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  1. Gentlemans, all payed sets are on the way to you. Sorry for delay. It was a lot of packages and I dont have enough time now. Thank you very much. Jan
  2. Guys I´m sorry. I´m very busy this week. Hope that all payed sets will be send tomorow. Thank you. Jan
  3. Thank you too Reimund! Nice to read that.
  4. Morning Gents! Going to post office today. Thank you for your patience. Regards, JAN
  5. Hello Mark. The main problem is, that in kit is HTS pod for right side of fuselage (what is loaded position on "standart falcon"). And it is older type. ALE-50 you can find in Academy falcon, but with low-details.... Wild weasels have loaded HTS on left side and Sniper on right side... so OOB you can build it.....
  6. Thank you for your orders Gents. Almost all payments comes. Please give me 2 days to pack it all. Hope that all orders will be send this friday. Thank you, JAN
  7. Thank you guys for your interest. All PM´s replyed. :-)
  8. Hello gentlemans. I made a few copy of my own resin parts for 1/32 F-16 Tamiya. 1) HTS pod for left side 2) Pylon for sniper pod 3) ALE-50 Towed decoy system If someboby is interested, please let me know. Minimal order is 12USD for a set (1x HTS + 1x Pylon + 1x ALE-50). +5USD Shipping. If somebody need more of some parts it´s plus 5USD for 1pcs HTS 3USD for 1pcs pylon 5USD for 1pcs ALE-50. payment via paypal. Thank you very much guys. Jan
  9. Last one Nozzle guys. Thank you all for your interest. Jan :-)
  10. Guys, one nozzle send today. Last two are ready to go.... :-)
  11. First page of topic Michael. :-) 25 USD and 7USD shipping.
  12. Hello Gents. I found last three exhaust. Anybody interrested? Regards, Jan
  13. Thanky you Guys! Hi, thanky you! My eye is almost OK.... something around 90% I think.... It need more time, but I´m working on next model without any bigger problems :-) .
  14. Thank you very much, guys!
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