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  1. Hey Anthony, only read this now, hope things are on an upward trajectory for you now. Marcel
  2. Wow, seat and cockpit look outstanding! Marcel
  3. That’s looking excellent, love the very real looking weathering you are achieving! Marcel
  4. Chuck, have a look at these pic. The top pic shows the sandblasting effect. The below pic shows even more weathering than the top one imo. Cheers, Marcel
  5. Flat coat is on, engines are on and I've sprayed some of the metallic areas. Still quite a few small corrections to be made also. But now it's undercarriage time, which is the low-point in the process for me. Cheers, Marcel
  6. 18.3 vs 15.7m is a 16.5% larger length… the relationship of the square of the difference (i.e. more surface area i.e. more plastic) is 32%… surface area of the Hornet is 1/3 larger… surprisingly the Super doesnt even weigh that much more.
  7. Hi guys, I’m interested in this specific VF-111 Tomcat, does anyone out there have details such as crew names on the canopy frame? Thanks, Marcel http://www.anft.net/f-14/f14-photo-vf111-17xl.htm
  8. I‘m using the Aires GE engines on my current Tamiya F-14D build, they work pretty well. There is obviously some cutting and filling involved but the fit is generally good. Make sure you sand off the little raised detail on the exhaust feathers, which is also super quick to do. Here‘s a better look at the set: https://ipmsusa.org/reviews2/aircraft/details/aires_32/aires_32_f14-exh.htm Cheers, Marcel PS I used the Trumpeter inside intakes to build the intakes on the Tamiya kit… those are easy to find since most Trumpeter Tomcat builders use the Zacto intakes
  9. Boy have I been struggling with these Vallejo browns. The nozzle clogs almost immediately and I couldn't get a smooth surface. So I ended up getting far more wash residue staying on the paint than wanted, requiring touch-ups everywhere... so the Tomcat looks even more patchy than planned. Still a lot of touching up to do, but here is what it looks like now. And that's it for modelling for a while, off to Sardinia for two weeks :-) Cheers, Marcel
  10. I've spent quite a bit of time on the nose. Getting the windscreen to fit well takes a while, plus adding the windscreen vent and radome latches is also a bit of work. I've tried to replicate the sand-blasted appearance of the radome including the woven effect here and there. Also note that I had to paint the areas of the to be applied decals gray else the stenciling would turn out brown. Cheers, Marcel
  11. Wow, blown away by your work on the bays! Marcel
  12. Wow Derek, all round pristine work on the Lightning! Marcel
  13. Interesting pic, I never knew those Ferris A's went to sea painted like that. But no, I was referring to D's and specifically to this VF-11 plane: Cheers, Marcel
  14. They sure do! Especially on a D, the A's were adorned with temporary markings pretty often. Mind you there is a picture of a VF-11 D in a splinter blue camo out there and I've also seen a D in the blues as found on the NSAWC F-16's, unfotunately I somehow lost that pic. I've always wanted to do this brown Cat but had to do the VF-213 gray Tomcat before I could start this. Mind you, I'm looking at the build almost every day so it's starting to feel normal Ben, you'll see it in Belgium in December, really looking forward to that meet-up!!!
  15. Beautiful jet, very courageous build! Marcel
  16. Thanks guys! Finally glued on the tails... just couldn't wait any longer ... the joint still needs to be cleaned up... Cheers, Marcel
  17. Some quick update pics... getting to the pint at which I will attach the vertical stabs and the windscreen, can't wait! Cheers, Marcel
  18. Looking good John! Any plans on doing an AZ? Cheers, Marcel
  19. Ha, I really do highly recommend the approach, I have a secret plan to scribe my next Tomcat (VF-111 F-14A) when we hit Florida later in the year :-) Great project! I do think the result makes it so worth while, the Tamiya kit just looks hot when done well. I'm actually already planning my next Tomcat, which will be a VF-111 bird.
  20. Such a great WIP to follow! Love the attention to detail, this will end up looking spectacular! Marcel
  21. Wow that's a great looking Viggen... from what cannot be an easy kit to build at all. Congrats! Marcel
  22. Wow Niels, I'm blown away by your Mig-29! Everything about the model looks perfect, congratulations! Stunning! Marcel
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