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Trumpeter F-105G (Done)

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I've been a long time lurker (years). Now that I'm retired and things have settled and I have a modeling area again, so, I thought I would join in.


I'm not going to get too carried away but there's a set of Aries Seats coming too.


This thing is big! I've wanted to build one of these since Trumpeter released it, so now was the time.



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Thanks folks!


I've been looking for a review or something that describes what the GTR resin fin, rudder, etc. parts correct. Or more like what is wrong with the Trumpeter plastic. My google foo has not been successful.




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A heads upon the AM resin nose replacement. I've disappointedly discovered the resin nose profile (at least the one I have) doesn't match the profile of the forward fuselage. Joining the two results in an odd transitional profile. There is/was a pic of this issue on a LSP build, but I can't seem to find it now. I'm dealing with this issue currently on my 105F build. If I could have a do over, I'd use the kit nose. For my 105D build, the only resin I'll being using is on it are a seat and the ventral fin. Anything else not worth the hassle IMHO. 

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