sanding or glossing a quick rub just gives a bit of a sheen on. I know the tee shirt works but try an old wool jersey I use that when I can't find the pad . Bob
  7. Mr Surface Primer 1500 is a great primer but also removes any surface blemishes, we have a customer that supplies up with brass patterns (large scale railway) which we prime and they get chipped !! but no problem a quick flash of Mr 1500 chips gone "just like that" Bob
  8. On the book side you could try https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/87214533?iid=114232285279 With the follow up https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/The-Master-Scratch-Builders-Tips-and-Techniques-from-the-Master-Aircraft/264742918804?epid=88221376&hash=item3da3e85a94:g:RwcAAOSw4MBey-XL I'm a sucker for these type of books aviation,armour,trucks and railways but I think you can always glean a bit of new skills from other hobbies. Bob
  9. Try Mr Tool Cleaner yes it's called that, and it cleans all tools including some I buggered up with epoxy putty. Bob
  10. GSI Creos aka Mr Hobby do the full range of fillers/surface primers, Mr Putty and Mr Putty R for big jobs Mr Dissolved Putty a great gap filler Mr Surfacer 500, 1000, 1200 small work and priming as also in rattle cans Mr Finishing Surfacer 1000, 1500 also in rattle can a various colours great for priming Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 grey in a can is my go to primer for all the masters we get in and it can really sort out lines on 3D stuff with a bit of practice. All of the above shrink so pulling in to the defect so a couple of coats may be required but if you have a bit of thinner on your applicator it smooths it of really well. And the main feature of all the Mr S products you can wipe them off with Mr Color Thinners or Isopropyl Alcohol so no sanding, but the thicker ones will need a bit more work but if you vary the rubbing cloth it will help with some "elbow grease" MDC were the company that brought Mr S into the UK but I have no comercial links with the product now. It's just a great product that's why I sold it . If anybody needs any help with the stuff please get in touch. Bob
  11. Without checking our 1/48 Avenger conversion I'm sure the Avenger is all curved but the Skyraider has a flat spot at the bottom of the radome. Bob
  12. Try Chavant Clay it's a sculpting clay soft when warm, a bit of cling film on the part push the clay on let it harden "job done" I use it all the time on my "other" work Bob
  13. Super Glue it's a love hate thing, I first used it in the late 1960's in my capacity as a geologist working on rock thin sections, and have used it for work and play ever since (work had a sabbatical during my spell in mining) since then it's a staple of the modelling work. My material supplier Neills Materials https://www.neillsmaterials.co.uk/ I get all my resin and silicon from them , try them they split down to small sizes. They sent me a sample of the super glue range they do Krylex, the standard it was good great tack and hold so ok, conversation about rubber/resin/future stocks da,de,da and we got the gap filler in "chuck one in next order" Bloody hell this stuff is so good ,great tack tough hold when glued but the killer is that it sands really well so no super glue bump it comes down the same rate as resin I'm working on a fantasy job just now (it pays the bills) and working from resin masters had a few break normally a pain but a quick dab a bit of a sand no problems. The one you want is Krylex 1641 gap filler it's the best I've used Bob
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