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  1. All of those mentioned are good. Dr. Stangelove was the first movie I noticed a young Darth Vader. How about, K-19, Ice Station Zebra, and Jet Pilot. cheers, Graham
  2. My question was meant to be very general in scope hoping to find a good all round source. However, at the moment I have been looking for 1/72 scale ejection seats for 50's and 60's Soviet jets, otherwise 1/32 and 1/48 scale bits for WW 1 aircraft. I know of Ultracast in Guelph and have been a customer for some time. Also Belcher Bits, and Engines and Things but they don't have what I have been looking for at the moment. cheers, Graham
  3. Anyone know of a good Canadian source for after market detail bits? i.e. resin cockpit details, sets, wheels, etc. I have spent many hours searching and poking through numerous US and UK online stores. I can find listings for desired bits and pieces but the cost of shipping is discouragingly high, even shipping within Canada can be quite a bit but at least is a bit more reasonable. cheers, Graham
  4. I hadn't seen that one yet, thank you for posting. I have seen other posts for that youtube user; there are quite a few centered around model building including this one which I watched earlier today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrBq4wkpwtk There are other quite interesting users such as this fellow who builds model trains from paper and carboard, at least the bulk of main body of the train where the remaining running gear and some details are more traditional parts https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu30DOMjaeEWj8PzsHOGi0A/videos A
  5. Colour range of the Tamiya lacquers is very good and comparable to their X and XF acrylic range. While there is not a one to one (acrylic to lacquer) match over the whole range, the lacquers are quickly catching up as Tamiya seem to be adding new colours to the range on a regular basis. The lacquer range also has a good range of spray can colours as well. Mr Color lacquers seem to be quite popular with the Gunpla/Gundam crowd and have been adding some interesting colors to their range and it looks like Tamiya is responding in a similar way with their lacquer range although these n
  6. I very much like the Tamiya lacquer ( LP-xx range ) paints. These paints are an acrylic lacquer and work well with their Tamiya lacquer thinner and a bit of the Tamiya lacquer retarder. Lately I have been experimenting with the AK Interactive high compatibility lacquer thinner. This thinner has very little smell and seems to work well with Tamiya's lacquer ( LP-xx range ) and acrylic ( X-xx and XF-xx ranges ) paints and Mr Color lacquer paints as well. The AK Interactive high compatibility lacquer thinner reminds me in some ways of using Mr Color self leveling thinner.
  7. Thank you kindly. I have been lurking and reading for quite some time. I have not been posting comments but will slowly start as I find my way around and figure out how to easily post photos. cheers, Graham
  8. Mostly the first. I see the finished model as the destination while I mostly crave the journey. Sometimes after I finish a build I get a wee bit depressed, a kind of like - What now? feeling. cheers, Graham
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