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Trumpeter F-105G (Done)

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Well, the decals are on. Not entirely happy with them, but, they're there. :hmmm:So is the panel line wash and some grunge, still more to add.




I've only started to build the stuff to hang on it. From some photos, there will be a centerline tank and a tank on the right inboard pylon. An AGM-78 on the left inboard pylon and AGM-45s on both outboard pylons. And of course there are various bits, gear, etc. to go. In the process of doing the panel lines I managed to knock off two small bits, one I have and the other one went to feed the carpet monster.




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On 4/23/2022 at 8:26 PM, dude163 said:

Superb, how long is this kit? It must be close to 3 feet?!

The kit box says 637mm or ~25". If I lay a tape measure up by it, it's almost 26". I do have an AM pitot on it that is definitely longer than the kit part. 


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