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Vegemite, the food of the gods!

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29 minutes ago, LSP_Ron said:

Hard to find here in Canada. I've tried it once at one of my Aussie friends place years ago. I don't recall liking it, IIRC it was extremely salty?

I think it is. Its certainly an odd taste. Much more savoury,umami oriented.

Interesting thing about salt though is that as mammals we have a specific salt appetite. If we've been sweating it out at work on a hot day outside, playing sport, something salty tastes extra delicious. Our brains way of ensuring we replenish what we're losing.



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One of the great things about where I live is that most things taste pretty much like they sound:  fried chicken, okra, sweet taters, corn bread, honey suckle, moonshine, etc.  Okay.  Maybe not moonshine, which is an acquired taste not unlike cigarette lighter fluid. I think the closest we come to whatever that stuff is you describe above is the inestimable sorghum molasses, a thickish goo resembling old motor oil that is neither sweet nor savory, served over a piping hot biscuit (not a Commonwealth biscuit but more a basic scone) with melted butter.  Goes very well with tea.  And then there are grits.  Not sure most of you have a sophisticated enough palate to appreciate hot corn mush and runny eggs but you might surprise me.  So.  Vegemite on that for a while.

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Not many products can actually add a phrase to the English language (over here anyway) as Marmite "you love it or hate it" has been used about people.

As in "She's a bit Marmite" you lover her or hate her.



What it has also done is produce some really funny ads in the UK along the "love it or hate it" idea.

Just a couple:




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18 hours ago, mpk said:


Have you been deprived of the nectar that is VEGEMITE?????? :frantic:


While it is true some, some...

Str...strange people, think it's jam.


It isn't. 


True story. :)



Never tried it - in fact never seen it...


I think that if it ever made it to Scandinavia, the pickled herrings ate it...

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54 minutes ago, fastterry said:

it really should be lightly applied until you get used to it


Assuming it's like Marmite, I wouldn't recommend anything more than a light smear on the knife - for goodness sake don't put it on anything you are going to eat!


On the subject of Man's food, I'm really looking forward to sitting in a pub, drinking pints with friends and eating:




Pork Scratchings - Scare your doctor and your dentist with a single snack!



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19 hours ago, Confusionreigns178 said:

I hope Vegemite tastes better than Marmite does (the UK equivalent of Vegemite, maybe?). Tried Marmite once - tasted like the liquid-residue from Satan's jock-strap after he had run a full marathon. Horrible, nasty, unpleasant stuff. 



Mmmmm liquid residue from a jock strap :P It's an acquired taste!


I buy a bucket of dried sprats as a treat for the dog. The look and smell make Marmite seem like Ben and Jerry's cookies and cream (other ice creams are available)

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Vegemite recipe...

# 1: Breakfast. Toast with Vegemite dunked in a glass of milk.


# 2: Lunch. White bread and butter sandwich with Vegemite and cheddar cheese. 


#3. Aussie dinner. Quarted chicken covered in Vegemite, deep fried served with potatoes and garden salad.


# 4: Midnight snack. Dry cracker with butter and Vegemite. Glass of milk.





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30 minutes ago, Confusionreigns178 said:

I still think anything from MacDonalds is very weird tasting..... although I've been told it tastes better if sprinkled on actual food. (He waits for a deluge of protest from devoted Maccie-D fans).




PS: Does anything else think that MCD's food would be virtually tasteless, if it wasn't for the "special sauces"?

Mickey D’s was really pretty good stuff when I was a wee lad - I could inhale two or three at a time.  But then time, over-franchising, and the inevitable bean counter effort to increase profits ruined everything.  Haven’t been inside one in decades.

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