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  1. shadowmare

    Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair "Daphne" 1:32

    Thanks guys for kind words! Thanks, yes i was presenting my F6F here. It is a Trumpeter kit. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/72619-trumpeter-f6f-5-hellcat-132/&
  2. Hi, I renewed my old Corsair model. New colors, markings from masks. This plane was originally a "white 13" and it was a Ken Welsh plane, then number was changed to 7 and it was assigned to James Cupp. Unfortunately, on my photos most of scratches to silver/zinc chromate which i done dissapeared. On bottom there is a photo of model before repaint and photo with buddy Hellcat from Pacific with same number
  3. shadowmare

    ICM I-153

    Hello Tim, i did mine I-153 recently, WIP thread - maybe you will find it useful: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/75355-icm-i-153-chaika-early-conversion-132/& Gallery: You can take elements from SW kit - it is better detailed. Remember to fill this gap - non existant on real plane. Good luck!
  4. New Chaika from ICM, nice kit, fast to build. I made conversion to early type - with spinner similar to I-16 or I-15 Bis. I think that it is prettier than late - but it is only my opinion. It looks like a cartoon plane, from Mickey Mouse comic book . List of additions and modifications: - new spinner - new exhaust tube on fuselage, smaller exhausts on engine cover made from solder - some cables in cockpit and engine - rigging from fishing line - hollowed air inlet - tubes from syringe needle pushed into gun outlets on engine covers - masks used for red 8 number WIP: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=75355&hl= Boys from same family
  5. shadowmare

    ICM I-153 "Chaika" Early Conversion 1:32

    Spaghetti painted.
  6. shadowmare

    ICM I-153 "Chaika" Early Conversion 1:32

    Thanks! Very nice wheels, maybe i will buy it. Masks was made by Pmask in Poland but you can order custom mask anywhere in your country, you just need to send dimensions, decals, and schemes or photos - all documents you have to do it as correct as possible. Then it is just cutted on foil. Thanks! I know Massimo site. It is not as neatly as it can be, but thanks . Just small drill and sharp scalpel to smooth exhaust, it is nicer than plastic in therms of dutility so it can give better effects. Drawback is sensibility to bend, you can twist it unconsciously. But in this case exhausts only protrude from engine cover so they're safe.
  7. shadowmare

    ICM I-153 "Chaika" Early Conversion 1:32

    Cockpit is finished, I added wires and seatbelts. Engine is done too.I replaced kit exhaust with my own made from soldering wire - it is a good material for this kind of work, flexible (but not too much) and easy to drill. I made few tweaks to engine cover: Unfortunately after looking long time for photo of red 29 i found that high possibility that this is fictional scheme. So i ordered masks for red 8 with green lines.
  8. shadowmare

    ICM I-153 "Chaika" Early Conversion 1:32

    SW kit is better in therms of details - better cockpit, wheel bays, engine, inlets closing plate and other things. But SW is discontinuing further production of this kit. I don't like to work with resin so i bought this one. It has a significantly lower price too.
  9. shadowmare

    ICM I-153 "Chaika" Early Conversion 1:32

    That's a thought! But i like to have some evidence - it is making model more real.
  10. shadowmare

    ICM I-153 "Chaika" Early Conversion 1:32

    Yes but no photo anywhere. Schemes sometimes lie. On early type there is need to modify engine cover and fill gap where big side exhaust is too.
  11. Hi, i started new ICM kit of this lovely biplane. I decided to convert it to early version - with other type of spinner similar to I-16. My choice of painting is red 29: but I can't find any photo of it : / Maybe you can help me? If i won't find it, alternative scheme is this one, with existing photographs: Engine is not a good side of kit, it looks like scaled 1:72 element, but it won't be visible much under engine cover. Wheel bays are unfortunately empty, maybe i scratch something there. Despite these disadvantages, kit is coming together very nicely and fast. ICM did great job!
  12. shadowmare

    Hasegawa P-47D "Whooo" 1:32

    As Mark P said you can buy Eagle Cals, Montex is available on Ebay, Eduard has their EduArt P-47 (Hasegawa 1:32 kit with goodies) with this paint scheme. avail available
  13. shadowmare

    Hasegawa Fw-190D Bavarian Red 1 1:32

    Thanks guys : ) Yes, Hasegawa, nothing big, just small fitting problems.
  14. shadowmare

    Hasegawa Fw-190D Bavarian Red 1 1:32

    Thank you very much guys! Thanks Reimund. I was trying to do my best copying what was on photos. Thank you for your kind words Chuck!
  15. shadowmare

    Hasegawa Fw-190D Bavarian Red 1 1:32

    Daylight photos: