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  1. Hi ringleheim, Thanks for your comment. The B&W image (I would imagine due to the photographic plate used) shows the pale outer ring with the dark spot. The dark spot would certainly be red with the pale ring being blue. The blue pigment (as with most pigments used during this period) was prone to UV fading and maybe that is why we see the difference in shade. But my gut feeling goes with the photographic plate idea. Cheers, Bob
  2. Hello all, Just a heads up for those of you with magnifiers for eyeballs, I recently added a new kind of eyelet to the product range. The *Micro* is tiny and is good for hatch/cowl fasteners on both German and British WW1 aircraft. They can also be used for ultra fine line rigging. Cheers! Von Micro Maniac
  3. Nick, It's as perfect as you can make it and that is perfect enough. She looks good from where I'm sitting - well done! Von LessthanPerfect
  4. Up to your usual World class standards. Beautiful build, Karim von B
  5. Hi Andy, Thanks for your comments. I used a few different rigging lines on the Tripe. Internal rigging is ModelKasten o.15 round section elastic. The main rigging is Maxima 1.5lb breaking strain fishing line, coloured with Xtracrylix silver. To make the silver flow and not bunch up on the line I added flow improver. The really fine lines that were used on the control horns were also from the Model Kasten range, which is their fine metal wire, which is used primarily for rigging ships. Cheers! Bob von Buckle
  6. I could be tempted to dip my gout inflicted toe into Post WW1 subjects. That subject being this beautiful Moth Von Buckle
  7. Thank you for your kind comments, themongoose! Always appreciated! Cheers, von Buckle
  8. A thing of beauty, Ken Well done! Von B
  9. Simply stunning builds I'm in love, love and love! vB
  10. Hello all, I've got a couple of the 'Office' shots for you to spy out. Once again, thanks for all the great comments!
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