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  1. Working on it... hope next week going parts to the rubber...
  2. Hello Morane... maybe in next life :-D Guys, few sets still aviable.... :-)
  3. Going to post office. Thank you Guys!
  4. Counting with you guys. Rob: they were aviable flaps and slats also, but I dont will make them again (for 90%). Only Tails and exhaust.
  5. Hello Gents. I´m working on re-edition of TAIL set for F-35 with new molds. Same as Exhaust nozzle for my friend. Anybody else is interested? Release in 1-2 weeks.
  6. Right weapon bay instaled.... I made a set with Ho-5, Ho-103 guns and wheels.... more here:
  7. Thank you Guys! Yes Alex, PE parts are from Eduard set.
  8. Thank you guys! KURT: thats my old build in our Czech magazine Modelář. But same article was printed in english by canfora.se in one of Wingspan issue. All photos you can find on my FB.
  9. Hello guys. Time to build something..... Nice and good old hasegawa kit (again). I will add some goodies and hopes it will be good.
  10. Hello :-) Shipping from Czech Republic. (central Europe). I send few packages to Singapore in past and everything came without problems :-)
  11. Hello! Sorry for delay with answer. We will make both of them. First engine is for Mengs scheme B. So be aviable both types of crankcase. Jan
  12. Packages are on the way Gents. Thank you. Few sets still aviable.
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