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Infinity Models Aichi D3A Val


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I got mine a little while back and upon closer examination I think the "stressed skin effect is a little overplayed . The sprue shot pics it didn't look like all that much ,but now that I have the plastic in my lunch hooks , it looks like to me a bit too much[ Quang, sir you are so right about having the plastic in hand ]. All the pics I have and I have a lot, there doesn't appear to be much [if at all] any stressed skin or rivets showing, So I'm going to be doing some sanding and filling on this one . Not all aircraft exhibit this "effect" some more than others and not necessarily over the entire airframe just in parts. I'm going to build this but it'll take me a little longer, overall it seems to be a good kit[ I've had to deal with worse ,much worse]. Besides who else is going to do a big scale Val so there it is.

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On 7/15/2023 at 10:40 PM, Rick Griewski said:

Ordered my kit today from SB with wing fold.  

Turns out it’s on back order.  They took my order anyway or it was I guess a timing issue.  I wonder how long this restock will take. 

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