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  1. Hi Guys, Slowly but surely progressing. The Aires MK10 tornado seats have been "pimped" to better match the Hawk version. Plastic card, wires, and the sides from the kit seats and I called it a day. With a coat of Mr Hobby black surfacer I spare you the struggle to get a smooth intake duct. I decided to close the fuselage before painting the cockpit - It is wide enough to allow it. I have added parts form the eduard interior set and a few plastic bits. I made masks with the Silhouette for the instru
  2. Ouch, that is more than 3.5x what I paid for mine. Crazy.
  3. Indeed, and other differences such as landing gear and gear bay doors. It is a good base for a F-16a, as well. By the way, last year I also found two 1/32 Hasegawa F-16a for 30EUR each.
  4. Scored this for about the same price as the block 50 version...
  5. It is a delight to fly, so light, smooth and precise. Visibility forward is indeed very bad, especially with the Lycoming engine - nothing a very slight forward slip can't solve, though!
  6. I fly the Jungmann, which is pretty similar to the Tiger Moth in terms of design, and yes we fly it from the back seat when solo for a matter of CG. On the Jungmann you have to pull the stick full aft to land it 3 points. Not sure a 3 point would still be feasible if flown alone from the front seat.
  7. Nobody? I guess I'm not the only one struggling with that.
  8. I use them for brush painting only. I tried once spraying them and wouldn't recommend.
  9. Hi Guys, We all agree that painted markings or dry/wet transfers are the best when it comes to weathering effects consistency. But what is your technique when decals are the only options? The larger/colorful the decals are the bigger the challenge is. Spraying too much paint over will reveal the carrier film, brush touch-ups can work but will fail to give a faded look. Filters? Sanding? Tristan
  10. Salut, Excellent, well-balanced. Bravo!
  11. Hi All, Thank you for your comments! Ray, sure thing!
  12. Thank you Pete! Yes, tooling is from 2010. The red plastic is unusual indeed, I'll see if this really adds complexity. I still have to figure out what mods will be brought to the seats but this should be centered around the sides and headrest.
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