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  1. THAT'S where I've seen this chap!!! You can have mine Kent, if Dr. Dave 's offer doesn't happen for some reason. Jimbo
  2. Sorry Jennings; my thoughts are with you; glad to hear his family was with him. j
  3. Wow - today I received my Christmas gifts - the two Valiant Wings Publishing books on the Mosquito. I made life even more difficult for Juraj when I added two purchased volumes, on the Fw-190 and Do-335. All worked out smoothly and I am in possession of the most comprehensive reference books I have ever seen, bar none. Thank you SO much Juraj (Trak-Tor) for such a generous prize and to Mark at Valiant Wings for the amazing books!!!! jimbo
  4. Wow; unfortunate endings indeed. But great for details to be sure. jimbo
  5. Wow what a cool subject Kent! Love the scheme, with the Danish flag tucked under the horizontal stabilizer. Which are you thinking - the early grey or later silver dope? Re: figures, I feel for sure I have seen a figure in just such a pose as your example photo. ICM perhaps? Love how non-chalant he is with the propeller whirring away mere feet from his head! Thanks for sharing your always-inspiring work. jimbo
  6. While BiggTim addressed the earlier WWII era decks with the deck-wide pierced steel tie-down strips between wood planks; it seems you are inquiring about more modern decks with the little circular fixtures? Are these the pad eyes you refer to? I'm wondering if these could be laser-cut? My guess is they are a cast metal fixture with a dish-shaped bottom and the tie-down on top. Can anyone shed a little light here for the un-educated? I'd be happy to try and laser the tie-down thingy. jimbo
  7. Like many, I, too dip into other sites, including those for “targets” (armor and ships) but since I most frequently model 1/32 aircraft, LSP remains my group of choice. It’s got the best interface, content, members and management of them all. I’m frustrated with other sites’ move to Tapatalk; I have the app, but think it pretty much bites, I open it and close it within two minutes just about every time. Sigh... And I’m not even going to mention “Zuckerbergs Folly”......... Aside from the amazing talent here, I find the world-wide membership to be utterly fascinating, enabling me to be in touch with folks from all walks of life on just about every continent (any members in Antarctica?). As I often say, I send my grateful thanks to all of you, but especially to the Mods, for making this my go-to social media. In fact, I’m off to make a donation - running this, or any site like it, is not free. I urge all to do likewise if they can. I’ll step off my soapbox now :-) jimbo
  8. I’m very sorry about your friends brother Jennings, sounds like he’s in the right place now. My thoughts are with you and your friends. At the risk of sounding insensitive however may I take the opportunity to urge all to have their prostate examined please... Step up and just do it. I suffer from BPH, but it pales in comparison to what he and his family are going through to be sure. With only my kindest thoughts and regards; jimbo
  9. Neil Peart:Rush as Ginger Baker:Cream. I’m gutted. What a loss. Getting old sucks. Though I only saw Rush once in 1985 it was a show I’ll not forget. My condolences to his family, the band and to his dedicated fans worldwide. A sad day indeed. j
  10. Thanks Kevin. Just added the one show local to me, MosquitoCon 29, here in New Jersey, US on April 4, 2020. Though I’m not currently a member, I always try to attend, it’s a great one-day IPMS local New Jersey chapter event, usually a good amount of LSPs, plus a lot of targets LOL and a large vendor presence that can get pretty crazy at times. Hope they don’t mind the publicity! jimbo
  11. Ok, please don’t shoot the messenger, as I know Squadron isn’t high on a lot of people’s lists, but one can find the occasional deal. Case in point, I just ordered the “ICM I-16 type 24 w/Soviet Pilots” for $35 + change US delivered. Every other boxing is ~ $60 or so (I’m well aware of the games they play with pricing, so again, DSTM :)..... And on a hopefully bright note for some, they are listing the perpetually sold-out HobbyBoss P-61B as “In Stock”, not “special order”, not “available to order”, but in stock. Price is $159.99, but hey, get it while you can! And though their email blast says the latest 20% off code (“Ring20”) ended last night, it still worked this morning :-) That would make the P-61 about $128 before shipping. Happy modeling you all! Jimbo
  12. Is this the type of a/c that James Garner and Donald Pleasance used in their part of “The Great Escape”? I’m no expert at all but I’d build one just to recall that, if so... Jimbo
  13. Great topic. For me, hands down, the PropMaster prop jig. At least as far as tools. For LSP kits, I purchased quite a few, including the WNW Gothas (new ones), Hasegasa P-40E, Fly Hurricane, HB B-24D and ICM I-153, among others. But it’s the Bandai Star Wars line that I went nuts on, buying practically the entire line (although I bought the Millennium Falcon Perfect Grade when it first came out), with explicit approval from SWMBO, who is an even bigger SW geek than I am. “Baby Yoda” helped. What can I say, it was a good year :-) jimbo
  14. That is just about the funniest thing I have seen in a looooong time. Pretty much fell off the couch laughing. Thanks for making my day/week/year/decade!!!! jimbo
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