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  1. I Play bass have for a while now ,Just something that i enjoy for my self
  2. Sorry for your loss I know nothing I can say will make it better just know that you were her whole world.
  3. who did you talk to at HK ? I need a new waist gunner window for my B-17
  4. I contacted HPH through FB about a year ago. I have their 1/32 TA-154 it was missing some parts and the cowling was of poor quality . I ended up getting a quick response and had the new parts with in three weeks no questions asked .
  5. for a long time i have been wanting to get in to 3D printing but it seams very intimidating . Not knowing what machine to get
  6. wonder how munch memory it will take up
  7. I just got this kit a few weeks ago cant wait to start in to it
  8. The OV-10 kits are a really nice kit they have some issues with flash but you are right the T-28 is really nice kit
  9. Well maybe it might of not come out the way you wanted but I think you have something here . the black will show up a lot more and something I am wanting to try
  10. I don't know why you feel that you should be embarrassed about that . I just use dish soap happens to the best of us
  11. Nice trick .I use to do something like that when I was doing body work but I would lay the guide coat down after I primer filled .I can see how this would really work Thanks
  12. Very nice I use a silhouette 3 cutter for my mask .Does the machine the machine you are using does it come with it's own drawing software to use?
  13. I am not too sure if how off the engine cowl are off they look about right on this drawing
  14. I have built a few of them they will do the job at holding their own up
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