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  1. Brian I used a set on the 1/48 Tamiya F-14A and they worked fine. They're printed by Microscale so Microsol and set worked well on them, they conformed well to curves and panel lines. Don
  2. Anyone who bought this kit notice there are no decals for the weapons, pylons and tanks ?? At least mine didn't have any, it looks like they come on sheet "A" of the "C" kit. Don
  3. No one forced them to keep hitting the bid button on eBay anybody whose been in this hobby long enough knows how much the ZM F-4's are worth. All you have to do is look on Sprue Bros. or Google it so don't blame Jennings for some clown with an itchy trigger finger.
  4. Yes already on order from Hannants for the "D" Don
  5. Vince First of all welcome I have several 1/32 Academy F-18's (10) I can throw together some rails for you and a few other surprises just give me a couple of days. If that sounds good PM me your address. Don
  6. Yes to the first question. Don
  7. I feel your pain Carl. I had one leave Arizona Apr.29 go to LA then Detroit then Toronto May 10yh. then back to LA then to Tokyo where it sits in the Port of Kawasaki Don
  8. You gotta love a 5 bladed Spitfire Well done Don
  9. It's the Airwing code letters "AJ" CVW-8 . Don
  10. J.C. Maple Airbrush Supplies in Calgary carries Mission Model paints if your curious. I just ordered some Iwata parts plus a few bottles to try. Don
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