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  1. Very nice Pedro. Excellent! Congrats!
  2. Thank you Skyhowk! I have not uploaded any WIP pictures yet. PM me if interested...
  3. Thank you Alan. I used MrPaint colors only. Surface was primed with MRP silver primer and I used MRP Titanium as a base color. Then various MRP metallic paints together with MRP clear colors range.
  4. Great build Brent. Congrats! What is the number of MRP green you have used please?
  5. Ahoj Petr. Thanks. I finished F-4C 1.5y ago.
  6. Hi Robert. Thanks for comment. First I upload pictures to Pinterest, then select the picture on the Pinterest and copy URL address to my post.
  7. Trumpeter Su-27 1/32 finally finished... I tried to build heavy weathered Flanker based above polar circle with units called “ Guardians of the North”. I used Zacto intakes, nosecone, missiles and pylons. Aires Cockpit, wheel wells and exhausts. Armory resin wheels. Front windshield is a scratch build as kit part was really bad in shape. Colors - MRP paint including silver primer, transparent paints and metalizers. Tamiya panel liners and weathering Masters used.
  8. Excellent! Attention to details and very precise and tidy work. Congrats Peter!
  9. Congrats! NIce and tidy job!
  10. Excellent Peter! Congrats!
  11. Great Phantom! Thumb up. Congrats!
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