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  1. Bob MDC

    Luftwaffe cockpit sets.

    Never say never, I can work with stupid prices it's being a ' sweaty' that brings the worst out in me
  2. Bob MDC

    Luftwaffe cockpit sets.

    Yes, We are thinning it down stuff that's not selling or very -very slow that needs re-moulding also a lot of the kits are no longer available so trying to slip into semi retirement plus I have a couple of pet projects that I want to spend time on. Bob
  3. Bob MDC

    1/32 Hurricane

    We brought out the Typhoon (cottage industry kit) also rockets (two flavours) and some other bits, we're happy with the returns
  4. Strange normally football supporters and fountains !!!!
  5. As some of you know I've done a bit of casting over the years (started 1966) apart from my stint in mining then started MDC 25 years ago and we do a bit of casting. On the talc side I agree with Graham as you are introducing a powder this will result in the mould not closing properly causing mould lines and flash, for casting were are 100% vacuum but may have to go into pressure for clear On the materials side with the fastcasts a couple of cycles in the tank and demould in 45 minutes ( I only have the resin under vacuum for about 90 seconds total) there's even a new silicon 8 minutes pot life and 20 minutes demould so you can turn a part round in about an hour Only ever use a one part mould and cut the part out. On the companies side Graham is correct most reps are not the best help, they tend to tell you who is using their resin and I have been asked to help a company out by training at my place nice thought but think of the phone calls If you are buying a small vacuum set up use a proper vacuum engineering company and not a tool company that has one or two items, as the engineering company will normally have an entry level unit or a second hand unit that has been traded back, these guys know vacuum so are really helpful and sometimes know more about application than resin reps. Bob
  6. The casting side of the business is getting a lot of fantasy work in 54mm (aka 1/32) initially it was " well that's interesting but !! " now it's selling like hot cakes and more companies are getting into the scale. Will "watch this space" Bob
  7. Gunze every time for me, Ok I was the UK distributer for over ten years but the reason for that was Mr Surfacer paint on wipe of even when hard even the new Mr white putty R is great, also with the epoxy putty's a touch of thinner and they smooth down to zero. Since I have no commercial ties to GSI Creos I've tried all lot of the other products for my demo spot at the UK Nats. I still find the GSI product to perform the best and as good part of my time is working with 3D prints the Mr Surfacers are the tool of choice Bob
  8. I use a Proxxon tool through their transformer so you can slow the power to the tool then lower the speed of the tool at ultra low speed it can be a bit jumpy https://www.proxxon.com/uk/ Sorry guys another case of pornography for model makers Bob
  9. This is another option the guys at Air Modeller like these http://www.vertigo-miniatures.com/vertigo/eshop/15-1-VERTIGO-JIGS Price looks fair Bob
  10. Did you check the "Fantasy Panzer from Amusing Hobby" Hollow coil springs !!!!
  11. "snap" I've been looking for some British Army green (between the wars) I'm Bu*%ered if any of the "new kids on the block" have colour charts . Could have a proper rant about modern tank colours you can get 1 tank 2 area of operation and 3 bloody weather back to a glass of port !!! Bob
  12. Have a look at Red Kite publishing they have some great tiles I have the Blenheim book great value for £20.00 plus a new magazine Wingleader
  13. Tamiya have made 1/32 aircraft kits and they wont stop why should they
  14. Sharp detail but soft metal possible high lead content don't know the US regulations our mix is pewter/tin (and bloody expensive)
  15. Got the taster at Telford looks good I have quite a few of his prints in the "office" Yes up for this one Bob ,
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