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  1. Hi here Quick passage say hello to you The project is on hold because I am not at home right now it will probably resume this winter! thanks
  2. Hello ! Next step ! Working on the door (but i'm not sure....she look strange) Some stuff on the outside glue some parts an made pipe ! My work bench full of plastic card
  3. It's Revell the ancient Monogram inside the box ! I won this kit in a competition with my RADIOACTIVE diorama ! I think the Fujimi Shelby Cobra 427 SC kit was better than the Revell/Monogram
  4. Hi everybody ! I had to change jobs and move to another region but the current situation forces me to stay at home My office is closed because a colleague has the virus and I am not reclassified for the moment so I open some boxes and I improvise a small model workshop during confinement. I start an anti-grav Shelby and a little scratch decor A few modification on the Shelby, closing the rear wheels pour insert the reactors. Some cables under the chassis (half missing at now). Start the dio, full scratch This will be a entrance of a house, the Shelby
  5. Hi ! My eyes cry ! Incredible work ! Congrats
  6. Hi ! Welcome here ! I really like this plane hope you enjoy the built !
  7. Nice work ! I think you're just mad
  8. Thanks for all the comments !
  9. Hi friends ! This is the end ! I can make photos next week-end because too much wind ! I hope you like it
  10. You re right ! It's.....future ? everyboby speak english !
  11. Hello ! The and is near ! A little bit of stuf : - Bottle / coca-cola carton / drink dispenser / trash bag and more.... I'm working on the dangerous product container ! Last step : the figure
  12. Thank you ! for the grass it' depend : sometimes on forum and sometimes GSW etc.. I have a lot of different things : AK and Mig and for the rest : garbage bean
  13. Hi friends Today next step ! I think i never finish this one Glue........piece of grass and more piece of grass. Glue some elements and bridge gaps with.......grass Marking slabs. I put more tree! Tomorow i paint the small guys.
  14. I made all the strips at home ! Alain11 : no dead for this one Thank you all !
  15. Hello ! Today i close my door and .......nothing can disturb me. Weathering ( i know it's like a neverending story) I work on the train pole put the roots on and glue some piece of grass Glue grass on the BM13 only the part (right) under the trees And Grass for finishes everywhere on the dio
  16. True ! 1 scale 1/72 and 2 small 1/144 scale in the box .
  17. Yes the ship from Interstellar This one
  18. Hi ! I'm looking for a Ranger model kit from MoebiusModel 1/72 But...he's out of product and really hard to find (in France) except if you sell a kidney If one of you want to sell this kit (at correct price) you can send me a private message ! Thanks
  19. Hi everybody ! Today is a good day (sorry for my English friend) France win at the Rugby 6 Nations tournament ! Next step on my diorama ! Weathering in progress (again) I made a mix : Oil / Wash and i mix technic (it's the beginning). Hope you enjoy And a box don't start.....
  20. I know and your true ! It's really hard to find / do ? the good look at the end ! My idea : long time ago in the future ! i m working for a good result ! Thanks
  21. Hi and thanks for all comment Next step ! Weathering again The BM13 70% finish.... Mig engine on the way too. A Mig on the diorama (not finish). My bench...... And because i m a good man Teaser :
  22. Hi Next step : Figs : Green and.....green Toyota finaly Green too Scratchbuilt on the generator Glass on the BM13 i think nothing can be see at the end
  23. Hi I follow you on FB since.....a long time ! Great job ! INCREDIBLE congrats
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