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  1. Dale, I don’t know you mate but have followed your posts and remarkable story on this forum. I’m bitterly disappointed to hear your sad news, I really thought you’d turned a corner in your battle with this cruel disease. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  2. Hope you post your build here buddy, love a frogfoot!
  3. A 1-24 scale Korean War era Sabre would be a bit tasty...
  4. Nice one Dale, the meteor is a great kit!
  5. I hate you Jan! I was on the fence with getting this kit, but after following your progress I’m forced to make a purchase. Now I’ve just got to break the news gently to swmbo....
  6. Saw them on the signals tour, what a wonderful band and such a great loss ☹️
  7. Wow!, what an amazing amount of quality output in a 12 month period!
  8. Wow, the viggen is a beautiful aircraft! Would buy two!
  9. Would love to build this beauty “in flight”, any suggestions on how to go about crewing this kit?
  10. What a beautiful build of a fascinating aircraft. Have the hasegawa 1/48 in the stash, if I do the kit half the justice you have I’ll be happy!
  11. Amazing figure work, you should perhaps mould a few so us “wheels up” fans could purchase from you!
  12. I just don’t get why so many companies manufacture lsp’s with lots of build options but no crew figures. Presumably no one these days is interested in “in flight” models unless the invisible man is at the controls...
  13. Oh yes! A Korean War era Sabre would be fabulous
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