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    WW1 Air, land and sea. Motorbikes and touring. Basic photography. Gadgets. Building computers in my spare time.

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  1. Superb build, Guy! Truly inspirational von B
  2. Looks amazing to my eye Well done! von B
  3. I see the light at the end of the runway! Excellent job. von B
  4. All looking rather splendid! Cheers, Von B
  5. A beautiful model, Karim! But we knew this would be the case from day one. von Buckle
  6. Gazza, I'm late to the party...but! What a beauty Well done that man von B
  7. Hi Rob, All coming together beautifully. I'm having trouble deciding between Oxford or Cambridge? Cheers! von B
  8. I'm loving the wood effect! The size of the BUGGER!! von B
  9. That is a beautiful finish - well done! von B
  10. Superb work! Well done that man Von B
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