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  1. Tamiya have made 1/32 aircraft kits and they wont stop why should they
  2. Bob MDC

    SAC Landing Gear / ARC Reviews

    Sharp detail but soft metal possible high lead content don't know the US regulations our mix is pewter/tin (and bloody expensive)
  3. Bob MDC

    Wingleader New Magazine

    Got the taster at Telford looks good I have quite a few of his prints in the "office" Yes up for this one Bob ,
  4. Bob MDC

    MDC at Telford Update

    The original plan was to do some plaster casting with our new line of moulds for dioramas, but the plaster delivered was not the best for the job. So resin casting without vacuum will be the order of the day . The idea is that some pieces are a bit bulky so are expensive and cost the earth to post, so the idea is sell the mould so you can make as many as you need, you can sell them if you want, but the cost of materials and postage will have the same problems that I had. Bob
  5. Bob MDC

    MDC at Telford

    Thanks Iain ok for a demo next year
  6. Bob MDC

    MDC at Telford

    Hi Guys, Just a heads up on what I am up to over the weekend, as for the last couple of years I co-ordinate (ish) the demo area. This year we have Myself on fillers and plaster casting (more on this later) Eddie Fisher from Zealot Miniatures on 3D Albion alloys with their sander range Mission Model paints That takes us up to lunch John Adams of Aeroclub will have workshop in the afternoon. Will have another couple of things shortly. Bob
  7. Bob MDC

    The Next Airfix 1/24 Kit Will Be...

    A new tool 1/72 Vulcan would be a good bet Bob
  8. Bob MDC

    Tamiya 1/48 Lancaster Resin wheels?

    Yes, if we have not got them out by the time you start the build just drop me a line, getting into the new pace of life since we moved "laid back" Bob
  9. Bob MDC

    Tamiya 1/48 Lancaster Resin wheels?

    Hi, We have a set coming out shortly with the correct grooved tyres for the Grand Slam as they only operated of concrete runways. Bob
  10. Bob MDC

    Biplane rigging material

    Hi, Try this https://www.uschivdr.com/shopping-categories/shop-rigging-and-various/ The stuff on this site is amazing Bob
  11. Bob MDC

    The Price of that Kit is Insane.....or is it?

    My justification is " needed for research as we are going to do a thingy for it " So when we moved I had a van load of stuff off to a friends model shop !!!!
  12. Bob MDC

    Hans Zimmer concert

    Nice !!! He also did "Blackhawk Down" I have a few of his albums
  13. Bob MDC

    Who will I see in Telford this year?

    Will be there both days sort of organising the demo area. Bob
  14. Bob MDC

    X15A-2 reference

    Hi Rob, A book called Hypersonic great pictures Rich has one for sale in the book auction. Bob
  15. Bob MDC


    Not to be out done the armour guys are at it Takom announced a large gantry crane (Strabokran) today Amusing Hobby the same kit !!! Anybody for double "FRIES"