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  1. 600 and 641 for me and yes I'll take a sheet too. Don
  2. More than likely a P-51D, F4U-1D or Spitfire XIV because thats what sells. We can all wish for what we want but Airfix has the final word and I doubt a Beaufighter or P-38 is on their list right now. But you never know we did just get a Tamiya 1/48 P-38 so who knows. How well did the Mossie sell ? I know over here I've seen one built at a show since it came out and I can still go into a hobby shop and find the 1/32 Tamiya Mossie here. We probably have a better chance of Revell bumping up thier 1/48 kit which wouldn't be bad.
  3. Nice place to relax for awhile and great view. Don
  4. If your still wanting to do VMFA-531 your only choice is a B or N they didn't fly the S. I have GT Resins B/N conversion for the Tamiya kit and it's totally worth the cost. I'm building mine with CAM decals with NK tail codes and all over light gull grey. Don
  5. Maybe Mike but if Tamiya really wanted to do an F-16D what would it really take 1 new sprue. I think Tamiya uses their resources for R/C mostly then other types off kits look at their armour cataloge for one plus all the 1/700 ships. Look at 1/32 they could have also done a late F-4E with one extra sprue or really updated the F-14 kit.
  6. Have to agree with this. I don't know how much the Tamiya F4U-1A and D go for elsewhere but here 2 shops carry them at 190 to 210 Can. same with the Mustangs. I know Ebay has some good deals but shipping and exchange take care of that. The same shops have brought in and sold out of the new Airfix Hellcat but one has also brought in 3 HK Lanc's and still has them ($500) here. I can only imagine what a 1/32 Tamiya P-38 would cost at least Mossie price range up to $300 here. A lot of shops up here only bring in 1 or 2 big Tamiya kits because they don't want to be stuck with them. Don
  7. Yes Jennings hoping for the best as well.
  8. That's nothing I masked off a windscreen , pulled the tape off and painted the part your not suppose to paint Don
  9. Yep I just finished they're 1/48 F-14A not even a pin head size of filler was used and I have the 1/48 109G-6 waiting in the pile. Don
  10. I found a few pictures showing the area in question on a Swiss jet the front "holes" were painted the same as the fuselage so I'm guessing vents for the radar ? and the back were painted a lighter color maybe antenae's the Swiss added ? Don
  11. Wheels - GT Resin Seat - Quickboost ( my opinion) and I've used them on the F-15 and other kits.
  12. I was just on Ebay looking for the 1/32 Revell 22/24 Spitfire and found a 1/32 Hasegawa Spitfire Mk.IIa with a Douglas Bader figuire for $287.47 Can. plus $86.14 Can. shipping. And no I did not buy it Don
  13. I'll be happy if mine turns out half as good as yours Eric. Well done. Don
  14. Resin seats, wheels and decals are usually all the aftermarket I use. I not a fan of P/E hence the use of resin seats with molded on belts. Don
  15. Albert It's a nicely detailed kit for it's age and builds up nice. You will find the gun cover panels will take some work to fit but the rest of the kit fits good. I have the J/G kit and there is some Eduard P/E sets plus CMK Resin sets for it as well. Your best bet is to check out Hannant's site to see what's available. Don
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