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  1. What a beautiful build of a fascinating aircraft. Have the hasegawa 1/48 in the stash, if I do the kit half the justice you have I’ll be happy!
  2. Amazing figure work, you should perhaps mould a few so us “wheels up” fans could purchase from you!
  3. I just don’t get why so many companies manufacture lsp’s with lots of build options but no crew figures. Presumably no one these days is interested in “in flight” models unless the invisible man is at the controls...
  4. Oh yes! A Korean War era Sabre would be fabulous
  5. Stunning build Den, and what an enigmatic photo, wonder what he was thinking
  6. Was thinking exactly the same thing mate!
  7. Beautiful build!
  8. Stunning build, the photography, particularly in the first few pics make it look like a real 109!
  9. Splendid cockpit, am adding this kit to my wish list!
  10. Beautiful build, what a ferocious looking airplane
  11. Chaps, does anyone know when ZM are releasing the kit?
  12. What a beautiful build, got a Dragon 110 in the stash. Your build is making me lean towards tackling it next!
  13. Just awesome! Great paint job too, any chance of some more interior shots?
  14. It’s a real shame that ZM aren’t better represented in Europe. I bought a Heinkel Uhu from a charity shop for a crazy price BUT there’s a number of parts (although not show stoppers) missing and it would be great to get spares. Airfix and Revell are top notch in this department and on more than one occasion haven’t even charged for things like replacement canopies etc!
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