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  1. I can not take credit for the seats they are from quick boost
  2. A-6E Intruder cockpit 3d printed with ANYZ switches and dials
  3. Just wanted to share this .I found a really decent print of the little boy atomic bomb. It's a free download I have already printed out a copy . https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4051047/comments
  4. So sorry to hear of your lose
  5. I bought this set when it first came out and I think the only thing I used out of it was the cooling vents . Barracuda studios has a better set I feel
  6. The surface detail on the Helldiver kit is really awesome but some of the interior detail is kind of soft but this comes with the nature of a short run kit .I do plan on building one here soon I'll be doing some 3D printing most of the interior and engine cowling because I feel this is where most the attention is needed . Over all other than the I love the kit .
  7. I can tell you first hand that the Eduard 1/32 engines for the B-17 the same engines T-28 used the R-1820 .They fit almost perfect there is some scratch building that needs to be done but the end result is very good .
  8. I have no interest in doing anything 1/18 scale .it's not the scale I prefer to work with. In the above post I was only giving my opinion there is only one modern aircraft that comes in that flavor that I know of. Anything that I have made and drawn up are items that I have designed for my self that way I know fit and quality is top notch .
  9. For anyone to design what you are looking for you will be paying them to design it and then you will be paying for the print . This wont be a chip find I think 65$ would be your best bet
  10. I remember reading somewhere that using the ultrasonic cleaner was on your airbrush was not a good idea because it would pull the solder out
  11. I really love these Tamiya F4U kits they just go together all by them self's Nice build great kit
  12. I was wondering if anyone was interested in a set of OV-10D exhaust that i just created ?This set is designed for the Kitty Hawk kit . I was thinking about 10.00$ plus shipping You can contact me at Steveringlein@gmail.com https://ibb.co/MRvcMBM https://ibb.co/10ppGz7
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