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  1. Here you have YT movie about cutting masks, guy is using Frisket tape, you can try it too (btw very nice channel)
  2. So interior green inside, but outside in wheel bays i think that zinc chromate is possible. Thanks for the tip, I forgot about that.
  3. Hi guys, my new project is Catalina in 1:48 scale. I made some changes in interior, deleting some kind of form leftovers. I added radiooperator chair and devices, beds, and other stuff, which will maybe be visible throught small windows on center of fuselage. Overall, very nice kit with outstanding surface, full of rivets. I'm planning usual camo, Blue Gray, and Light Gray on bottom. Maybe 44-P-4 japanese fleet spotter from Midway. I don't know how to paint interior, yellowish Zinc Chromate or Interior Green?
  4. Nie przepadam, za tak pootwieranymi modelami ale sama Twoja praca fantastyczna! Ciekawy pomysł z lampkami. I'm not into "opened" planes, but your work is fantastic! Interesting idea with lights.
  5. I meant that buying Tamiya Mk VIII or IX and build it from the box is better option, because converting is challenging. Revell MK IX canopy is better but you still need to buy Hasegawa (or HobbyBoss) if you want to have Vokes tropical filter. This is photo of my Vc on early stage of build, you can see new ammo cover bubbles, new panel lines, changed fuel tank cover and mentioned modification of part of fuselage under canopy. Summarizing - lot of work is needed.
  6. Thanks guys! Thanks. Unfortunately it wasn't good, you need to add putty and grind to make it look right. Hasegawa canopy needs a modification too. Fuselage under must be reshaped. So i think that much better option its just to buy Tamiya Spit or wait until somebody will have mercy and make this version.
  7. Revells Spitfire MK II Conversion plus Hasegawa V Canopy and filter. Many things added. I've added new photos
  8. Thanks guys! Thank you. Light box with few very bright sources of nearly white light (most important, because without it, photos will lose most of details), camera is my mobile phone - Moto G, 5 gen. Background is white bristol. I use old Picasa app for post-production, brightening mostly.
  9. Outstanding work John!. Very realistic and full of top-notch details.
  10. Ki-84 from suicide unit. Luckily for pilot, mission wasn't sucessfull (maybe he wasn't "brave" enought...). Hasegawa kit plus few modifications like cables here and there, strengthened flaps, pitot tube from needle, hollowed exhausts, whole plane riveted. Montex masks, Yahu IP, Eduard seatbelts used.
  11. Thanks guys for kind words! Thanks, yes i was presenting my F6F here. It is a Trumpeter kit. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/72619-trumpeter-f6f-5-hellcat-132/&
  12. Hi, I renewed my old Corsair model. New colors, markings from masks. This plane was originally a "white 13" and it was a Ken Welsh plane, then number was changed to 7 and it was assigned to James Cupp. Unfortunately, on my photos most of scratches to silver/zinc chromate which i done dissapeared. On bottom there is a photo of model before repaint and photo with buddy Hellcat from Pacific with same number
  13. Hello Tim, i did mine I-153 recently, WIP thread - maybe you will find it useful: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/75355-icm-i-153-chaika-early-conversion-132/& Gallery: You can take elements from SW kit - it is better detailed. Remember to fill this gap - non existant on real plane. Good luck!
  14. New Chaika from ICM, nice kit, fast to build. I made conversion to early type - with spinner similar to I-16 or I-15 Bis. I think that it is prettier than late - but it is only my opinion. It looks like a cartoon plane, from Mickey Mouse comic book . List of additions and modifications: - new spinner - new exhaust tube on fuselage, smaller exhausts on engine cover made from solder - some cables in cockpit and engine - rigging from fishing line - hollowed air inlet - tubes from syringe needle pushed into gun outlets on engine covers - masks used for red 8 number WIP: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=75355&hl= Boys from same family
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