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  1. Very nice builds, thanks for the photos!
  2. Thanks for the replies chaps, feeling a little less guilty now!
  3. Hey chaps, as I type this I’m looking at a tamiya 1/32 f4e that’s four fifths finished and I just can’t get over the finishing line. It’s literally gathering dust and in the meantime I’ve just built (and about to finish) a little 1/72 vintage air fix Blenheim. I believe the shelf of doom is calling the phantom, tbh I think part of the problem was that it wasn’t the most pleasurable build and because of that my enthusiasm was sucked out of me! Am I the only one who has this problem?
  4. What a remarkable young lady and an incredible invention, thanks for the post mate
  5. Would love to see a step by step video!
  6. That is AMAZING figure painting! My Achilles heel I’m afraid, where was the course? Also, is that figure really 1/35?
  7. That is so disappointing, but expected as there hasn’t been any concrete indications of a new 1/32 kit. Have to wait another year for my P-38
  8. First episode of season 8 was awesome, I suspect however that some of the much loved characters are likely to meet their end during the course of the season. Isn’t there a prequel in the works?
  9. I’ve already left a message on his answer phone for a 1/32 P-38!
  10. Try this for size buddy : http://decals.guenstigergeht.net/1-32-decals-for-planes/BF-110-G-4-Heinz-Wolfgang-Schnaufer.html?language=en
  11. Agree with you mate, been looking on evil bay at the prices for the Hasegawa P40, too rich for me! Be great if tamiya tackled it in 1/32 scale...
  12. Very moving post Pascal. I visited the American cemetery and war memorial at St James in Normandy last year during an overcast and rainy day. This added to the atmosphere and as I walked around reading the names, hometowns and ages of the fallen I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness at the loss of these brave young men.
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