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  1. Hello Niels, sorry for delay. I recommend complete the fuselage and then insert fully assembled nozzles from back side. You can do some fiting test. But I did it like I wrote.
  2. Hello guys! I have some troubles with upload pics.. but... Here are last two news: 32036 F-16 horizontal stabilizers https://www.kopeckyscalemodels.com/product-page/32036-f-16-horizontal-stabilizers 32037 A-4 Skyhawk dispensers https://www.kopeckyscalemodels.com/product-page/32037-a-4-skyhawk-ddispensers
  3. Greetings gentlemen. We are closing the workshop from December 24th to January 1st. The last possibility for orders that will be sent by next week is until Monday, December 19. The e-shop will run without restrictions, but orders from December 20 will not be sent until the beginning of next year. Thank you very much all. Jan
  4. Free shipping over 50 USD since now to monday December 5th.
  5. It looks like problem is solved... All orders are packed and be send tomorrow. Thank you guys!
  6. Gentleman, I have big issue with casting the collars for tail set. Have to rework those parts. Please give me one week, then I will send all orders including tail sets. I´m very very sorry, but I destroed molds after first casting twice. Thank you, JAN
  7. Thank you guys! Honestly I can't disagree with you. The raised side panels are rising around 0,15mm. Maybe photo make them raised more then they are in real. Correction isn´t possible probably. Specially the "screws" :-( https://www.alamy.com/tail-of-usa-f4-phantom-jet-aircraft-at-the-american-air-museumduxford-cambridgeshireuk-image229887666.html
  8. Hello all! New sets: 32034 F-4 E/E/G/J/S Exhaust nozzles 32035 F-4 E/E/G/J/S Tail are available now. Welcome to www.kopeckyscalemodels.com Thank you!
  9. Hello all after very long time. Last 2 months were full of casting and printing with almost no free-time for something new. But, one new set is before finishing. It´s a Phantom J/E exhaust nozzles in 1/32 scale for Tamiya kit and tail section. Plase stay tuned. Thank you all for support, as always.
  10. Hello, we have shipping free over 50USD since now to monday. Thank you all! Jan
  11. Well, 1/32 F-35A sets 32009, 32010, 32011 are back on stock. Please welcome to www.kopeckyscalemodels.com Thank you all! Jan
  12. Thank you gents. Niels, this is one of future stuff on my list. But cant tell you when it be done... Four new sets released today. (all designed for Tamiya kit) 32032 F-16 Early FOD set (small intake/PW nozzle) 32033 F-16 Late FOD set (big intake/GE nozzle) 48016 F-16 Early FOD set (small intake/PW nozzle) 48017 F-16 LateFOD set (big intake/GE nozzle) Please welcome to www.kopeckyscalemodels.com Thank you!
  13. Thanks guys! Ade... step by step :-)
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