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Infinity Models Aichi D3A Val


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2 hours ago, Royboy said:

I love the skin stressing on this kit! Looks great! I can't wait for the Kate now!!

Like others on here I too was scratching my head on the interior cockpit colour?

After some research I'm really still none the wiser but I agree that a darkish green seems to be a fair bet on this aircraft.

I'll go with that with some lighter areas in the front to show some wear and tear.

Either way this kit has so much potential!!

Well done to Infinity!! :clap2:


Yeah, I'm with you on this kit ,seems like they got it together . As far as cockpit color goes ,I've been chasing Japanese cockpit colors around the block for quite a few years now. It's like trying to nail Jello to the wall at times, hang on for dear life . I 'm going with a dark green [ like 34102] until somebody comes up with more info[ factual info].

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1 hour ago, Bill M. said:

Just received my Val kit today. I am very pleased— looks like Infinity has a real winner! 
One thing I noticed was that the surface detail looks better than what the posted photos showed— looks great! For those of us interested in the Pacific war, this kit is most welcome! I’m one happy camper!

I have to agree wholeheartedly . The surface detail looks way better than the pics made it look . I'm also a very happy camper! It's about time ww2 Japanese aviation got some love, been a long time coming . Now bring on the Kate!! Hoping the fit is decent, I don't need a "fall together "but don't want a cat fight either.

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2 hours ago, nmayhew said:

I’m interested to see the photographic evidence for those aircraft…

“Remember ..never trust a profile without a photo.. “ sic. Troy Smith

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3 hours ago, nmayhew said:

I’m interested to see the photographic evidence for those aircraft…

As far as I know, plate 047 is actually based only on testimonies. There are no known photos of these aircraft.
I think the same is true for the AI-208 of plate 049.

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On 6/11/2023 at 5:24 PM, esarmstrong said:

Hope they do that Coral Sea sheet in 1/32 scale.

 Good news: The FB page said that they would be releasing these sheets in all three scales. Bad news: I'm fairly certain that none of the Vals pictured participated in that battle. B)

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On the Coral Sea sheet—I don’t know if the pictured Val’s participated at Coral sea or not. I too am fairly certain numbers 1 and 3 did not. The tail codes are for carriers that did not appear at Coral Sea. More likely these two are Val’s that showed up at Midway. 
Also as to the Pearl Harbor sheets, it would seem that some of the carriers are incorrect in the description— based on the tail codes. All that being said, it looks like the decals are likely correct— it is just the captions or descriptions are wrong.


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