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  1. Great stuff! I really enjoyed building this kit, although I did not have the “high tech” version of it. I’m excited to see how yours comes out.
  2. Or maybe it is there to catch the lower part if the oleo piston fails - prevent it from falling all the way out?
  3. I had wondered about that when doing my F-4E. It looks like it could have a role in keeping the two parts of the gear leg radially aligned as the oleo extends and compresses. But I’m just guessing. I’m sure one of the F-4 experts here actually knows.
  4. I suspect it's all about getting the leading edges tacked down REALLY WELL. I can see everything going just great until you get one little lifted spot started at the front of one wing doing 500 knots, and then....
  5. Nice! This: Has got me puzzling over how the heck I could do that at 1:144 scale....
  6. My feeling is that fusion is going to stop being perpetually 15 years away pretty soon. My Dad's first job at LANL (in '73, when I was in 3rd grade) was to work on a new laser-driven fusion project (similar to the NIF that they are still fooling around with now at Livermore). Sadly that was canceled as soon as the Regan era started and he moved on to other, more classified projects. Realistically, controlled fusion was a pipe dream back then for multiple reasons. In 2022, the combination of unbelievably sophisticated computing platforms and gobs of private money (which reliably gets 10X the results per dollar invested versus government grant funded projects, at least as far as practical applications are concerned) is pushing the field forward in ways that simply were not possible until recently. I'm not sure I would bank on the really optimistic projections of commercial fusion power facilities coming on line in the early 2030s, but I'll honestly be surprised if we DON'T see them in the 2040s.
  7. I was actually thinking it might do really well wall-mounted at head height, so you can get the perspective without having to stare down at it. Either way, a phenomenal result for a really creative project.
  8. I want a time machine so I can go buy that Charger for $1495....
  9. - AK Interactive White Spirit as the thinner, for sure. Enamel thinner is likely to be essentially lacquer thinner = eat through anything.
  10. Fantastic! Really like the bare metal finish you did there.
  11. Welcome to LSP! You will find that really thin decals are your friends. They are the only ones that you can fully bury in a clear topcoat and lose the edge that otherwise telegraphs “decal”. In addition to the above suggestions, I’d recommend taking the ones you have not used from your Techmod sheet and just practicing with them. You will find a technique that works for you quickly. Good luck!
  12. That’s some great video. Thanks for posting the link!
  13. Looks fantastic! Great result. Looking forward to following your A-10 build...
  14. Cockpit looks way too good to close the canopy permanently. I always just leave them unglued on mine, so it can be posed in either position.
  15. This is coming together beautifully. Perseverance paying off…
  16. That is looking truly excellent.
  17. Heck, the transmission is squeaky-clean too! Both are very impressive.
  18. I used one of those AB500 jobs (sold by Micro Mark here in the states) for a couple years, then got another and lashed them together side by side with tape to get more space. Has worked "ok-ish". Definitely vented outside right from the start. Here in a couple months when I get out from under the last of my house remodeling work, I'm going to build myself a new, much better booth. I've already sourced a 6" diameter, 480 cfm in-line fan for it. Planning on LOTS of LED lighting. I will make a build thread for it when I get there...
  19. Alex


    I would think about plastic sheet for both of them. I worry about the strength of especially water based putty in a place like that. If the wing flexes at all once it is dried the putty will probably crack.
  20. I just used that logic to convince myself to buy a half dozen ICM, A-model, etc kits.
  21. Same deal when I was in grad school in Maine. Outback was basically the State Car...
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