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  1. Set is complete now.... can be shipped from the 27.1.2021...
  2. Hello Gents, let me introduce you new 32002 Weapon bays for Spitfire with C wing. (for Tamiya KIT) Set including both main weapon bays with full interior. (2x Hispano, heating tube system, ammo etc.) 1 type of covers. Please, note here, if you are interested. Price will be 28USD +8 USD Shipping (worldwide). Hope complete set be ready for shipping next week. Payment via Paypal. Thank you! Regards JAN
  3. Great job thru the topic. Something by me... 1/32 F-16 Aires
  4. Good to read that! Thank you Anthony. I´m stuck on spitfire now... working on C-wing set for Revell kit. Although it's different in size, I hope it goes fast..
  5. Thank you all gents! Wish you all the best to 2021 and thank you for your orders! Regards JAN
  6. Thank you guys! Nice to read that you are satisfied.
  7. Thank you too Joachim. Have a nice weekend. Jan
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