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  1. Thanks, but I´m not so sure... Because all replacement parts are ready, but still not sent. I will do that next week. Honestly, I had to fight little bit for "survive" the summer. Now is situation much better so I can send them. Big sorry to all who are waiting for that. All of you will recieve tracking number to your email boxes. Sorry again and thank you for your patience. Regards Jan
  2. Guys you will kill me... I want to go away from Eagle topic for last 2 months and you..... :-D For example this... not 32 scale but 48scale pylons for C/D Ealges can be usefull too ... https://www.kopeckyscalemodels.com/?page=2
  3. Pythons (3,4,5) are in stadium of research. So probably I will make them. Hope that soon. F-15D cockpit parts you mean as a conversion for tamiya E? or for Revell?
  4. Thanks again guys! Dave.. probably not.. and honestly, everytime I scaled something to 1/48, only few pcs were sold...
  5. Hello all. 32018 F-15E Cockpit upgrade set ready. Please welcome to: https://www.kopeckyscalemodels.com/ This set allow you to use Anyz decals around knobs very comfortably. (I hope :-D )
  6. Thank you guys! 1/32 F-15E cockpit update set finished in 3D... prints are ongoing and I´m hope everything be OK... So please stay tuned....
  7. It's starting to be a crazy little bit :-D
  8. Thanks guys. Those panels are separately in kit. So all you have to do is use those instead of kit ones.
  9. Hello all. I´m thinking about some "easy to use" set for 1/32 F-15E cockpit.... what do you think?
  10. Hello all. New set 32017 F-15C Pylons + Rails is ready. Please welcome to kopeckyscalemodels.com Thank you! Jan And one more note: I´m starting with replacement of earlyer ordered E sets for C sets.
  11. New ejector rack is ready too...
  12. Thank you guys! Sorry for delay, but last 2 weeks before vacation were very hectic...
  13. Hello my friends. 1/32 F-15C pylons will be released at start of next week same as the replacement. I´m sorry for delay. I´m going to make a molds now.
  14. Sorry, Email from webshop... info@kopeckyscalemodels.com
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