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  1. Wow! That’s very impressive and once again, a beautiful build!
  2. Stunning build! How on earth did you do the aerial wire? Was it a kit?
  3. Would like to see their take on a large scale 262...
  4. A brilliant diorama and a fascinating subject!
  5. That series is INCREDIBLE, there are so many spine tingling interviews with vets who have the “thousand yard stare” as they tell their stories. So horrible to hear how they were treated when they got home...
  6. Great work on the crew! You’re too hard on yourself! best wishes
  7. That’s so encouraging! Great to hear.
  8. I was thinking earlier about the future of our hobby. I was born in the late 60s and as a young boy was exposed to the wonders of airfix/matchbox/frog et al in their heyday. I got back into the hobby when my son was 6 as I wanted him to experience the fun I had when building a kit with my dad (although he did most of the building and I got to watch!). That was 15 years ago and I have a stash to match! My point though, is that I suspect the large majority of modelers these days are my age (late forties and beyond) and once we are no more will there be much of a demand for kits? Kids from my son
  9. It’s a really fun little kit, the original box art is awesome too!
  10. Troy, I’d love to build a really weathered ETO Marauder, such a great aircraft!
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