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  1. are you asking if someone can print the parts for you, I am guessing you are looking for the 3D printed parts for the cockpit ? Steve
  2. Today I am offering the sell of my STL file of my the R-985 engine this is for the OS2U Kingfisher. This is specifically designed for the kitty hawk kit. This is only for personal use only. I hold all rights to this file and do not allow any second had selling of the files .this is not for a physical item . price is set for 20$ If you wish to purchase contact me at steveringlein@gmail.com. Thank you
  3. Here is my 1/35 SH-60B Kit that I just completed. The interior I designed and 3d printed I also created the MK54 torpedo . I also also used the ResKit main rotor blade and tail rotor and with some det . Marking came from AOA Over the last weekend I was able to make our local IPMS contest and I ended up winning a few trophies with it
  4. My Takom 1/35 MQ-8B Fire scout built mostly out of the box with the exception of the exhaust that I designed in fusion 360 and 3D printed
  5. My latest build is the Kitty Hawk 1/35 HH-60H , the cockpit I created in Fusion 360 and 3D printed that accurately represents a HH-60H .The main and tail rotor came from Reskit along with the wheels. Marking came from AOAdecals
  6. I dont have anything like a whole model but this is one of my latest prints https://imgur.com/O2u4e0U
  7. Thank you for the complement I am sure your friend will improve on his skills much like we all have .
  8. I can not take credit for the seats they are from quick boost
  9. A-6E Intruder cockpit 3d printed with ANYZ switches and dials
  10. Just wanted to share this .I found a really decent print of the little boy atomic bomb. It's a free download I have already printed out a copy . https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4051047/comments
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