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  1. Sean, great to see you tuck into this bad boy. Btw which SA weapon are you referring to in your opening post? Cheers, Marcel
  2. Chris, these look fantastic! so glad you did these, just great that we finally have some good (excellent actually) Slammers to sit nxt to your Aim-9's. Cheers, Marcel
  3. The photo etch looks good, love that the gun vents are done in etched metal. Cheers, Marcel
  4. Odd, a few months ago there were many available on Ebay, some of us thought the kit was back in production, but looks like they have all disappeared again...
  5. Ben, where can I get that 1/32 EA-6B kit? Just kidding, hard to believe you scratch built that, incredible work. Also love the weathering, just looks so convincing. Cheers, Marcel
  6. Harold, that does look really nice!
  7. Thx Sean! Good lighting is key to good photography and I presently don't have a good facility to take pics inside. The pics above were taken outside on a cloudy day just as the sun was setting, so perfect diffuse light. I wasn't able to take outside pics when I finished the F-16C since it was winter then, at lower temperatures there is a very high risk of the photoetch parts jumping off the model. Thanks to Chuck's nudging I have now started playing around with a good photography package, my notebook has a free version of Photodirector 8 installed. The effects of some of the functions are really remarkable, the crispness that you see in the above pics is attained with Photodirector. I use a Nikon D3200 set to Aperture priority mode (another useful suggestion from Chuck), obviously on a tripod. Nothing more special than that. Cheers, Marcel
  8. Karl, great work that you did on the cockpit. And I am very glad to have come across your A-6 WIP, that will be very useful when I do mine. The Avionix pit just doesn't seem worth it to me, there is a bit more depth to detail here and there but you could also just do that with a little bit of plastic rod.
  9. Beautiful work on the gear well. Almost a pity to paint them. Cockpit also looks sublime! Marcel
  10. Huge thanks for all the encouragement! I did take a few more pics today, here they are: Brothers in arms: Some better pics of the "A": Cheers, Marcel
  11. Hey guys, heads up that I finally got around to posting this in the Ready for Inspection section. Cheers, Marcel
  12. Hi guys, I finally got around to taking some better pics of this model, which I completed earlier in the year. Chuck, big thanks for nudging me on the pics Thx for looking, Marcel
  13. Lothar, that looks fantastic! Hope you are in good health now. Very interesting load also. Cheers, Marcel
  14. Bryan, beautiful build. Your patchy look is spot on, just a bummer about the decals. I would put the project aside until you have the decals you need. Cheers, Marcel
  15. Wow, the painting and weathering looks spectacular! Marcel
  16. Thx guys! Bryan, those Master static dischargers are little gems. They will just slide into the Tamiya front ends, won't be as easy on the Academy kit. Cheers, Marcel
  17. I am having a pretty hard time with my F-14D so on one fine day two weeks ago I pulled this build back out, set up a little work area outside in our spring-blossoming garden and modeled eight hours straight. It was the perfect outside temperature and slightly overcast for excellent lighting. Wish I could get more days in like that, I made huge progress in a single day. And earlier this week I noticed that Monokio have re-released their Arctic Bandits sheet in 1/32, so now I am able to build the D I have always wanted: [USAF photo by SrA. Steven R. Doty] [USAF photo by SrA. Steven R. Doty] Here is where I am with the overall build: Getting a smooth wing joint while not messing up the concave wing root was one of my biggest concerns, but it's worked out quite nicely. Shown here already re-scribed: I had a hard time with the nosecone and had to build up the below with plastic card, it's all looking smooth now. Unfortunately my scribing was a little faint in places: I used the Crossdelta stiffeners, which are still relevant for this aircraft. However, for the nose, I used plastic sheet, on my C the Crossdelta stiffeners kept coming unstuck: I am trying to use as many Tamiya parts as possible (and as I have in the spares bin). If you do this build, be sure to use the Tamiya LAU-129's: Zacto intake fits perfectly, but then I always knew it would: Cheers, Marcel
  18. IP looks convincing, very cool work on that FLIR!
  19. Very nice job on the hobby den. Hope your knee recovers quickly!
  20. That would be far too straightforward for you, Ben ... although 3D printing the A cockpit should provide you with a bit of tickle
  21. Nice fix on the exhaust and the seat looks fantastic! Marcel
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