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  1. Thanks everyone, appreciated. Brian, who makes the brass undercarriage set for this..?
  2. A few updates here. Got time to work on the internal details. I'm a bit suprised at how little there is in the kit, with detail levels being on a par with 1:48, and not 1:32. I had the Eduard etch set for the tail/upper gun sections so decided to use what I thought would be an improvement. However, for the cockpit I'm leaving this out of the box (with an exception of fabric seatbelts). All is in primer now so next post will be post painting. Apologies for the poor pics.
  3. Lovely great build and superb clean finish. Top drawer
  4. Beautiful, great work indeed...! I'll be refering to your work when I (eventually) start mine.
  5. Looking really nice, keep up the good work
  6. Great start. Sold mine a few years back and regretting doing so more and more now :| ho hum Keep up the excellent work
  7. Brilliant, thank you for that. Confirms my suspicions Onto the other side then
  8. Small, and long overdue, update; I've been busy cleaning up a lot of parts, namely the bomb load, bomb bay, engine parts and undercarriage bays/engine nacelles. I decided to glue one pair of bays/nacelles together to check the fit etc. All seems to be ok, but that join line needs careful filling, sanding and rescribing/rivetting. So here below is the outcome of that. Hopefully I've got the lines rescribed in the correct place - i.e I'm assuming the undercarriage doors go back as far as past those bulges at the back..?
  9. Ah yes, not an easy job if I remember correctly..! Good luck with that. Re the glazing, it's not as bad as you think. I assembled mine in stages, using Klear as an adhesive. In all it went together well with no real issues that can't be easily overcome
  10. Looking good Dan, the work you're doing will at least be visible through all that glass, The kit cockpit provides a good basis but there are many improvements that can be made, some of which you're already on with. I used the CMK resin set but it's not much of an improvement over what Revell provide. Keep it up, long way to go
  11. Great choice of kit and subject Ray, looking forward to seeing your progress on this.
  12. Great thread Iain, enjoying this one a lot. Love your solution to the wing issue - very effective without major surgery
  13. Great start, and brilliant to yet another big B25 on here. Looking forward to seeing more
  14. Lovely kit, built this myself. Will dig out a pic sometime. Don't forget to add nose weight - I forgot and it was a royal pain in the arse to add it afterwards
  15. Nice work so far. I've built the Do335 from ZM and concur that the engines build up well - lots of detail and superb fit. Looking forward to seeing more
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