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  1. Hi Graham, Looks like another reason to pop over to Spilsby apart from Spilsby packaging and Bijoux cafe, when we get the "all clear" Bob
  2. Novus Plastic Polish, It's been around for years it was first used for repairing pin ball machines. I have used it many times to get parts for clear casting "clear" Bob
  3. Yes, it's available Bob
  4. We still do the 1/32 legs for the Typhoon on the length of the legs there was a great debate at the time and compared our legs to the example at Hendon which has parts of the engine missing no oil, fuel, racks or ammunition it is a bit short, but we based our legs on combat aircraft fully fuelled and armed including externals which we thought most modellers would prefer. Bob
  5. DB,s method looks great, on closed moulds it depends on the silicon a hard mould so no flex in the center then really a vacuum is the best and again don't demould to soon, we work to 0.5mm for one of our customers (who will remain nameless !!!!) Bob
  6. Hi We do a riveting tool in 1/48 which has two sizes of rivets plus PE templates and guides plus handles https://www.modeldesignconstruction.co.uk/54282-tools Bob
  7. We have been using similar material in our flexi hoses and ammo belts (plus loads of tractor tyres and railway carriage connectors )for customers for nearly 20 years with no complaints. In fact we are working on a couple of new ideas!! Bob
  8. If I remember correctly the Monogram Monarch on the 234 has a bit on the night fighter cockpit layout I have a copy but as my book collection is now in one of the outbuildings (which will be my workshop in the future) in piles on shelves in no order with garden furniture in front, "I can't quite get my hand on it just now", but have got to find some bits for myself if I find it will let you know. Bob
  9. Kev, Thank you for all the work and support you have given to the site and the 1/32 modelling community over the years. It's in great shape thanks to your work at the helm Good Luck for the future. ATB Bob
  10. Just had a look on Abe Books I was looking for a copy of "Ironstone mining in the Lincolnshire wolds" had a look at Ar234 prices medium to bloody stupid but it might be a start. Bob
  11. Hi Rich has a Aero Detail book in his current auction if you check on that section would put a link in but still getting to grips with this bloody chromebook !! Bob currently running at £3.20 a good price !!
  12. Not quite rivet counting but at a "model railway " show there was a person taking down the model train numbers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Mr Hobby, Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 in grey/black or white is the best I have tried, all of our masters we treat with this straight from the can. One of the great things is if you have imperfections like a scratch or a blemish a quick flash and it's gone. All the 3D work we get in is treated with this stuff it makes my job a lot easier when removing masters from moulds. Bob
  14. Hi, We do both types of rockets Mk1 and Mk3 rails both suitable for the Mosquito with a choice of HE or armour piercing, the mounting stubs are for the Typhoon but we do the Mosquito mounting stubs as well so it's a small job to change the stub mountings. Bob
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