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  1. Looks great. Inspiration to crack open that big box in the stash
  2. And she's finally finished...! Been a lot of work and a few moments where I thought I might be tempted to put this on the shelf of doom. However it's come to an end and am reasonably happy with the result. Not the best of kits in terms of detail and fit but with a bit (lot) of work she can be turned into what you see here. Just one pic for the moment, will post more this week when I can get some more decent photos taken. This one was taken by friend from our local model club; So - FINISHED
  3. Cheers guys..! Nearly finished, will post pics in the next few days. Martin
  4. A bit more progress. decided to mask/spray the mouth using the decals as a template for masks on my cutter. Came out better than I thought, so happy with that. I've applied a pin wash all over (photos to follow), and then it's just a case of putting it all together. Thanks for all the generous comments
  5. OK, time for a long overdue update. Lots of progress since my last post so there's a few pics to show this; This is a resin detail set bought from ebay. Can't remember the name of the guy who makes these but do a search and you'll find it. Well worth the cash but not sure how much you'll actually get to see on the finished build. and painted.... Instrument panel - all out of the box Engines painted Build complete and ready for paint; I have to say, the fit of some of the parts is poor for a modern kit. The nose/gun section was particularly bad and required lots of superglue/rescribing. It also needs LOTS of noseweight to avoid a tail sitter..!! On to painting then; All main markings are sprayed using home made masks cut on my Portrait cutter Paints used were Mr Paint for the Olive Drab and Neutral Gray, Mr Hobby for the yellow and green on the markings. I'm using an Eagle Cal decal sheet of 'Clana Louise' but have found the nose markings to be quite ugly (lots of creases) when applied around the complex curves, so I've removed them and will mask/spray them instead. She's still to weather/decal etc so still a lot to do. This needs to be ready for Telford in four weeks time (gulp..!) for our local IPMS branch (IPMS Cleveland) 25th anniversary group display. Come and see this in the flesh
  6. Thanks everyone, appreciated. Brian, who makes the brass undercarriage set for this..?
  7. A few updates here. Got time to work on the internal details. I'm a bit suprised at how little there is in the kit, with detail levels being on a par with 1:48, and not 1:32. I had the Eduard etch set for the tail/upper gun sections so decided to use what I thought would be an improvement. However, for the cockpit I'm leaving this out of the box (with an exception of fabric seatbelts). All is in primer now so next post will be post painting. Apologies for the poor pics.
  8. Lovely great build and superb clean finish. Top drawer
  9. Beautiful, great work indeed...! I'll be refering to your work when I (eventually) start mine.
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