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  1. Hi Sasa. Thank you. I am glad you like it... I just made WIP thread here: Should you have more questions let me know. Cheers, Miro
  2. Couple of you guys asked me about the process and techniques I used to paint and weather my Arctic Flanker. So I decided to create this topic to describe how I made it... I always try to recreate real aircraft painting and weathering processes if possible. Flankers were made of aluminium plates which were treated for corrosion at factory, then the airplane was treated with yellow primer and whole Flanker was overpainted with lightest shade of blue camo color (it had some kind weather resistant additive in it). Finally other shades of camouflage were painted on top of the lightest blu
  3. Nice and clean job! Very nice! Congrats!
  4. Ho ho hoooo! Excellent in every aspect! GREAT JOB!
  5. I like! Very good pics and very nice build. Congrats! ;-)
  6. Super! Great job with those 3D prints. Congrats...
  7. Like it a lot Tim! Great plane, great conversion, great build and great weathering! Congrats!
  8. Nice Thomas! Congrats. There is a small typo in the text. Title says correctly Slovakia, but you mention Slovenia in the text....
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