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  1. The Mitchell, Dauntless, Avenger, Vindicator (Chesaapeake) and IL2 are still regularly put back out by Italeri, Academy and sometimes Revell. Not seen the early Mustangs in another boxing but maybe I just missed it. I loved the anticipation of what they would bring out next, I always enjoyed building their stuff.
  2. One or occasionally 2 at a time. Only two at a time if I'm in one of my 'wanting to show different versions of the same aircraft' moods (such as the 1/32 Tamiya Spitfire IX and PMC Mk XIV conversion I did several years ago). I occasionally let a project go to the shelf of doom but they do get get resurrected, such as the Dauer Porsche that sat in the too difficult pile for 8 years but is now nearing completion. The Dauer was a twin build with an ordinary Rothmans 962C but unfortunately the dog chewed the body to pieces when I set it outside in the rare sunshine to let the paint dry
  3. Very interesting question. Like several have pointed out, most will probably go to landfill. Considering the above, I think I'll make a list of those built ones that are worthwhile auctioning (probably 20 or so) while the rest will go to the skip. What I haven't considered is the unbuilt ones (assuming I don't maintain all my faculties until I'm 450 to complete them all) which I think I need to catalogue as worthwhile selling and the 'others'. Hopefully the 'others' will find a home to, possibly to a charity such as the one the UK that promotes model building for vets as a means of
  4. Thanks for heads up, I went to the Lukograph website and thought about if i really wanted it for about a long as it took to log in and hit the pay button. Really must finish my Tempest first though.
  5. They make the best 1/32 scale Swordfish which I enjoyed building immensely. Also enjoyed the Il2 once I'd removed the rear fuselage rivets.
  6. Quite agree, I've got Lord Lucan signed up already and may even be able to get Shergar to help out with pulling the cart full of boxs.
  7. And there I was thinking someone had found a stash of 1,000s of WNW kits buried in he ground in the corner of an airfield that was abandoned around 10 years ago (possibly RAF Lyneham....)
  8. None at the moment but I am a regular at speed awareness courses, generally 1 every 4 - 5 years. An hr needs good roads to Cosford but Yeovilton works going down the A37 (as long as doesn't conflict with Glastonbury). By Hr I mean Hr ish I guess (just in case PC 45675 is looking in).
  9. just thought about where I live, Bristol. It has its own air museum with a Concorde, Cosford and Yeovilton are 1 hr away, the Air Tattoo at Fairford is close enough that I can drive every day rather than camping, RAF museum in Hendon is 2 hr away, Duxford 3hr away plus a real life model shop in the city centre and others nearby. I'm luckier than I thought
  10. In the UK we had Keil Kraft. I had a large 2m wingspan glider (Chief) and a rubber powered high wing monoplane (Gypsy) that had something silly like 30ft of rubber inside of it. There were several others that didn't last long enough to even be memorable. The rubber powered aeroplane exploded when I overwound the elastic band in a fit of teenage enthusiasm while the chief caught a thermal and went up and up and is currently residing somewhere in the high levels of the troposphere (and hopefully not in the engine of a 747). All great fun and got me outside chasing errant models acro
  11. With a bit of PRU blue, green, black , white, brown, blue, sky, yellow and red....Something for everyone! Do agree with the modern grey colour schemes, don't really stand out enough for my taste.
  12. The end of runway 25 at RAF Coningsby.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5exIcP57O8E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drXNGsiBd_Y
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