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  1. Poster is for people who don't know how this awesome plane looks like it is from monograph. If selling of P-11 will be good they do it too.
  2. IBG informed on their FB that release of PZL P-24 will be related with PZL P.11 selling numbers, I really encourage you to buy as many as you can guys! Here in Poland we need your help!
  3. Trumpeter P-51B/C with many additions and modifications. Kit is unfortunately really bad. I hope that Zoukei Mura will release theirs soon. Model presents plane of Eugeniusz Horbaczewski, whos score is 16 and 0.5.
  4. Still we don't know if this will be 1:32, looking at size of sprue and number 5 on it compared to the nose itself, may be 1:48
  5. I think that our disscussion leads nowhere Yes, modellers aren't same but i think that everyone appreciate good kits, which number isn't high on market. I have made few kits: http://air-workshop.blogspot.com/ and i think that not every manufacturer takes modeller seriously, and some kits (many...) aren't worth amount of work which is needed to finish it, but as you said some may find fun in this. If you will have to lose many hours of work with bad tools, on bad kits, making in same time few tamiya kits (which additionaly represents real object with no major errors), I really think that high price will pay for itself. I don't forbid you to think otherwise
  6. Of course, you can make kit from box, with no additional stuff, but you need good tools, paints, brushes, fine airbrush, oil washes etc, all of this generates costs, which aren't low. If you want to spend time not effing and blinding but with pleasure you need to often reach for the wallet, unfortunately. Modelling isn't cheap but what hobby is?
  7. Ok, but there is Hasegawa too, which has cheap kits, and newer releases are as good as Tamiya (like Raiden/Zero) if it comes to fit, and sharp quality of parts. If AlanG want's most of all not pricy kit - Revell is only one considerable option, but not best.
  8. Ok even if you have cheap extras, look at surface detail, lines thickness, rivets, fit of parts Tam: \ Rev Rev is not bad kit but undoubtely Tamiya is better in every aspect, pleasure of gluing is important to. Only price is high.
  9. Honestly I don't think so, it is cheaper sure but calculate what the price is if you will need some additional etch, brassin and other stuff, and with all of this Rev Spit won't be even close to Tamiya, because of large awful rivets, poor fit quality in some parts, lack of engine and so on.
  10. i think this line isn't visible on real heli: It is one-piece engine cover which can be open
  11. "Blyshaurlica" (correct - "BÅ‚yskawica") in polish is "Lightning". There is a topic in one of polish forums about that plane: http://www.pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=15283&start=165 If you need to print decals or masks there is a drawing of that name: Good Luck!
  12. MikeC these are old SH plans. Announcement was 7 years ago but i assume that they stopped developing this as LSP_Kevin is saying. https://www.super-hobby.com/products/P-51A-Mustang.html Good news is that Zoukei Mura is working on P-51B/C. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/77743-zoukei-mura-2019-2020-new-p-51bc-bf-109g-and-ar-234-announced/
  13. Exactly, guy from movie is showing this too.
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