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  1. I wouldn't worry too much guys, it's Easter this week and it's over by then I hear. It's a beautiful timeline.
  2. My first completed ship since being a kid. This was a lot of fun and a nice change from aircraft. I could add a lot more in the way of rigging, but decided this was "good enough." Now back to planes.
  3. Seriously though, hope you are keeping safe. My wife and I have both had kidney transplants (we met in dialysis) so this is all a bit anxiety inducing. I have to venture out to get our medications soon.
  4. Here's my intended build. I'll be building it straight out of the box and will use the Red 26 1978 Russian decals. New Zealand is on lock down for a month from tonight, so I might get a bit of time for this.
  5. I ordered a new kit from BNA models for the Cold War build, but it has apparently been quarantined at Auckland airport for the last week.
  6. Hi John, my preference is for Tamiya extra thin glue (comes in a wee bottle with a green label). It's clean, easy to use and gives good results. It does require a bit of a change in method to tube glue, as rather than smearing each piece with glue and them placing them together, you connect or hold the pieces together and then use the small supplied brush to wick some glue into the join, and then hold them for a bit until set. You might also need some superglue if the kit has metal parts or photo etch.
  7. Thanks for the kind comments all. Probably time to start my cold war jet build.
  8. I just needed to finish something after a bit of a break from 1/32 so this is out of the box. The kit is okay, but detail is lacking in some areas and the gear are super flimsy. Not my best work to be honest, but nice to have it done.
  9. Very nice! I've been looking at these micro RC planes for a couple of years. I always wanted to do RC but was mostly worried about the high cost and risk.
  10. Oooh, I got a West German Phantom in the stash for this one.
  11. Have you actually compared to a schematic of the ship? The stern and bow do curve upward after all.
  12. Irrespective of the (lame) f-bombs, this is pure politics and I wonder if it is best deleted.
  13. It's an elaborate prank right?
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