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  1. For a glassy look, I guess the best is using two part auto clear gloss varnishes. They give a nice depth and glossy look to glass panels. You can drop a miniscule amount of varnish on each panel with a toothpick. Varnish has an excellent holding capability to vertical surfaces so it will not flow over the matt surface.
  2. Both models are fantastic, really great works with clever and realistic weathering...
  3. Really great work Chuck, I admire your neat and clean detail work If you have not finished your instrument panel, I would advice using 2k auto gloss lacquer for the glassy look in the IP dials. It would really look great with this amazing cockpit.
  4. Very nice build... Very realistic and clever weathering...
  5. Very nice work, really amazing result, contrats!!
  6. Hi Chuck, Really great paint and gloss coat job, very neat and clean! I had also bought Alclad's acrylic gloss coat with very high expectations and I have not been able to get at least satisfactory results with it. Reading a lot of positive comments on the net about the stuff, I was thinking that it was me getting bad results with my lack of experience or I may have bought a bad batch of the product. Now I see that you do not report positive results about the stuff after comparing it to more traditional stuff, I can happily use future or better, X-22... Thanks for your educational posts... salih
  7. An amazing model, deserving better photography:)
  8. Wow, this is just great, there are amazing details everywhere... I really liked the cockpit. Just two small things: maybe the decals are not weathered enough compared to the rest of the aircraft and the decals could have been made better conform to panel lines and rivets etc...
  9. I am not much experienced in modelling but I guess this may improve the results: After applying microsol on decals, wait for, say half an hour, dip a clean cotton cloth in hot (or warm water) and press gently on the decals with the cotton cloth. Do not press hardly or do not move your fingers when pressing on the decals...
  10. Now, that is creative modelling at best!! I am really impressed with your solution...
  11. I forgot to mention: your landing gear bay work is stunning!
  12. Even though the label says acrylic, the thinner used for auto gloss coats (and the hardener) is very strong and thinner will craze bare plastic if applied too much. But the good thing is you add very miniscule amount of thinner for the gloss coat (you can even skip thinning if you are satisfied with the viscosity) and small amount of thinner does not effect the plastic. And even if you use thinner for the coat, it has no effect on eduard's color PE sets. As far as I know, the material that we see on decals is similar to the material in auto gloss coats, so you can safely apply the gloss coat on decals too. With a tootpick, you can just apply a few drops on instrument panel dials it is very easy to avoid overruns, as the stuff has a very high holding ability. Multiple applications can be necessary for a deeper glassy look. Here you can see my attempt on glassy look for the IP. It is F4 PE from eduard in 1/48:
  13. The cockpit is amazing, really great! I really liked your clean work, no paint overruns, no glue residues... Very nice. For a glassy look on the IP dials, I would recommend using 2-component auto gloss clear coats. They are much more convincing than ordinary modelling gloss coats. They have a very good ability to hold on to vertical surfaces and when dry, the look is almost indistinguisable from normal glass.
  14. Hello Chuck, Unlike my previous post about your gloss black base, I am writing this post at home on my 27inch monitor and I can clearly say that your black base is absolutely amazing and it was my laptop monitor that showed some grain on the wings. I really appreciate your paint work and almost impossible for me to replicate it on such a huge scale:) salih
  15. Chuck, that is great progress and great paint job! I am using tamiya spray gloss base for my chrome paint jobs and after reading your recommendations about Krylon, I was looking for an equivalent of it in my country, thinking that it would be even better than tamiya. But now I see that you are also convered to tamiya black base, I can keep using tamiya confidently As for the final chrome look, what kind of a look are you after? Mirror gloss chrome or less shinier than that? The nose section of your paint job really stands out but the wings and fuselage may need a little compounding, if you are after a süper gloss finish (or it is my computer screen that shows some grainy look )... salih
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