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  1. HI All, I remember seeing this many times as a kid, My Father was a RAEME Officer so it was no real surprise when both my Brother and I followed into the service! I was very fortunate (Not) to go to the Land Warfare Centre in Canungra twice, but had plenty of other great experiences! Very different Army now, i wonder if my son will follow his Father, Uncle, Grandfather, 3 Great Uncles, 2 Great Grand Fathers and a Great Great Great Uncle and join the Australian Army too! Enjoy!
  2. It is something we Aussie's hold dear, I had a jar in my back pack when i "Went Bush" and also when i travelled through Africa and the Middle East. I did hear that during WW2 our Kiwi Brother's didn't recognised it as food and found another use for it --- Axle Grease!!
  3. Many thanks Mike, great advice!
  4. Wow thanks for the Photos - well packed indeed
  5. HI All, thanks So much for this advice! Greatly appreciated! Based on all your advice i will move them myself and will most likely dedicate a single trip with all the precious models securely packed! We have a little bit of time so i can suitable prepare for the journey. Thanks Again Team!
  6. Hi All, We are moving for the first time in 10 years, we are leaving the "worlds most liveable lockdown city" and moving 150Kms into the country! I have to move about a dozen "precious" models and would appreciate any advice about how to do so! I am expecting to do a few repairs to those who encounter "Hard Landings" but want to keep that at a minimum! Thanks to all for your advice! Regards Mambo
  7. Lookiong good, i am following this with interest! Would like to know where you got the RAAF Wormi Decals?
  8. Fantastic! great resource for Noob's like me, getting back into the hobby after 30 years, good to see thanks!
  9. Wow! Cant wait to see the build thread!
  10. Just ordered a set of these decals! Looking forward to the challenge, thanks for the tips! Congrats on the great builds, they look fantastic
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