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  1. I would try milliput - excess can be removed with a wet cotton swab
  2. Thank you for your comments! I believe Sidewinders were mounted on the wingtips mostly during the first years - Photos I've seen of that specific plane and others from the middle of the 70's till retirement show Sidewinders under the belly. Unfortunately, those pylons and launchers are not provided by Italeri. Thank you - that is only based on free-hand airbrush mottling over an aluminium base coat. There is tan (XF-55), sand (XF-60), grey (?) and a little bit of clear blue. The predominant dark grey is Tamiya NATO black (XF-69). No wash. Paint should be well thinned and you must work slowly and very close to the surface - took maybe 2 hours until I was happy with the result.
  3. Thank you All for your kind comments! I've added a photo and changed another. @ Mark: I guess it's part of the magic to make sure the cons are well hidden!
  4. Hi All, This is Italeri's 104 with Reskit exhaust, Master pitot, Eduard wheels and seat. A few additions here and there but otherwise a straightforward build. The kit has its pros and cons and I think others have already given enough feedback about it. This plane was based in Leeuwarden (Netherlands) during the late 70' - early 80'. "D-8115" markings are paint otherwise I used the (top-notch) decals from the box. Paint is AK Real. Photos taken outside so light varies a little bit... Cheers Tristan
  5. Thank you all! Unfortunately, I have to declare this one is M.I.A...
  6. I'm builing a KLU 104 - Sorry I didn't know US had a different one than NATO. It's a pity Italeri omited that in their G/S box.
  7. Hi Dave, Actually the parts are not appropriate for a Nato 104. Neither the pylons nor the launchers (which should be Aero 3Bs) are the good ones. And the arms looks suspicious to say the least.
  8. Hi All, Does anyone know if they have ever been produced in 1/32? I searched everywhere without sucess. Italeri is only providing the Italian specific ones. Tristan
  9. Masterpiece! - nothing else to say. Hats off!
  10. Thank you Pete! I gave up on WIP pics and threads to really focus on progression every time I am at the bench. So nothing to share I'm afraid. Cheers, Tristan
  11. That's beautiful! I saw a real one in Berlin and was surprised by its size - it's not a small aircraft.
  12. Tank you! Decals were ordered here: https://www.aviationmegastore.com/bell-x1-stencils-and-markings-revell-d32001-mh-models-mh-d32001-aircraft-scale-modelling-decals/product/?action=prodinfo&art=135756
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