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  1. Excellent, that book was one of my favourite reads when I was a kid, I think I still have it somewhere. The epic of the 'battle of the bay' between the Sunderland and a pack of Ju88's (praise the Lord and pass the ammunition) is probably my most read story and also some of the the poetry and humour made it a well rounded book. Must find my copy and read again. I think what made the book stand out was that it wasn't all action . From what I recall there was a long piece about a Liberator transiting the Atlantic on a delivery flight as well as a not too serious parody of a church service referen
  2. Mmmmm liquid residue from a jock strap It's an acquired taste! I buy a bucket of dried sprats as a treat for the dog. The look and smell make Marmite seem like Ben and Jerry's cookies and cream (other ice creams are available)
  3. Adrian


    Hope all works out OK. Get well soon and hope normal service is resumed as soon as possible. Times like this just emphasises how important our health services are and the stars who work in them.
  4. That's another one as well, forgot about them. Found the video for the red sparrows, You have to get 15 seconds in to get to the good stuff. Very 70's
  5. Excellent, and until recently that is 3X the number of maritime patrol aircraft the UK has had in it's inventory. There was a comedy sketch once featuring a team called the red sparrows who, if I remember correctly, were dressed as firemen pushing little red biplanes around.
  6. My loss of mojo go to kits are one of the Trumpeter Maz 543s. Something very relaxing about the sheer quantity of parts in the frame/suspension that fit together sublimely as long as they aren't mixed up. I've built a Scud, cargo truck (both sold) and am in the process of building the AA-60 fire truck. These are true beasts and look straight out of Thunderbirds. I still have another cargo truck to convert to a crane and a tractor/trailer combination. I know little about the real thing and the kits are well enough detailed for me to not get all het up about anything missing plus
  7. HKM 1/32 Lancaster (No room for it) Meng GT40 (Possibly too much for what it is but I can feel myself weakening and I've enjoyed their other stuff) Hiro 1/12 Ferrari 330P4, Lancia 037 and Porsche 917 (not sure I could ever do them justice).
  8. Forgot about 'The Cruel Sea', what an excellent film. Those Flower class Corvettes were heroic as were the men who crewed them.
  9. For me it will always be the Battle of Britain as it was the film that gave me my love of aeroplanes. To add to that I still think it tells the story well, you only have to look at the credits to see who were the advisors and the real aeroplanes.......... Funny that no-one has mentioned Pearl Harbour in the previous posts.
  10. I can only speak about the ZM kit as I managed to get the trainer for a good deal. I did arrive as a bit of a sceptic but have to say I really enjoyed the build and some of the components, such as the rear radiator intake, is such a good fit that it can left unglued so some of the detail can be exposed. Didn't use any filler apart from where I broke one of the wing fillets.
  11. In a similar vein - Mumford and Sons with Baaba Maal in SA.... This song has helped me through some difficult times recently.
  12. I'm down to 125 kits in the attic plus 15 in the ready locker. I'm beginning to panic! Building an average of 5/year I will run out when I'm 84. Whenever I've gone to the local bricks and mortar hobby shop there are usually people asking about a good kit to start with and what colour paints are correct so possibly some are starting or returning again. Most seem to be picking up ww11 stuff (Airfix seem popular) so potentially gamers branching out? Hopefully good news for the future.
  13. I decided before hand how i wanted to complete the build and then put a big cross made of green masking tape through all the bits that didn't apply. Only way to keep my sanity!
  14. Tamiya Corsair (even I couldn't mess it up) Trumpeter Swordfish (because of the subject matter). It may well be 'influenced' by the 1/48 Tamiya kit but I still enjoyed building it Revell Lynx Revell Hunter - In my opinion one of the best value and most underrated kits available Tamiya RA5C Vigilante (I have built this many times in my dreams)
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