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  1. Brilliant, loving this and getting more tempted every time I see an update to this thread.
  2. Superb work. Really loving this build
  3. I had looked at pre-ordering the new Pocher Lotus F1 car, but have been put off by others as they have commented that it's not up to the quality of the MFH kits. As for MFH kits - the choice is amazing given the scale/price etc. The Porsche 956 is taking my fancy, but so are the Lotus F1 cars
  4. Great build Wolf, looks superb. Another kit on my wish list
  5. Very nice, lovely clean build. I've been considering an MFH kit for some time and was wondering if they're worth the money/effort required. Your post kinda proves that they are
  6. Such a clean and precise build - following this with interest. Thanks for all the helpful hints and tips
  7. Thank you Marus, appreciate your kind words
  8. Yes, I think a bigger nozzle/needle size is required. 2K clear needs to be almost flooded on to allow it to form a smooth layer. That in itself is counter intuitive as normal paint/varnish would run and be a mess if applied in such a way. I need more practice for sure before tackling my bigger projects (Tamiya 1/12 Porsche 934 & 935), but I'll get there. Interestingly, the Yamaha came out almost perfectly but each part was sprayed separately - which allowed me to ensure a smooth coat without fear of overspray onto adjacent panels.
  9. Thank you both Yes, it is hand painted (well, using an airbrush anyway). It turned out better than I had hoped for. Zero paints are superb to use and are very forgiving.
  10. Hi, this is my recently completed Tamiya Porsche 934. Lovely kit, built out of the box with Zero paint and a 2K clear coat. Not overly happy with the 2K - think I need a bigger nozzle on the airbrush to get the volume of paint required to prevent orange peel. Apologies for the poor iPhone pics
  11. Hi all, please see my completed Tamiya 1/12 Yamaha YZF-R1. Built out of the box. Drilled out brake discs and used Zero paints with 2K clear coat. She still needs a number plate but other than that she's done. A first motorbike for me and it won't be the last
  12. Thank you so much Peter, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the postie for this :)
  13. Great to hear that, hope you enjoy building it
  14. Love it..! Beautiful build with some of the best "how's to's" thrown in along the way. Can't wait for the next build
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