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  1. Maybe this will help you: http://hamfisted-modeller.blogspot.com/2019/04/getting-spare-parts-hamfisted-modellers.html But getting part may take time. Recently i used Mr Laplos and Polishing Compount to remove big and deep scratches from real glass which is much harder than plastic, and it worked so maybe all is not lost.
  2. Assemble whole model on tape and check if this amount of weight is enought , I filled whole nose of my Revell 262. I used fishing lead which is very easy to cut.
  3. Thanks guys! You can look at builiding process on Jakub Vilingr site: http://www.modelplac.cz/pages/gal1_32/bf109e1edu.htm kit have both accuracy and builiding mishaps, many says that Dragon kit is better.
  4. On 1 September is 80 Anniversary of WWII start - Germany invaded Poland. My plane is E-3 from that period ,with character from Max und Moritz fairytale on engine cover. I added: - Yahu IP - Resin seat from Quickboost, - Profipack etch - resin exhausts - some other corrections. Now i'm waiting for IBG PZL P.11C to have both sides main fighter planes.
  5. Very nice work Mike! Wheelbay was actually mostly metal
  6. Engine wired, i focused mainly on front because rest won't be visible without cutting cover. Now i must work on whats behind it, because of taken panel.
  7. Hi, i decided to show my new project which is older version of Thunderbolt. I will add Eduard etch for cockpit and cut out a panel on side to show guts behind engine. Trumpeter provided many interior goods so it's really a shame not to present them. Painting will be Pied Paper or Passionate Patsy, unfortunately Kagero done decals only for Bubbletop Patsy, so i have artwork only, without serial number on tail (problem) or code on side (smaller problem). Does anybody have photo of Razorback Patsy with 3 downed planes? I have seen model with that but have only photos where plane is without them. Seat is for P-400 Special Hobby but seems legit for P-47. I will need to repait it.
  8. Poster is for people who don't know how this awesome plane looks like it is from monograph. If selling of P-11 will be good they do it too.
  9. IBG informed on their FB that release of PZL P-24 will be related with PZL P.11 selling numbers, I really encourage you to buy as many as you can guys! Here in Poland we need your help!
  10. Trumpeter P-51B/C with many additions and modifications. Kit is unfortunately really bad. I hope that Zoukei Mura will release theirs soon. Model presents plane of Eugeniusz Horbaczewski, whos score is 16 and 0.5.
  11. Still we don't know if this will be 1:32, looking at size of sprue and number 5 on it compared to the nose itself, may be 1:48
  12. I think that our disscussion leads nowhere Yes, modellers aren't same but i think that everyone appreciate good kits, which number isn't high on market. I have made few kits: http://air-workshop.blogspot.com/ and i think that not every manufacturer takes modeller seriously, and some kits (many...) aren't worth amount of work which is needed to finish it, but as you said some may find fun in this. If you will have to lose many hours of work with bad tools, on bad kits, making in same time few tamiya kits (which additionaly represents real object with no major errors), I really think that high price will pay for itself. I don't forbid you to think otherwise
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