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  1. Madelf75

    ALERT! Anyone heard from or about Paul Fisher?

    I am hoping the best for Paul and all of his Family including his animals that they are all ok .
  2. Happy you are still with us ,the people here are the most kindest people you could ever get to know.I would not worry about any thing that was said the most important thing is that you are still able to be with us.
  3. Madelf75

    RFI - Extra 330 SC - N73KG

    Nice work love the colors
  4. I know trumpeter 1/32 has it's issues but still looks really good
  5. Madelf75

    Alclad help

    As a base coat I really like Tamiya AS-12 bare metal paint goes on like alclad paint
  6. Madelf75

    any interrest in F4U-5N decals?

    So where can I find a resin conversion for the corsair?
  7. Madelf75

    Building Japanese

    Cool i am sure when it is done it will look really good
  8. Madelf75

    Building Japanese

    I use to do my pre shading this way This is a good way to find what works for you, one of the issues I had was the black would soak through the paint months after I painted it. Just remember got to do what you like
  9. Madelf75

    super glue tip clogging

    You can buy hyperdurmic tubing any size you want on ebay .so no need for the needles
  10. Madelf75

    A-7 D Corsair II Pennsylvania ANG

    Nice work love the paint job I was wondering didn't these plans fly out of Harrisburg PA?
  11. Madelf75

    Revell USA rises like a Phoenix....

    I have their1/48 pby kits talk about great models lot of detail . I remember my first kit was a 1/48 B-17 from Monogram this was back in 1987 for 14$
  12. Madelf75

    Revell USA rises like a Phoenix....

    I hope so Revell Monogram are great kits
  13. Madelf75

    My take on Revell FW190

    Nice work love the detail .you have a winner here
  14. Madelf75

    A-4M "The Little Scooter"

    Nice work looks really good.love you're style of photography
  15. Madelf75

    1/48 Revell PBY-5A Water Diorama

    Nice work I have the pby-5 and the 5a lot.both are great models just as good as anything you find today, I am sure you're will come out great