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  1. First episode of season 8 was awesome, I suspect however that some of the much loved characters are likely to meet their end during the course of the season. Isn’t there a prequel in the works?
  2. I’ve already left a message on his answer phone for a 1/32 P-38!
  3. Try this for size buddy : http://decals.guenstigergeht.net/1-32-decals-for-planes/BF-110-G-4-Heinz-Wolfgang-Schnaufer.html?language=en
  4. Agree with you mate, been looking on evil bay at the prices for the Hasegawa P40, too rich for me! Be great if tamiya tackled it in 1/32 scale...
  5. Very moving post Pascal. I visited the American cemetery and war memorial at St James in Normandy last year during an overcast and rainy day. This added to the atmosphere and as I walked around reading the names, hometowns and ages of the fallen I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness at the loss of these brave young men.
  6. Would love to see what Tamiya would do with a P38, on the basis of how amazing the mosquito was it’s a mouth watering prospect...
  7. Hey Rick, a very kind member had managed to scan instructions for two of the kits! I also contacted Pacific Coast direct and they drew a blank unfortunately. This forum is a great sharing resource and has a great many skilled and helpful members who are very generous with their knowledge and time. best wishes, Chris
  8. Thanks so much buddy! Lots of great stuff there, and good prices
  9. What a beautiful fw190, the pilot standing next to it really completes the diorama.
  10. Thanks for the feedback chaps, this is a brilliant forum! Any recommendations on saws?
  11. Hi chaps, I’m about to start working on a beautiful Pacific Coast 1/32 Macchi C202. As it’s a multimedia kit there is a fair amount of resin parts and some have some fairly thick attachment stubs on them. In the case where there’s a thick attachment with a delicate part attached, what’s the best approach to removing it without incurring damage? Hope someone can advise! Many thanks, Chris
  12. Well done for persevering, beautiful builds.
  13. Hey chaps, just got back from the charity shop with my bumper 45 pound purchase, the following pacific coast kits : 1/32 Regia Aeronautica Macchi C.200 Serie VII 1/32 Regia Aeronautica Macchi C.202 1/32 Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario All are complete bar the instructions. I’ve checked the galaxy instructions site but it perhaps isn’t compatible with apple devices as I can’t seem to download the instructions. It does say I’m not signed in so perhaps you need to be a member to download? I did look into signing up but stopped when my iPad said “site unsafe”. if anyone can help source the instructions I’d appreciate it. Will have to dip my toe into putting up a build of one of these beauties! all the best
  14. Yes!, you’re going to kill me though, I haven’t actually bought them yet!! I saw them yesterday and was with the Mrs who is constantly moaning about my stash. My plan was to show her what prices those kits could actually reach to somehow justify my purchase. Having looked online it looks like I could be getting maybe 250 quids worth of kits for 45 quid!! I went up today to grab them and the place was shut. Am going back tomorrow, trust me, if they’re gone no matter where in the world you are, my sobbing will be heard....
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