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  1. good job Peter and thank you. Ok, maybe I´m a little bit pessimist. But the molding skill of Italeri is still like from 80´s... Check your RAM panels on sides of fuselage, on bottom of the engine... I hope my kit will be done in end of january. Will send some photos then... GL to rest of the build :-)
  2. Good luck! Working on mine over 1 year. This kit is really bad. I made resin Tail set and flaps set. Link
  3. Firts packages ready for send. Waiting for two payments. :-)
  4. Few Controll surfaces ready. Tail sets in progress....
  5. Hi

    id like to get all of your sets for the 1/32 F-35. Please contact me with instructions to do so. 


  6. Hi, I’d like to get all the sets you make for the F-35. I’m in USA. Can you please tell me how tp place an order?


  7. hello Chuck. 28+10 dollars for both sets and 10 dollars shipping. PE nozzles are out of order. Now I don´t know, about something else what I can do as a another resin set.... Send me PM for paypal contact and what you want to buy. And please calculate with shipping about 5-7 days from day of order.... because I can cast one set per day.
  8. Thnak you too Chris. Few Tail sets are aviable too. If somebody need bigger package of extras.
  9. Hello gentleman. After TAIL SET I prepared flaps and slats set. If you are interested, please let me know. Price is 10 USD and 6 USD postage. Payment via Paypal as last time. I started to cast second set today so few sets will be available in a few days. The biggest extra on this set are sharper edge and easy install with no grinding of kit parts. Flaps are ready in "fall down" position.
  10. Hello guys. Almost all sets are sold. Thank you all and hope you are satisfied. If someone need the Tailset, please write me PM. I can try to cast some another. Thank you! Jan
  11. Hello guys I have still few sets for sale. Have a nice rest of the weekend.
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