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Difficult Times


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Such tragic news Mike, I am so shocked and my heart is just broken for you


I read your post a few days ago and immediately sympathised as my wife goes into hospital on Tuesday for an operation for the same cancer and I thought how I felt for you and almost felt what you were going through. But this, this terrible news has just floored me. I can't imagine your pain and what you and your loved ones are going through


My deepest sympathies, you are in my and I am sure everyone's prayers


So sad


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Oh Mike,


I am so sorry to hear of Mariana's passing.  You are such a wonderful person I am sure you brought so much joy and love to her life.  I can only imagine the wonderful memories you two share of your life together, and I hope these special memories keep you well in the coming days and weeks.  Take care of yourself and family, mate.


Warmest and most heartfelt wishes,




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Truly, truly shocking news Mike; following your post of a few days ago I'm simply stunned.  I lost my wife Anne to Motor Neurone Disease in 2009 so I know exactly the grief and then the empty black hole that'll you'll be experiencing.  Difficult, difficult times indeed but with the support of your family and friends (and don't forget you have many here on LSP) you'll get through them I can assure you. Stay strong my friend. 

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Mariana was always very supportive of my "little hobby"; for many years she came along to Scale Modelworld with me; there were other couples in our little hotel party, so she had some girlfriends to hit Telford shopping Centre with on Saturday morning, before she spent the rest of the show looking round (with and sometimes without me) and minding the IPMS Avon and later Recce SIG stand.  She had a very good knowledge of aviation and World War II history.


As for chick-flicks or romcoms, no way - she enjoyed a good war film just as much as I do.  Those she liked are too numerous to mention, but her particular favourites included The Longest Day, which inspired our first overseas holiday together, to visit the Normandy beaches, and Tora Tora Tora.


She also had a wicked lightning-quick sense of humour.  One of my particular favourites is a bit politically incorrect these days, but I hope it's acceptable.  The scenario is a cold November morning: I open the door to go out to work, turn back and say "There's a nip in the air today*."  "Oh!" says she, "Does that mean it's Zero degrees?"


She was a half Czech, half East End (of London) mix with a fiery temper when roused, but she was a very kind person, very warm hearted and full of love.  I'm going to miss her.




SMW 2011: iirc photo by Stephen Lucas.

*For those unfamiliar, a vernacular expression meaning "it's rather cold".


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