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  1. Only 2 but I think interesting, unusual planes finished. N1K1 and PZL P.11. P-11 was a good kit, suprise for me as it came up. I can't really say that about N1K1 - old model with long list of places needing work. Main issues were empty cockpit and protruding panel lines. I started Vietnam F-4E from Tamiya too, but ended up with only a small progress. Hope you like them! Ready For Inspection: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/85170-ibg-pzl-p11c-dzwonek-132/&tab=comments#comment-1206761
  2. Thanks! Maybe they don't want to touch it because of lack of reference? Kyofu and N1K2 have a good amount of sources existing this plane unfortunately lacks.
  3. Thanks guys! Thank you!. I totally advise not to going to build this kit, as you say it is now only for collectors. Thanks! I'm afraid they aren't gonna be happy because they cannot sell any now.
  4. Hi, old, nearly non existant now Takara/Revell kit from 70-80. Forms were sunk in ocean as legend says. Panel lines made using Tamiya Scriber, riveted. Cockpit from scratch, many things changed, flaps structure under wing added, and so on, so on... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  5. Exactly for me this was big suprise too. Of course, thank you!
  6. Very nice. Older SH kits aren't as sharp as they should be, you're making fine work with corrections.
  7. P.11 is finished! Thanks all for watching! I eventually decided to use BitsKrieg set: With propeller, spinner, and front engine cover. Nice, precise resin with many details. Ready for inspection post: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/85170-ibg-pzl-p11c-dzwonek-132/
  8. Hi guys! New kit from IBG, full of details and with realistic surface on wings and fuselage. Unfortunately not without some issues like wrong propeller and headrest. Plastic sharpness could be better too. Company from Poland - BitsKrieg is already making replacements. I used some of them. List of changes: - Own printed decals and masks - rivets added on engine cover and on bottom of fuselage, - engine cover hinge removed, - cables added, - headrest was entirely covered in leather pillow, - mirror replaced, - movable elevators, - landing gear strenghten, - ailerons pos
  9. Thanks very much guys! Thanks Quang, some of my weathering was eaten by gloss varnish, so when I spray flat more painting details will come up.
  10. Main work done, few details need to be glued and flat varnish needs to be applied.
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