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  1. Hi here Quick passage say hello to you The project is on hold because I am not at home right now it will probably resume this winter! thanks
  2. Hello ! Next step ! Working on the door (but i'm not sure....she look strange) Some stuff on the outside glue some parts an made pipe ! My work bench full of plastic card
  3. It's Revell the ancient Monogram inside the box ! I won this kit in a competition with my RADIOACTIVE diorama ! I think the Fujimi Shelby Cobra 427 SC kit was better than the Revell/Monogram
  4. Hi everybody ! I had to change jobs and move to another region but the current situation forces me to stay at home My office is closed because a colleague has the virus and I am not reclassified for the moment so I open some boxes and I improvise a small model workshop during confinement. I start an anti-grav Shelby and a little scratch decor A few modification on the Shelby, closing the rear wheels pour insert the reactors. Some cables under the chassis (half missing at now). Start the dio, full scratch This will be a entrance of a house, the Shelby was suspended in frot of the house and acces by the stairs to the consol under the plateform. Lot of work to come
  5. Hi ! My eyes cry ! Incredible work ! Congrats
  6. Hi ! Welcome here ! I really like this plane hope you enjoy the built !
  7. Nice work ! I think you're just mad
  8. Thanks for all the comments !
  9. Hi friends ! This is the end ! I can make photos next week-end because too much wind ! I hope you like it
  10. You re right ! It's.....future ? everyboby speak english !
  11. Hello ! The and is near ! A little bit of stuf : - Bottle / coca-cola carton / drink dispenser / trash bag and more.... I'm working on the dangerous product container ! Last step : the figure
  12. Thank you ! for the grass it' depend : sometimes on forum and sometimes GSW etc.. I have a lot of different things : AK and Mig and for the rest : garbage bean
  13. Hi friends Today next step ! I think i never finish this one Glue........piece of grass and more piece of grass. Glue some elements and bridge gaps with.......grass Marking slabs. I put more tree! Tomorow i paint the small guys.
  14. I made all the strips at home ! Alain11 : no dead for this one Thank you all !
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