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  1. A bit more work. The colours in this pic seem much too bright, probably because of the camera setting or light. It is better under natural light.
  2. Main colours on. Next up, decals. Sorry for the cruddy pics.
  3. First top colour on and a bit of panel shading, and glossed to protect it. I think this one will be quite weathered. Next up, masking for the green.
  4. I'm in with this. I've been looking for an excuse to build this for a while now. I built the 1/24 Airfix Stuka a while back, and that was fun. Hoping for the same with this.
  5. I sincerely apologize for any offense given by that post. This has been a very tough time, my wife and I are both transplant recipients and we have bee locked down for 12 weeks and I'm about at the end of my tether. I despair at what is happening in other countries though.
  6. NZ just had its first two cases in nearly a month because we gave an exemption (for a funeral) to two women from a country who one would expect to deal best with this emergency, but chose to follow the advice of a government led by fuzzy haired moron.... Oh no, I've said too much... abort comment.
  7. And here's the cockpit. Obviously the kit is very basic/toylike in terms of cockpit detail, but I'm a busy person so really don't have time to add detail. If I built the kit again I'd look for some aftermarket for the cockpit, though I'm not sure if there is any. Still, I'm happy with this and it fits with my theory of cockpit painting (i.e. it should be of a detail commensurate with the outside of the aircraft and scale distance appropriate, and hence basically monochrome).
  8. I painted the bottom with Vellejo metal color Aluminium, and then did to post shading with burnt iron and pale burnt metal to give it some variation. I just masked the whole bottom though so I don't have any pictures. I've just been working on the back end of the aircraft. Slowly getting my mojo back
  9. Oh yeah, the kit comes with weighted and unweighted wheels, which explains the profusion of wheels above.
  10. Pushing on with the lots of little parts. I masked the canopies (inside and outside) and started painting the various other parts. I also started weathering the bottom of the aircraft but couldn't get a half reasonable picture to show. Hopefully I can start on the upper camo this week.
  11. And a bit of progress.
  12. These just arrived. I hate stencils.
  13. It's nowhere to be seen down here either. I did manage to nab a couple of bottles of their airbrush cleaner though.
  14. Grant_T


    I am disappointed with the demise of the company because it was nice to have something like that come out of New Zealand. But oh well, as the cloying sentiment has it, "Don't be sad that it ended; be happy that it happened at all." But it's also clear that some posters have very strong feelings about this issue, either for or against its airing on these forums. Maybe some group therapy is needed?
  15. Getting close to paint. Probably some more filling here and there before then though.
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