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  1. Nobody? I guess I'm not the only one struggling with that.
  2. I use them for brush painting only. I tried once spraying them and wouldn't recommend.
  3. Hi Guys, We all agree that painted markings or dry/wet transfers are the best when it comes to weathering effects consistency. But what is your technique when decals are the only options? The larger/colorful the decals are the bigger the challenge is. Spraying too much paint over will reveal the carrier film, brush touch-ups can work but will fail to give a faded look. Filters? Sanding? Tristan
  4. Salut, Excellent, well-balanced. Bravo!
  5. Hi All, Thank you for your comments! Ray, sure thing!
  6. Thank you Pete! Yes, tooling is from 2010. The red plastic is unusual indeed, I'll see if this really adds complexity. I still have to figure out what mods will be brought to the seats but this should be centered around the sides and headrest.
  7. Here is my new project: the nice Hawk from Revell with Swiss Air Force Matterhorn Circle decals. Switzerland flew these jets during the 90' and then sold them all to Finland. They were replaced by turboprop Pilatus PC-21, which allows a direct transition to the F/A-18. The cockpit is nice and simple and fits very well. I bought the Aires MK10 seats for Tornado. With 2-3 adjustments, they will be close enough to the Hawk's MK10s. They are a bit less wide than the kit seats (which seems too wide), the height is almost the same. So far so
  8. Hi All, A cool kit that fits very well and offers plenty of room for improvement for those motivated. I have detailed the cockpit (scratch), thin all trailing edges, wheel doors, cockpit doors. Made the cannons and pitot using steel tubes. Marking made using a Silhouette machine. Base paint is Gunze H323 and H423 (labelled "RLM83") but this has been reworked. Cheers. Tristan Some pics under the (strong) spotlights And some pics outside, mostly under a cloudy weather.
  9. On her legs. Lights, gunsight and a few paint adjustments to come
  10. Weathering begins with a dark wash on the underside. We can see the added value of having riveted the area. Next step will be the addition of the exhaust staining, using the below pic as reference. Further work on the walking areas, scrubing the surface and adding color variations with watercolor pencils. This will be toned down a bit, in particualr the rivet exposure. I took some inspiration from this pic for the forward wing upper surface.
  11. thank you! I know regarding the wood surfaces but my references say that this wood was covered by a yellowish and/or aluminium paint primer. My guess is that is what we can see on this picture.
  12. Hi there, Unfortunately not much time to post WIP pics. I have completed the basic camo painting - now lets add a bit of grime to this donkey :-) Cheers
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