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  1. Nice schemes, very tempted by the HSM 41 one but I have a SH-60b on order plus the MH-60S so thats probably my quota of hawks for now.
  2. Just received mine from a UK seller and didn't have the cannon or the decals for the dk grey scheme with the digital tail. The cannon is no problem as I generally don't include weapons and the dk grey scheme doesn't appear on the box lid so I guess it was a proposal that never made it into production? Overall it looks to be a very nice kit with no warped or short shot parts. The inclusion of the cannon seems a bit random (possibly depending on when the kit was boxed?) Happy Modelling Adrian
  3. Got mine for £240 in the UK. I resisted and fought but eventually my birthday came around............. £500 sounds more like the price for the pre-painted version. Looks really good OOB. Now all we need is the follow on Ferrari 330...
  4. Built the Bronco and enjoyed it, have the Mirage 2000 and will enjoy building it, want to get a Seahawk and a Little bird. No other 'dealer' gave us these models and for that they have my thanks. Feel for those involved in the company who put so much effort into achieving their (and our) dreams, hope all turns out well for you.
  5. Welcome Costas, and hope you enjoy your time here. Hope your business flourishes, from what I have experienced of your products it certainly deserves to.
  6. Always loved his dry wit. Farewell and God speed.
  7. The world has lost a true gentleman.
  8. Seconded regarding the Spitfire, Corsair and Mosquito, the fit and engineering are top notch . As for the Phantom, I built it a long time ago but no longer have the finished model. In all honesty, I preferred the Revell Phantom as, with all its faults, it looks like a Phantom and is 1/3 - 1/6 the price of the Tamiya effort. Everyone can have an off-day. even Tamiya!
  9. Osprey is another aircraft that has a difficult gestation but now seems to be well thought of. Don't really know much about the F35 apart from a comment from an exchange pilot who said he would have ' 1 X F35 in exchange for 4 X (4th gen fighter)'. I do get asked at work if it is a total waste of money or the best thing since sliced bread and have to say I can't really answer as all I know is what is deemed acceptable to release to the public and the really important stuff (such as payload v range etc) is not in the public domain (as far as I know at least).
  10. Feel your pain, I've had the same with Gunze Aqueous a couple of times. I think Iain is right although I've wondered if it's putting it on to soon after the primer (one of the models that suffered was all white gloss over white primer). A small brush, some touching up and some 6 - 12,000 grit Micromesh and it all but disappears.
  11. There was an article written by, I think, Bill Gunston where the decision by the Indian airforce to purchase the MiG 21 was questioned by the powers that be. The Indian airforce basically replied that the MiG 21 could do most of what the Lightning could at 1/3 of the price and with a far lower maintenance burden. Both aircraft were short legged. Still love the Lightning though. The Buccaneer was, IMHO, one of the most under-rated aircraft of the cold war. It wasn't glamorous and always suffered from the RAF not really wanting it (but when they had it they
  12. Get well and keep safe, Best wishes Adrian
  13. Lovely diorama and model. I have 2 X SV2Ss in the stash + the artilliary tractor (the Thunder models ones) and built the accurate armour one some time ago. Also made the Thunder tank transporter. In case you haven't guessed I rather like the Pioneer! Yours is one of the nicest I have seen, the weathering is spot on, you should be very proud. My father learned to drive in one of these when he did his national service. 'Have you passed your test? No. oh well, you will have by the time to take one of these from Dorchester to Scotland as part of a convoy'.
  14. Good Luck! Nice subject, those Hasegawa racing cars usually build up pretty well but would take me a month! Models and cupcakes, living the dream.
  15. Excellent, that book was one of my favourite reads when I was a kid, I think I still have it somewhere. The epic of the 'battle of the bay' between the Sunderland and a pack of Ju88's (praise the Lord and pass the ammunition) is probably my most read story and also some of the the poetry and humour made it a well rounded book. Must find my copy and read again. I think what made the book stand out was that it wasn't all action . From what I recall there was a long piece about a Liberator transiting the Atlantic on a delivery flight as well as a not too serious parody of a church service referen
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