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  1. One shop in town (London, Ont.) got 4 in last week and sold all 4 in a matter of days. The owner even bought one to keep at the shop so peaple can look at it, I have to say it looks nice in the box. Don
  2. Time to dig out my Leading Edge sheets but that Korean one looks nice. Don
  3. DONG

    ARC Down?

    Works for me. Don
  4. Just waiting to hear from Tigger on his prize. Trak-kor has his already. Don
  5. Don Yahu IP's are the same as Eduard P/E you have to remove the moulded on detail of the kit IP and glue it to the kit IP. Don
  6. Kev I'll add these to the list as separate prizes and please add me as a recipient. Eaglecals EC#32-048 Bf109G-4's Caracal CD 32010 AND F-4C/D Part 1 Don
  7. John Google Quickboost #32144 and 32145, there for the Trumpeter kit but do fit the Tamiya kit. HTH Don
  8. I'm in for a donation as well. Don
  9. Thanks Dan Yes doing much better and I'll see you in Hamilton. Don
  10. Not much into WW1 but that is BEAUTIFUL . Well done !!!!! Don
  11. 600 and 641 for me and yes I'll take a sheet too. Don
  12. More than likely a P-51D, F4U-1D or Spitfire XIV because thats what sells. We can all wish for what we want but Airfix has the final word and I doubt a Beaufighter or P-38 is on their list right now. But you never know we did just get a Tamiya 1/48 P-38 so who knows. How well did the Mossie sell ? I know over here I've seen one built at a show since it came out and I can still go into a hobby shop and find the 1/32 Tamiya Mossie here. We probably have a better chance of Revell bumping up thier 1/48 kit which wouldn't be bad.
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