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Tamiya Mosquito MK VI

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I'm pleased to present my Tamiya DH Mosquito Mk VI representing MM403, SB-V. 464 Squadron, RAAF, September 1944.



The aircraft took part in Operation Jericho, the raid on Amiens Prison on 18th February 1944.



The amazing Tamiya kit is a joy to build and I added HGW seatbelts,  some resin wheels and tyres, EagleCal Decals, Barracuda Studios cockpit stencils and Master gun barrels to just go that bit extra to make it look swish. 

I used MRP paint for the exterior surfaces and SMS Interior Green inside the cockpit.

My original idea was to keep the cockpit door open but I found that it ruined the fine lines of what is arguably the most beautiful aircraft from WWII, so I closed it up. You can still see plenty of detail through the crystal clear canopy and its exquisite canopy framing.




I prefer my models to be complete so no engine detail was added and the cowls closed up after painting the undersides.




I tried to represent some of the wear and dirt that this aircraft shows in some AWM photos of her.




Burnt Umber and Dark Earth oils were used to stain panels and fuel stains at the filler inlets and to bring out some of the finer details and then dirt stains added using hard pastels scraped off onto a fine brush for exact workings and a wider soft brush for area type stains and dirt.








The invasion stripes were carefully measured and masked off to ensure parallel lines and equal widths. Nothing was spared the dirt and grime.




Upper surfaces camouflage pattern was sprayed free hand .



















Overall a fantastic kit of a beautiful that was a dream to build.



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How did I miss this!  Awesome work, love how you dirtied her up.  The fabric covering didn't weather very well with the rigors of war, repairs and staining.


Nicely captured!

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Very nice mosquito


may I inquire which reference of MRP paint you used?

I tried these colours before on a spitfire and wasn't convinced by the result at all. But I am convinced by your model. So maybe I was wrong back then.

It would be useful to me to see if we were on the same reference for the dark gray, green and light gray

Many thanks

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