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  1. And a video! I'll be working on the fine detail on this over our summer. It looks a bit bare at the moment and I think the detail will bring it to life.
  2. I made it through the teaching semester so I finally have a bit of time to devote to this. I have most of it together, including the subassemblies, and now it is time for addressing all the gaps and various bumps and ridges (as you can see from the picture there are quit a few). But I was patient and got it together pretty straight I think. Once that's finished I'll start the painting. The cockpit can be inserted from below which simplifies things in this regard. I think I'm also going to use the figure which should be fun to paint. I reckon I can have this done by the deadline.
  3. Grant_T


    All the best Dale, when I was on dialysis before my kidney transplant there were a bunch of amputees in the ward. And I also faced a similar situation for a time. It's not the end of the world, but obviously something you want to avoid. There are some complete idiots out there undermining mask use, obviously thinking it is only about them and forgetting all the vulnerable folk around them. Makes me pretty angry sometimes.
  4. Thanks Lothar. Your countrymen produce some of the most amazing rail modelling. We visited a couple of years ago. One more pic:
  5. Something a little different. I've been working on this for a couple of years and I've only just got up to the stage of buildings and fine details. It's a bit hard to explain it all, but it's all N Scale Japanese stuff that I bought on the occasions when my wife and I were in Japan. Everything has been modified/repainted. Scenery is plaster, static grass, etc. I'm looking forward to getting into doing the details soon.
  6. I agree wholeheartedly. The market decides absolutely all values. There is simply no other way to judge the value of something apart from whether it sells well or not. Verily, the entire notion of human value is beholden to the almighty market. Integrity, skill, aesthetics, judgment, taste, cower ye in the face of the purchasing decisions of Joe modeler. Bow down supplicant ones etc.
  7. And finished. Sort of glad to see the end of this one. Drama with the decals and the canopy spoiled the build for me a bit.
  8. I'll be finished, hopefully today.
  9. I know this will lower the tone of the thread, but I just bought this and I'm pretty happy. I've been playing a Roland electronic kit for a couple of years and I thought it was time to step up to acoustic. This is very cheap set of Mapex Prodigy shells, but this gets me in the game and the plan is to upgrade various bits and then buy a nice set of shells in a couple of years. The cymbals cost twice as much as the kit (I also have a crash, but I'm waiting on a another cymbal stand).
  10. I reckon. I put in a bit of time this weekend. Some of the silvering repaired unfortunately, and I tried to deal with it as best I can wit the airbrush, but oh well.
  11. I've played for about thirty years, and now also play bass, drums and synth. Lately I have been recording some music using protools. Here is some of the current collection:
  12. Decals finally finished. Well, finally applied, as these still need a bunch of work blending them in to the paint. After I get that done and everything sealed, I'll start a bit of weathering.
  13. A small update. I got maybe half the decals on and some considerable silvering was evident. The decals hardly reacted to Micro Set and just wouldn't set down properly. It didn't help that there was lots of carrier film on the stencils. I picked up some Tamiya Mark Fit Super strong from the local hobby shop and this seems to have done the job nicely. My first time using it and it worked great. I'll post some pictures when I get the decaling finished. Hopefully I can burgle a day to get it done.
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