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  1. Hello! I am very proud to announce you that during its first one brought out in competition The Drone Sniper obtained a golden medal in category science fiction!
  2. Hi! Here is the last kit gone up Mark: PEGASUS MODEL Name : Killer Hunter Type: SF pulled of the movie TERMINATOR 2 Scale: 1/32 Aclad II for the paint
  3. Hello! I forgot the main thing ! My working base
  4. Thanks ! I don't know that scheme i will do
  5. Hi ! I'm back with a small kit ! A Russian helicopter! I begin with the main rotor, a lot of change because it will be in wreck version !
  6. Hi ! Today i finished the drone ! Hope you like it ! Photos are made with a mobile phone thus not very beautiful I redoes it with a correct device tomorrow
  7. Hi ! This is the end of the diorama ! Tomorrow the Drone !
  8. Today the finish line........ And Painting ! Now I go up the systems of opening and I age the set
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