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Italeri F-35 A-completed


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Inspired by Cruzz's link to his build, I've added a few bits of wire to the payload bays. Not to the level of detail of his but a bit more than the kit.

This is mostly wire left over from the build of my house when the builder brought in "phone land lines"


and glued into the model;


the intakes seams seem pretty good





and my other project, brought about by a failed heat exchanger in my radiator allowing coolant into the transmission fluid

necessitating a rebuilding of the 4T65E in my old monte carlo...like a model but bigger, dirtier and heavier


Thanks for looking

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Great work on this one! 

I do have to say the intake design on this kit is smart! Having the seam in the corner vs runing down the middle of the side walls is so simple yet as been missed by most kit manufacturers!! 

Fun fact even the new trumpeter kit did it the old way!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Im back.

enjoying the warm weather and tinkering on the Lightning in the evening. 

the intakes and engine are a very snug fit, a bit of sanding trimming was done to ease the fit.



upper and lower dry fit in progress;



upper and lower glued together;




Thanks for looking

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  • chrish changed the title to Italeri F-35 A-completed

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