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  1. Looking just great! You will absolutely have to sell resin copies! Cheers, Marcel
  2. Chris, great to see you doing these and the timing is great since I’ll be reengaging my Tomcat in a few months time. Agree with Tony that the rubber gloves also require urgent attention, more so than the pallets since the kit things are entirely unusable. Cheers, Marcel
  3. Incredible! While you are getting to know the Jaguar so very well and have developed superb machining skills, how about machining some 1/32 Jaguar molds? Cheers, Marcel
  4. Hello Nick, the F3 is looking beautiful, well done! Looking forward to your Cheetah... how will you be doing the windscreen on that? Cheers, Marcel
  5. Very inspiring to get the actual pilot involved and have such a strong historical context. Great start to the build, love the look of the IP. cheers, Marcel
  6. Roland Emmerich makes absolutely terrible movies, often times taking bits of history and grotesquely contorting them, made in a way that is still supposed to be believable. A definitely must not see for me. Cheers, Marcel
  7. The adveture continues! Loving this build and I am usually not into choppers. Cheers, Marcel
  8. Beautiful, love the paint finish you achieved, so convincing. I hope you straighten the fuze extenders since the overall build is so good! Marcel
  9. Very interesting trick with the tires, well done!
  10. Loving your work! If you do cast the JL-100‘s, I’d like to be first in line to purchase a set. Btw for the front end of those, have you considered using a Matra rocket pod from the Revell Hunter? The improvement on the pylon is huge also, the kit supplied pylons make the model look badly off from 6 feet away. Cheers, Marcel
  11. Very nicely done! Great job with the nmf, that must have been a challenge!
  12. Thx Dan... I am working off of the AFV Club F-16B kit, so I have the non bulged main doors. Cheers, Marcel
  13. Very long time no update, so here goes. Camo is on, gloss coat is on, washed and slightly weathered. I tried to replicate the look of the Kusan D above, which is surprisingly weathered given that it was only operating in this scheme for a short amount of time before transfer. Note wear and dirt around the left wing root and muzzle area, and compare to pics above. The weathering is almost a little too much right now, but I'll see what it looks like after decaling and a flat coat. I find that the flat coat always mutes the weathered look so I'll take stock of the overall look then. Here is where I am with the CUBIC ACMI pod and the AMA pod, both scratchbuilt. Note that the AMA pod doesn't have the faceted wings of a live AIM-9 and the leading and trailing edges are relatively thick. That makes scratchbuilding these pretty easily, and no need to sacrifice a nice resin AIM-9. Cheers, Marcel
  14. Looks all good, perfect scratch-building on those cameras!
  15. Just beautiful modelling, the front leg looks like the real thing. Cheers, Marcel
  16. Very interested, nice start!
  17. Beautiful work, and I am enjoying the history lesson also. Cheers, Marcel
  18. That is what I love about Chris' products: You can have absolute confidence that they will be the best AM available, best available accuracy, perfectly cast and engineered to be easily assembled. Incidentally I did purchase the Eduard Brassin Aim-120 A/B set, thinking that Chris will only release the C's. I am assembling those right now to retrofit on my F-16C Aggressor. The Eduard missiles are perfectly cast, with very fine wings. On the down side, it seems like Eduard like to introduce detail where there is none, for example the nose cone is very slightly larger in diameter than the preceding missile section... easy to sand down but still a bit strange. Also, the rear is a little too tapered IMO. I ordered two of these sets so don't want to bin them, I'll live with the back end tapering considering I am building the dummy missiles. But going forward I for sure will only Zacto. Cheers, Marcel
  19. Soooo nice to have these out! I will finally be able to load up my F-15C when I get around to that one. Cheers, Marcel
  20. Ah, it is as I thought, but will be very good of you to share the story...
  21. Just incredible! I have noticed you really paid attention to all the details, like adding the little cut out where the leading edge meets the LERX. And the weathered look is something else. Cheers, Marcel
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