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  1. Grant_T

    The cold

    Winter is lingering in Christchurch NZ. Southerly and rain today. I'm looking forward to a bit of sun!
  2. My advice is to come to New Zealand instead. Almost no bitey stingy things here.
  3. This happened just down the road from my place and two blocks from where my parents live. I felt absolutely sick when I heard about it. (I'm currently travelling in the US.) This has nothing to do with violent videogames or mental illness as suggested above but I won't say more knowing that politics are verboten here.
  4. Thanks Kevin, if you could move it to the multi engine build that would be great.
  5. That would be great. But alternatively, does this count for the multi engine group build? All I have really done is trimmed the resin cockpit and kit parts for fit. Grant
  6. I'm no going to finish this in time, unfortunately, though I will continue on with it. I have been smashed with work, travel and poor health in the last six months and lost la bit of mojo.
  7. I'd freehand too, partly because I figure that's the best way to get better at it. Incidentally, I have the ZM Do-335 and my intention was to do that in a late war mottle what if. Can't wait to see how yours turns out.
  8. I'd love them to revisit the Harrier with the quality evident in the 1/24 Typhoon. Either that or a Vampire, Meteor or Jaguar.
  9. No, a lot of signage is in English. We got around with google maps. The big thing is to get used to the metro and especially the stations which can be very confusing in layout (and huge). Got lost in Shinjuku at least once.
  10. I have actually started this but I've been a bit busy with work to post anything.
  11. My decals arrived so I can start! These are Two Bobs decals for the aircraft as it appeared after the 65th Aggressor Squadron was disestablished and the aircraft went to California.
  12. Sorry about that. It's this scheme: I think it's called the desert Flanker scheme, so I assume it will be fine but want to make sure before I get the decals.
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