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  1. That is a beautiful finish - well done! von B
  2. Superb work! Well done that man Von B
  3. A stunning model and no mistake. Well done!! von B
  4. Hi Rob, Thanks for pointing me to your Felix build and thanks for your recent order Well, what can I possibly add that hasn't already been written? One word maybe....Superb! Keep those updates coming. Cheers, von Buckle
  5. Hello all, As of yesterday my website has been down. It would seem my hosting has come under new management and I'm having trouble paying my new paymasters. Worse case scenario would be the closure of old site and domain. But fear not! I will register a new web domain and be up and running in the next week to 10 days....fingers X. If any of you guys need wee eyelets and cut tube I can be contacted direct via bobs.buckles(aT)gmail.com Thanks! von Buckle
  6. Man ALIVE! That is modelling of the highest order. Always a pleasure, Karim. von B
  7. We look forward to seeing the cockpit, Mike! Cheers, vB
  8. Hello fellow LSP fanatics. I just want to give a heads up to anyone who may be thinking of ordering my Bob's Buckles eyelets and cut tube. Don't! I'm away for a week and won't be back until October 1st. I have updated my website to reflect this very notice. When you get to the home page press refresh/reload on your browser. www.bobsbuckles.co.uk . Cheers! von B . Off to the Welsh Mountains to be reacquainted with Dolly the Sheep...
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