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  1. machine_marty

    Academy F/A-18c Hornet

    Looking really nice, keep up the good work
  2. machine_marty

    WnW Gotha G.IV

    Great start. Sold mine a few years back and regretting doing so more and more now :| ho hum Keep up the excellent work
  3. machine_marty

    HK B-25H

    Brilliant, thank you for that. Confirms my suspicions Onto the other side then
  4. machine_marty

    HK B-25H

    Small, and long overdue, update; I've been busy cleaning up a lot of parts, namely the bomb load, bomb bay, engine parts and undercarriage bays/engine nacelles. I decided to glue one pair of bays/nacelles together to check the fit etc. All seems to be ok, but that join line needs careful filling, sanding and rescribing/rivetting. So here below is the outcome of that. Hopefully I've got the lines rescribed in the correct place - i.e I'm assuming the undercarriage doors go back as far as past those bulges at the back..?
  5. machine_marty

    Revell He-111P-1

    Ah yes, not an easy job if I remember correctly..! Good luck with that. Re the glazing, it's not as bad as you think. I assembled mine in stages, using Klear as an adhesive. In all it went together well with no real issues that can't be easily overcome
  6. machine_marty

    Revell He-111P-1

    Looking good Dan, the work you're doing will at least be visible through all that glass, The kit cockpit provides a good basis but there are many improvements that can be made, some of which you're already on with. I used the CMK resin set but it's not much of an improvement over what Revell provide. Keep it up, long way to go
  7. machine_marty

    Do 335 B-2, Eastern Front What If

    Great choice of kit and subject Ray, looking forward to seeing your progress on this.
  8. machine_marty

    HobbyBoss 1:32 Liberator GR Mk.VI - RAF Coastal Command

    Great thread Iain, enjoying this one a lot. Love your solution to the wing issue - very effective without major surgery
  9. machine_marty

    Hong Kong Models B-25J bomber 'Peggy Lou'

    Great start, and brilliant to yet another big B25 on here. Looking forward to seeing more
  10. machine_marty

    ZM Do335A-0

    Lovely kit, built this myself. Will dig out a pic sometime. Don't forget to add nose weight - I forgot and it was a royal pain in the arse to add it afterwards
  11. machine_marty

    ZM He 219 'Uhu'

    Nice work so far. I've built the Do335 from ZM and concur that the engines build up well - lots of detail and superb fit. Looking forward to seeing more
  12. machine_marty

    Revell He-111P-1

    Yes, I finished this a few years back. It builds up nice but needs a bit of work to bring it up to current standards - riveting the whole airframe being one not so small task that is IMHO essential. I'll dig out a few more pics and post them up here (if you don't mind me taking over your thread )
  13. machine_marty

    HK B-25H

    Thanks Iain, looking forward to this myself. She's going to be big
  14. machine_marty

    Revell He-111P-1

    Now that I can post pics I've added a few of my He-111 interior;
  15. machine_marty

    HK B-25H

    First go at a group build here on LSP. My entry is the rather large HK B-25H Mitchell. I started this late 2018 but it's only just started so suitable for this GB. Looking forward to this - got a few after market items; Eduard Brassin wheels Eduard fabric seatbelts Eduard interior etch I'll post pics as soon as figure out how to Martin