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  1. The soundtracks for “Cross of Iron” and “Das Boot”!
  2. Love the original “Das Boot” series, the sequel series, not so much...
  3. What a beautiful paint job Dale! Great build (as usual)!
  4. You’re a good man Dale, this young man looks made up with his new glider!
  5. Awesome armor build, great figure painting too!
  6. I don’t know you Mike, but am very sorry to hear about your situation. Modeling is such a joy and to have it taken away from you is cruel.
  7. Audie was a true hero. “To hell and back” is a great movie.
  8. Wow Dale, what a wonderful haul! The AMX looks a bit tasty too, hope you do an in progress build!
  9. Really nice, clean build Erwin. Great finish on the paintwork also!
  10. Us old guys like Drew, Ben and Tom have go to stick together! best wishes buddy
  11. Great question Dale! I’ve built kits from most “standard” manufacturers over the decades and for aircraft and afv’s, regardless of scale, Tamiya all the way! best wishes
  12. You’ve got a veritable tank factory going on there!
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