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  1. Very nice radio. Cushion was not present in P.11, only in museum display unit. Pilot was sitting on his parachute.
  2. I made movable elvator by drilling holes and gluing needles from syringe. I have strengthen landing gear for paintning process. There was a chink between horizontal and vertical stabilizer, unfortunately you need to grid a little bit to make this. Fuel tank had nothing to stick to from top, so i glued plastic bar
  3. Propeller has wrong shape and profile. Resin one is in production.
  4. You have used them in your build They're making decals for IBG. I think that they're good but not best. I'm using only Mr Mark Setter (old formula).
  5. Yes this one is very interesting nice big squadron emblem and white stripe (later painted khaki) on wings
  6. New decals from Techmod, within week in Poland.
  7. Thanks guys! Yahu has a set with a radio panel, so it improves situation when you're opening this section on left fuselage side. Improved headrest.
  8. Nice, clean work, If you are interested you can look at my WIP thread, i described few things which you can correct easily. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/84354-ibg-pzl-p11c-polish-beauty-132/ Good Luck!
  9. Hi guys! I'm from Poland so it was must have purchase for me. Kit is outstanding, with some minor flaws, like propeller, and some small fit issues. I added Yahu IP and Radio Panel, made few corrections and placed cables. Left - kit, Right my work, not entirely correct but better. Headrest was entirely covered in leather, not only in top part. Rudder and elevator can be easily done as movable, you only need to straighten connection, using for example syringe needles. I made this tube, which was not present in kit unforunately. Ailerons can be easily done movable too! I'm now on this stage. Yahu goddies placed, cables and compass in middle of Instrument Panel added. Engine colored too:
  10. Maybe this will help you: http://hamfisted-modeller.blogspot.com/2019/04/getting-spare-parts-hamfisted-modellers.html But getting part may take time. Recently i used Mr Laplos and Polishing Compount to remove big and deep scratches from real glass which is much harder than plastic, and it worked so maybe all is not lost.
  11. Assemble whole model on tape and check if this amount of weight is enought , I filled whole nose of my Revell 262. I used fishing lead which is very easy to cut.
  12. Thanks guys! You can look at builiding process on Jakub Vilingr site: http://www.modelplac.cz/pages/gal1_32/bf109e1edu.htm kit have both accuracy and builiding mishaps, many says that Dragon kit is better.
  13. On 1 September is 80 Anniversary of WWII start - Germany invaded Poland. My plane is E-3 from that period ,with character from Max und Moritz fairytale on engine cover. I added: - Yahu IP - Resin seat from Quickboost, - Profipack etch - resin exhausts - some other corrections. Now i'm waiting for IBG PZL P.11C to have both sides main fighter planes.
  14. Very nice work Mike! Wheelbay was actually mostly metal
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