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  1. A quick brush coat of Mr Metal Primer on bare brass let it dry and then Mr S 1500 and it's "good to go " Mr Metal Primer is one of those products that does not look like anything on application but on further primer coats you can see it works. Bob
  2. Good point about the seals John I tend to wipe then with a silicon grease just a touch and had no problems.
  3. I almost forgot we do bomber command aircrew https://www.modeldesignconstruction.co.uk/aircraft-figures/142-air-gunner-wireless-operator.html Bob
  4. Using a few different types over the years Aerograph (De Vilbiss) Aztec,Mr Hobby(AKA Iwata) and proper Iwata. I think I bought my first airbrush in 1970 (Aerograph Super 63A), so I have had similar problems over the years, but since using Mr Hobby Mr Tool Cleaner any cleaning problems have really gone any removable parts I ultrasound and pass the cleaner through the brush it smells terrible (and might be banned by the Geneva Convention) But it does what it says on the tin I use it the clean my workshop tools crapped up with resin and silicon. Bob Oh and change all rubbe
  5. I go with Thierry Wings Cockpit Figures, if you can wait a few weeks he has some new RAF crew coming out !! Bob
  6. Kimwipes they are great I have used them for over 40 years in my workplace and model space totally lint free !! Shop around I pay about £4.00 a box from Radio Spares but shop around watch the prices as some are by the case !!
  7. Not film but Band of Brothers then movies Black Hawk Down, Henry V,The Right Stuff and The last Samurai and Troy but my favorite Where Eagles Dare I have Richard Burtons classic lines "broadsword calling danny boy" as my ringtone !!!
  8. "Bloody Lists" When I started MDC every small manufacturer had a "list" so when you said I was going to do XYZ it was no that's on MY list and some lists were 20 plus items I "think" the idea was to warn off competition and 90% never saw the light of day. We have pulled at least 5 jobs due to other manufactures making announcement about releases, As you know we have a 1/32 Typhoon an injection moulded one was touted 2-3 years ago but where is it now ??? Do I do another moulding ? I contacted the company about the release at Telford 2019 all I got was a shrug of the shoulde
  9. I've been trying the new GSI product it's bloody good !!
  10. I had to think about that but in the late 70's I left deep mining (as a geologist) and when into outcrop (opencast mining) in in production and sales, Based in Scotland at that time I was in charge of coal production and sales for the first big mine in East Lothian so lots of visitors. One being the top opencast geologist for Scotland Jim Anderson who was an ex FAA pilot Corsairs, so geology went to flying went to modelling so to cut a long story short one 1/32 Revell Corsair in Jims FAA marking fully detailed cockpit with all the FAA mods (o-bugger what I know now) MDC was about 20 year
  11. TriMaster Fw 190A-R8 Rammjager really nice kit to build, a couple of reviewers did not like it but !! That was in the day that if it was more that 0.50mm out in length or wingspan the kit was "unbuildable
  12. If it's the dilute stuff it should be ok but acetone can melt certain plastics
  13. "Hands Up" I do buy 1/35 stuff but as I spent about 25 years in mining both underground and outcrop, where else can I get large scale plastic/resin Locos and rolling stock,excavators, dump trucks dozers and WW1 light railways. Most of our stuff is 1/32 with some 1/48 and the odd other scale but the bulk of our new stuff will be in 1/32 with a couple of exceptions. Note for file 1/32 vehicles are available or 54mm https://www.forcesofvalor.com/ also I think Tommy's War has some stuff as well. Bob
  14. "Spot On" that man !! Art is creating something others can look at whether a 2D painting or a 3D diorama , or a bloody pile of bricks
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