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Luftwaffe F-4F Phantom 2 Finished at last!


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A small update. I got maybe half the decals on and some considerable silvering was evident. The decals hardly reacted to Micro Set and just wouldn't set down properly. It didn't help that there was lots of carrier film on the stencils. I picked up some Tamiya Mark Fit Super strong from the local hobby shop and this seems to have done the job nicely. My first time using it and it worked great. I'll post some pictures when I get the decaling finished. Hopefully I can burgle a day to get it done.

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On 8/21/2020 at 6:33 PM, mozart said:

Will you get there Grant?! Looking very, very good. 


I reckon. I put in a bit of time this weekend. Some of the silvering repaired unfortunately, and I tried to deal with it as best I can wit the airbrush, but oh well.



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