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Trumpeter F-105G (Done)

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4 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Well that IS a big-un! 



Well, it's 25" from nose to the end of the paper mask at the engine. It doesn't have a pitot on the nose yet and the AB petals will be close to the location of the end of the masking. My bench is 48" wide and ~24" deep. My paint booth is ~24" wide and about ~16" in front of the filter.


Off to paint some Tan.




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6 hours ago, John1 said:

Love the SEA paintwork.   I'm (slowly) doing the same thing for my F-4C build.  How did you handle the edges?   Masks or just free hand?   It looks awesome.   BTW - any updates?

The line between the gray underside and the top was taped. The lines between the colors on the top were just free hand and a little going back to touch up. It is thinned Vallejo paints through a H&S Infinity with 0.15 needle at 10.5 psi.


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Working on decals, frustrating. I'm using the kit decals and anything that is printed in multiple colors and somewhat larger are very fragile. I've already used national markings from an old sheet bought a long time ago for two of the three that I've put on. I haven't put the one on the bottom wing yet. I'll have to mask off and paint the right-side tail stripe because that one just shattered while trying to put it on. :BANGHEAD2::blowup:



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