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  1. Hi Rich,

    Great news hope it does well, you can't beat working your own thing, will be having one off the Hs129 "just registered"

    On the Nat's will be going both days so if you need a help just ask.




  2. Bob MDC

    Uschi van der Rosten Leather decals.

    It sounds like you need the "big guns" Mr Softer and Setter work really well on the Tamiya car decals which are a bit thick. I have a set of the leather decals myself and going to use them on a Cat Sixty ( working on the "dark side" again) I will keep you posted There is an alternative a few years ago I saw a modeller applying car decals using a hair dryer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It Worked
  3. Bob MDC


    Hi Tolga, If you need any info just drop me a line Bob
  4. Bob MDC


    The wings are the worst area we started out to do an accurate conversion and after starting the easier option was a full kit. We can supply the wings separately. Bob
  5. Bob MDC

    Declaration of Independence

    Is West Sussex now the 51st state ?????
  6. Bob MDC

    HK Lancaster.

    Not David Brown but RAF http://www.modeltractorco.net/80400/info.php?p=2&pid=1701712&ack=9
  7. Try looking at companies that do museum display cases I found quite a few on a UK search Always a chance of old stock or old ones they have replaced. Bob
  8. Bob MDC

    1/32 or 1/35 WWII Refuelling Trucks

    Finding great difficulty to find a doner cab/chassis for the UK. USA you can get various GMC trucks in 1/32 Bob
  9. Bob MDC

    Only in America 2

    cors leck dags
  10. Bob MDC

    Only in America 2

    To quote Vinnie Jones character from Snatch " are you taking the *+&&$
  11. Bob MDC

    1/32 or 1/35 WWII Refuelling Trucks

    Hi Roy, Have looked at this for Luftwaffe 1 1/32 Opel Blitz for Cab and Chassis http://www.forcesofvalor.com/product_inner.php?productId=144 2 Tanks Italeri 1/35 Fuel Bowser (stretched) or Lead Warrior stuff http://www.leadwarrior.com/ 3 Pumps and pipes MDChttp://www.modeldesignconstruction.co.uk/mall/productpage.cfm/ModelDesignConstruction/_Cv%2032067/-/Luftwaffe%20fuel%20hand%20pump Also Volker Ruff is doing a book on the V2 support equipment http://www.panzerwrecks.com/product/spezialfahrzeuge-peenemunde-1942-45/ If it's like the Starbokran book there should be some good drawings to work from. Hope this helps Bob
  12. Bob MDC

    High flying Raccoon

    Thanks Tony that put a big smile on my face !!!
  13. Bob MDC

    USAAF pilots/crew figures for PTO

    Wings Cockpit Figures have a few. Also we have a couple of Japanese pilots Bob
  14. Bob MDC

    Heretical thoughts and discussion

    Great, takes less than 2 minutes to get to work and even though it's in an old farm grain store we are working a lot better It will still take a bit to get up to how we want it but considering parts of the original building dates to 1580 it's not bad. Coping well with working at sea level but all good. And another point about LSP the people all great Guys !!!! Bob