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  1. Thanks guys, really appreciate the compliments! Chuck, I love the specific feedback, I need to do a better job with that. Regarding weathering, as I have often said on this forum, I am not a fan of generic techniques, I think it's important to look at the exact airframe that is being modelled and replicate what you see. This particular Tomcat was pretty clean from a distance but pretty patchy from close-up. But any more worn than this would not be an accurate depiction of this jet with these specific markings. Cheers, Marcel
  2. Wow, Eric, that looks incredibly convincing, congrats! The overall finish and weathering is ultra realistic, perfect. Cheers, Marcel
  3. Big thanks for all of the encouragement on this build. She is now DONE! The updates have been skimpy, that's in part since modelling the Trumpeter Tomcat has been so well covered elsewhere but also because I really just wanted to get this build done, it was quite the battle. Many more pics over on Ready for Inspection. Cheers, Marcel
  4. Believe it or not I spent a full day just trying to get the sheen of the skunk stripe to look right... which is a little glossier than the surrounding gray, but not totally glossy either. I replaced that funny looking braided wiring... Cheers, Marcel
  5. Hi guys, I finally finished this build, phew! Definitely the most challenging project I have completed, there are modifications big and small required for about every assembly step (so no point documenting them all). But now that I have her done I am really pleased with the result. This pic was taken just prior to finishing, so still lacking a few things like some oil streaks at the wing gloves. Close-up to follow...
  6. Beautiful work! I really like the BN. And yes, that town heart is amusing. Cheers, Marcel
  7. Looks great! And yes, the green is very attractive.
  8. Wowzer this is superb, surely the best Super I have seen. I also found the kit to be a challenge but didn’t take it quite as far as you did. I like the weathered line jet gray, will be doing the same for my E. Cheers, Marcel
  9. Wow, what a huge project, hats off! Can’t wait to see more! Marcel
  10. Superb work! Love the Cheetah and the result you are producing is incredible!
  11. Incredible work, wow! Gear well walls look superb!
  12. The exhausts are in and she's very much standing on her own legs: The position lights made from red or blue acrylic sheet turned out quite nice: Targeting pod: The True Details wheels are outstanding: This is by far the most challenging build I have done and even though I get gratification from the result, I am borderline not enjoying building anymore since every single step of the process is painful. Hardly anything fits, I guess Aires just threw in the towel on fit also, the front door hinges in no way match the Aires gear well. Can't wait to get her done! Cheers, Marcel
  13. Ha, way back when I did the lesser scale I built an A-1. I could see myself do one again in 1/32, also an OV-10 and even the new Academy AH-1Z. Problem is there are so many jets I want to do. My next project is the Mig-29, but I am pretty certain I will build something blunt nosed like an A-6 or A-10 after that.
  14. Why the super slow Super? Is the F-15X too fast, the F-35 too stealthy? Guess they must really want the EW capability of the Growler to replace the ECR.
  15. Pristine work, congrats! Nice to see something really different. Funnily enough I also grew up around Harvard’s, I remember the sound just like it was yesterday. Cheers, Marcel
  16. Sooooo good! Just spectacular, the weathered finish is extraordinarily convincing. Marcel
  17. Wow what an absolute masterpiece! Stunning in every way! Marcel
  18. Nicely done, very crisp build of a really challenging kit!
  19. Ha, doubt that I could ever match the incredible standard you have set with you Tomcat WIP... really hope to see that completed one day...
  20. Very nice, I’ll be following closely!
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