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  1. Ahoj Petr. Thanks. I finished F-4C 1.5y ago.
  2. Hi Robert. Thanks for comment. First I upload pictures to Pinterest, then select the picture on the Pinterest and copy URL address to my post.
  3. Trumpeter Su-27 1/32 finally finished... I tried to build heavy weathered Flanker based above polar circle with units called “ Guardians of the North”. I used Zacto intakes, nosecone, missiles and pylons. Aires Cockpit, wheel wells and exhausts. Armory resin wheels. Front windshield is a scratch build as kit part was really bad in shape. Colors - MRP paint including silver primer, transparent paints and metalizers. Tamiya panel liners and weathering Masters used.
  4. Excellent! Attention to details and very precise and tidy work. Congrats Peter!
  5. Congrats! NIce and tidy job!
  6. Excellent Peter! Congrats!
  7. Great Phantom! Thumb up. Congrats!
  8. Very nice! Congrats!
  9. Congratulations Peter. Excellent build! I was lucky to see it in real. Looks fabulous...
  10. Congrats Fanch! Excellent build. The attention you paid to details... Well done
  11. Hi guys, This is a twin of my previously posted F-16A Netz #234 . That was a double build of old Hasegawa kits representing now retired F-16A Netz of Israeli Airforce. AIrcraft F-16A Block 5, S/N 78-0311 was delivered to Israel in June 1980. Originally assigned to 117Sq. "The First Jet Sq.". On 7 June 1981 Netz 107 took part in Operation Opera, piloted by Amos Yadlin, and was the second F-16 to strike the Osiraq nuclear reactor. Netz 107 scored its first aerial kill on 21 April 1982 when pilot Zeev Raz shot down a Syrian Air Force MiG-23. During Operation Peace for Galilee it shot down 6 more Syrian aircraft. On 9 June 1982, Eliezer Shkedi shot down two MiG-23s, although one was shared with another pilot. On Friday 11 June 1982 pilot Eithan Stiva shot down four Syrian aircraft. It finished it's service in Dec 2014 and is stored at Hatzerim IAF Museum. The kit itself is very old Hasegawa mold with raised panel lines and rivets. I had to scribe and rivet whole surface and wings. Hasegawa plastic is hard and brittle so this part of the build was a nightmare. I gave up to rescribe the bottom of the fuselage and decided to use airbrush and weathering in my favour. I used following extras during build: True Details cockpit for F-16A... . Glareshield is too wide to close the canopy so I had to build both kits with opened canopy. GT Resin exhaust for Academy kit Aires wheel bays for Academy kit Scale Aircraft Conversion metal landing gear for Academy kit Profimodeller Wheels Center tank from Tamiya F-16CJ kit Sidewinder register - converted from Tamiya's F-16CJ AIM-9M Tailart and insignias are airbrushed using my homemade masks. Other decals are from Isradecal. Paints: Mr Paint colors and Mr Paint washes Thanks and regards,
  12. Hi Bryan, I used a salt technique over basecoat with lighter shade of base color. Then another very thin light shades followed by darker shade of base color. I used acrylic washes and some oils for streaks. The trick is to put several light layers and do not hesitate to use fine sanding sponge or sander to blend layers.
  13. Hi Ron, Thanks for comments. F-4E and Sufa are waiting in the stash for their turn...
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