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  1. for a long time i have been wanting to get in to 3D printing but it seams very intimidating . Not knowing what machine to get
  2. wonder how munch memory it will take up
  3. the only way to learn is to jump in and start playing with it. youtube can be a help as well
  4. I just got this kit a few weeks ago cant wait to start in to it
  5. The OV-10 kits are a really nice kit they have some issues with flash but you are right the T-28 is really nice kit
  6. Well maybe it might of not come out the way you wanted but I think you have something here . the black will show up a lot more and something I am wanting to try
  7. Hope this helps this is what works for me
  8. I don't know why you feel that you should be embarrassed about that . I just use dish soap happens to the best of us
  9. Nice trick .I use to do something like that when I was doing body work but I would lay the guide coat down after I primer filled .I can see how this would really work Thanks
  10. Very nice I use a silhouette 3 cutter for my mask .Does the machine the machine you are using does it come with it's own drawing software to use?
  11. I am not too sure if how off the engine cowl are off they look about right on this drawing
  12. I have built a few of them they will do the job at holding their own up
  13. I want to thank you for sharing your great work . You are really taking this on keep up the Good work I will be following for sure . Steve
  14. yes i use both sets they went together very well with no big issues
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