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  1. Bad and mean and mighty unclean. Very nice indeed.
  2. Here is my 1/32 Kitty Hawk OS2U Kingfisher in the guise of RAAF A48-13, Antarctic Flight 1948. The RAAF operated 24 Kingfishers during WWII for seaplane training and coastal surveillance. Early in 1948 A48-13, resplendent in high visibility yellow paint was transported to Antarctica on Australia's first post-war expedition to Australian Antarctic Territory onboard an elderly HMAS Wyatt Earp. 55 hours flying was undertaken in Antarctic waters but the difficulty in launching and retrieving it from a small ship limited the use of the Kingfisher. The severe conditions and
  3. Looking good. Flying Leathernecks do a detcord for the Harrier.
  4. Seamless intakes, tsk tsk tsk mate. Looks the goods and looking forward to some great tales from Homer.
  5. I am pleased that a Bavarian likes it. Thank you Ernest. Still lots to go though.
  6. Thanks mate, looks alright so far. Still a bit to go.
  7. Well the WnW decals went down very nicely indeed. They all line up nicely and the very wrinkles easily came out. I was a bit concerned about them before I started but the result looks pretty damn good. Now to let them dry properly and seal them tomorrow.
  8. The wolf is back on the bench. Jeroen kindly sent me his spare WnW decals and they arrived yesterday and put to work last night and this morning. Thanks very much Jeroen. They work really well with Mr Mark Softer, especially around the nose where some vents and access panels are located. I cut the clear film surrounding the W off to reduce the chance of any silvery later. Just waiting for the leather to dry around the cockpit and then put the rest of the checkers on followed by the Wolf insignias, this afternoon. Standby for a furth
  9. I asked Eduard if they had any spare Growler P/E and they found a set each of the internal and external frets. Happy camper. Thanks to great service from Eduard. While not much to show this week a fair bit of work has been ongoing. Fuselage sides attached to fuselage underside - went fairly well but some serious thinking and work is now required to make the intake inlets fit. I've started the plumbing in the main wheel wells too. I'll keep plugging away and I am looking forward to getting hold of the proper
  10. Oops wrong button. Not 100% accurate but it looks interesting. A pin wash will bring it out a bit more. Next up will be the main wheel bays.
  11. Fair bit of work achieved since my last post but still a long way to go. Satellite Comms antenna close to done. May need to add more to the sides but it looks pretty close. A little bit of clean up and restoration of panel lines once undercoated. And trimmed down the exhaust vents with new vanes inside. Nose wheel bay almost complete. Added some wiring, connectors and clips both with very small fuse wire and paint.
  12. Wow, great work Jeroen. Watching closely to see what I need to do to my A-6E when I get around to it. I'm thinking of doing "Devil 505" from Flight of the Intruder. Got the decals too.
  13. That's good news Chrish. Scratch building the Sat Comms antenna is underway. I cut an antenna base from an used part of the Academy Hornet, a lump with four little antenna sticking out of it under the nose, and it looks the goods so far. Using Mr Surfacer 500 for the initial filler. I'll let it dry up properly before adding more filler. I've searched through my spare box and found some cockpit side console panels that I might start cutting up for the cockpit. I'm sure that as soon as I get into that part someone will come up with the photo-etch.
  14. Thanks Chukw. I have plenty of pics. Have fun keeping on eye on them.
  15. I am a gluten for punishment. Having put the Albatros on hold due to an error on my behalf, being sorted by the great generosity of LSP members, I broke out my Growler and have cut some plastic, modified some bits and got it underway. I plan to make it into an RAAF 6 Squadron jet. Little did I know that all of the aftermarket for this kit is way out of production and not available anywhere. Hence my requests on the Traders Board. I am desperately seeking the Eduard Growler phot-etch to cut up for the cockpit and the Steel Beach resin with the Satellite antenna on the t
  16. Well a good week or so modelling of the Bavarian Albatros has come to an end. It's ready for the Bavarian blue and white checkers but I have painted the bloody thing grey and its too bloody hard to mask it to paint the white fuselage bits. But all is not lost, I can turn it into one of the other Jasta 5 aircraft with a grey fuselage and get another out of the box to do the Bavarian one again. It means that I will have to break up my Jasta 5 Green Tail Trilogy. Bugger. I was always going to build two Albatros but I guess now I will have to build 3 - Wolf's Bavarian, Josef Mai's a
  17. Thanks for the nice comments guys. For Pete, the tail is SMS PL06 Green and the wings are Mr Colour #312 FS34227 as per the Jasta 5 instructions from WnW. The red is Mr Colour #327 Red FS11136. I think any reasonable red would do.
  18. More fun underway with the wings painted and tail painted. A variety of different brands used. Supercheap grey primer, SMS Green on the tail, Valejo Mauve and Mr Hobby Green on the wings, with Tamiya Red around the tail surfaces and the nose. Undersides of the wings are Mr Hobby RLM65. Masking of the tail was done by drawing around the surfaces onto OraMask, using a 2 mm marker pen to draw around the outline and then cut with scissors to the inside of the markers line. Took me a while but it looks pretty damn good. Dark yellow under Aviatic light wood
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