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  1. Good luck, Iain! Happy Wingnutting!! I'm looking forward to seeing more updates from you. Cheers, von Buckle
  2. I like the woodwork - very much so! Well done von B
  3. I don't think it is physically possible to improve on this. I think you have just smashed the glass ceiling on your way to the stars Truly amazing build. vB
  4. Popcorn at the ready! This is going to be a must watch von B
  5. It's a Pfalz. Which means I'm in love Lovely work on the pit and engine. Looking forward to seeing more. Cheers, Von Buckle
  6. Smoking Banjos Batman! Sweet build! Those colours pop! Excellent. von B
  7. Thank you Sir! You're far toooooooooooo kind. I'm glad you like the results and I thank you for your kind words. Cheers! von Buckle KFC 2nd class
  8. Saying 'I love it!' would be the biggest understatement this decade. von B
  9. A bent winged wonder! Magical weathering, more real than real. Von B
  10. Beautiful Mozzy When I grow up I hope to build me one of those. Cheers, Bob
  11. One of my favourite liveries. A fine model and figure. Well done! Von B
  12. Add me to the growing list of admirers. Excellent work. Von B
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