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  1. Hi, That's a beautiful 172! A very nice paint job in particular! I used to fly the one on the photo, which was equipped with a Thielert (Diesel) engine. Nice memories!
  2. Hi, Yes, the first photo shows the correct magnetos for Gabreski's D25. I built it few years ago: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/53495-132-hasegawa-p-47d-in-gabreskis-markings/ Cheers
  3. A couple of 190 and a K4. Colors legend is not from me. Note the low 81/82 contrast.
  4. Actually, there are at least 3 different propellers that can accommodate this spinner. See there: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234980181-hawker-hurricane-propellers-and-spinners-a-modellers-guide/
  5. Hi Guys, I'm looking for photos of Hurricane Mk IIc JX-W Z3899 (1st squadron, Tangmere). I could only find the below image, which is a screenshot of a movie. Nothing else in my references. I'm more specifically interested in a photo of this machine engine off as I'd like to identify the propeller type. This is for Trumpeter 1/24 kit, a WIP will follow. Many thanks for your help!
  6. Hi Alain, The missile is indeed the same but was in use before the Mirage improvement plan (addition of plans canard, etc., from 1988 onward). Aim-9P's are still in use on the F-5E, this is probably the reason why they are not displayed in a museum. But all of this is just a detail of course! Cheers.
  7. Hi Alain, Congrats for this IIIS! This is the first one I see that is converted from the not so easy Italeri kit and you achieved an excellent result. Small remark, this Mirage would carry AIM-9P rather than the older AIM-9B model. Cheers Tristan
  8. Hello, My understanding after having gone through many forum discussions and books is that what is usually referenced as the "dark green rlm83" is only a greener variation of rlm81. Official colors combinations were 76/74/75, replaced with 76/81/82 to better hide the planes on the ground later in the war. Rlm 76/75/82 and 76/71/81 or 76/70/82 were also accepted to finish the old stock of 70, 71 and 75.
  9. A beautiful build of a gracious airplane. I saw a real one in the Technikmuseum in Berlin and was surprised by the size of this one. This is not a small bird!
  10. Thank you guys! From an assembly perspective this kit has some challenges in the nose and engine nacelles area. The flaps need some care as well if you want them closed and well aligned. I modified the slats to have them more extended than what is offered out of the box. A few adjustments needed here and there and that's all. For my next project I have a 1/32 Swiss Hunter to complete (I'm halfway) and I started engraving a Monogram 1/48 F-102. The latter will be the first of a "Convair tryptic": F-102, F-106, B-58... Cheers
  11. Hi Guys, Here is my completed Me-262. A not so easy project eventually so I'm happy it's done. This is one of the two Rudolf Sinner's aircrafts with this original camo pattern. I chose to paint it 70/82/76 to match the high color contrast that can be observed on the photos. Wheels are form Barracuda, seat from Quickboost, the rest is straight from the kit. Cheers Tristan
  12. Hi Well, this project has come to an end! More photos to come in RFI soon. Cheers.
  13. Weathering ongoing... Here we can see the advantage of the wet transfers: no carrier film, which makes weathering easier.
  14. Hi, Thousands of photos here, you should find what you need... https://www.flickr.com/photos/28092068@N03/albums
  15. Thanks! The gloss coat is Gunze H30, super shiny if applied generously. It took forever to dry but it's the only way to make sure any silvering is avoided.
  16. Hi guys, Looks like I changed my mind… Although the "base" color shown above looked ok, I wasn't satisfied with the result after having applied the "spots". I just found the plane quite ugly. Well, here is she with her new dress, decals and transfers applied. All markings except the smaller ones are painted.Camo has been painted 70/82 freehand. The 82 looks brighter here than it really is.
  17. Hi, I painted the underside NMF on mine, except for the cowling underside. Looking at other P-47Ds of the 56th (in particular David Schilling's aircraft) helped a lot.
  18. Hi Peter, That is a seriously well worn aircraft! Truly superb! To be nitpicking you might want to blend a bit more the white dot lines on the wings (they look newly applied) and add the undercarriage visual indicator rod on top of the wings (the hole is already there). Cheers
  19. Hi Lud13 Actually this is a bit more complex than that, because these pictures show that there are 3 nose stripes on the starboard nose vs only 2 on the port nose. So if we consider that the 3 nose stripes aircrafts are the same, then it' s a V pattern. But the front stripe doesn't match, hence the 3rd aircraft theory...
  20. Hi, Nice work so far! I have one in 1/32 in the WIP thread and I opted for the same plane, eventually. I'll try to post pictures later if I can fix my camera. I also hesitated with the "V" camo but chose the parallel pattern eventually. I did so because painting a camo in a V pattern would be against a basic rule of camouflage, which is to break the shape of the plane (the "V" pattern rather accentuate it). Personally, I wouldn't have gone neither for a stressed skin effect nor with riveting since ME-262s were (partially) puttied and sanded smooth on the fuselage, engine nacelle and wings. I painted mine rlm82/70/76. The contrast is to high to be 81/82 and 82/70 was an authorised combination.
  21. Hi, Saw these birds a few months ago on Britmodeller. Truly impeccable and seriously impressive builds!
  22. I received mine today. Very good overall impression, the resin exhaust pipes are on the thick side and have their pouring point badly placed and this will need some delicate cleaning, however styrene exhausts are also provided.
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