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1/32 Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair "Birdcage" - Reluctant Dragon - VMF-213

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Here is my finished 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair "Birdcage" as "Relucant Dragon". Beautiful kit and a joy to behold when complete with all of the detail that Tamiya sticks in it. Of course, I added more! I wasn't able to find any images of the actual aircraft, instead only finding artist interpretations of what it could have looked like. This plane was flown by 1st LT Alonzo Treffer of VMF-213, based in Guadalcanal from what I can find. 





The men of VMF-213




1. Vector resin cowling
2. Barracuda resin wheels and tires
3. HGW Fabric and photoetch harness
4. Barracuda cockpit stencils
5. Montex Masks and decals

7. HGW Wet Transfer Stencils


Paints are a mix of MRP and AK Real Colors, with Tamiya Acrylics thrown in here and there.


The build can be found here:



The wings are permanently attached, which may prove troublesome later for space and transport. I also wish I had used the closed canopy spine pieces so I could have the canopy closed to prevent dust. 20/20 hindsight! 





















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Wow, what an amazing looking build! The Bird cage Corsairs have always been my favorites. They were the model that earned the Corsair a rep for being problematic. 


Just a fantastic build, you should be proud. 


I love that bottom window. 

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3 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

That's up there with the best Corsair builds I've seen, Brett!




Ditto, which is hard to do since there are so many great ones.  Also, as I mentioned in your WIP thread, this is pure art at its finest in modeling and like any art, there won't be another Corsair that looks just like this one.




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