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  1. Thanky you Guys! Hi, thanky you! My eye is almost OK.... something around 90% I think.... It need more time, but I´m working on next model without any bigger problems :-) .
  2. Thank you very much, guys!
  3. Thank you very much guys! :-)
  4. Very nice! Hope you will rescribe panel lines and repair all original rivets...
  5. Thank you very much Guys! Yeah! HaveGlass is very specific surface. I tryed to made it by MRP grey color mixed with Gunze Supermetalic Silver 01. The contrast between two colors changing depends on ligh... it´s very hard to take a picture of this effect.... Thank you Chuck.... hah... Challenging kit.... If I have to say one sentence about complete build , I would have to thinking very long time.... Maybe " Italeri never more" ....... Understand you... The plane is..... how to say.... like if some duck had a big crash :-D But from 2-3 angles of view is it nice plane....
  6. Thank you all guys. Appreciate it. I'll be honored Kevin. Thanks.
  7. Hello gentlemans. Model represent plane from AFB Hill nr: 13-5081. It was only one with some light weathering, when I build it.... Kit Italeri Eduard PE sets Lot of scratchbuild and wiring (wheel bays, bombbays), added many surface details. Wheels True detail... Amraams Eduard brassin. Paiting masks by DN-Models. Decals: Furball Etc.... I made my own exhaust nozzle od 3D printer, because all of aftermarket set was small.... Thank you for watching. Have a nice day. Jan :-)
  8. hello Koralik. With no offence... plase check how you glued the Sparrows... the one of the "wing" have to be inside of pylon....
  9. Thank you Jake. I will finally make a plane with opened part of engine, Vulcan, avionics in nose and will load only fuel tanks and training Amraams....... probably.... I´m not an english speaking guy, so please sorry for word "maintenance".... all what I´m looked for was plane with ordnance and opened panels... For it wasn´t important if is it "maintenance" or quick check or something else....
  10. The point is that I trying to find photos about I heard. Because of rules in our nation competition. I Need photo of almost complete plane when I want to prove, the comlete situation it what the plane is. But because nobody now propably have them, I will choose kit without missiles.
  11. I want to build a model which have a loaded missiles and opened part of engine, M61 Vulcan.... I have few photos different planes as a example: Tornado, where are loaded GBUs and mechanics removing the engine. Superhornet on flightdeck with loaded JADAMs and side panel with avionics are opened.... So what I need is photo like in my fist post. But with Vulcan, or something else....
  12. Jennings I fully understand you. But I still think, thant in some very special situation is it possible. It does not have to be direct "maintenace" it can only be a unexpected quick check.
  13. I undestand. But as I said, photos exist, but I cant find them :-(
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