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  1. CJP: Are you cutting tape yourself? It sounds like you need two sets of masks, an extra to apply to compensate for the vertical distortion. Or calculate the amount of distance the height of the ribs add, then cut taller checks that, when placed on the rudder and smoothed up the sides of the ribs, achieve the masking at the middle of the ribs as you seek. Can’t think of much else but maybe this will help? jimbo
  2. jimbo

    HK B-25J as "Vestal Virgin"

    Thank you Ryan, and Håkan! Don’t let those trays of parts fool you, my shop is a disaster and that’s the only way I can keep things straight I’m slowly chipping away; here are the engines coming together, still lacking wiring, rocker covers, more painting and weathering: Thanks for looking in! Jimbo
  3. Coming together nicely Brian; love the landing light rework, great detail! Regarding the following: “ The fit of the G-Factor gear is quite loose” I’ve been curious about the G-Factor parts fit; they look to be cast from the kit parts (I assume from wax copies). Shrinkage is always an issue; your comment above had me digging out the gear for my B-25 build: the mounting lug of the G-Factor B-25 main gear is ~ .008” smaller than the kit gear, so definitely some sloppiness, but nothing that a few shims from thin strip styrene won’t take care of. Interestingly enough the nose gear leg seems spot on. I’d bet you have similar results here. But the brass (or is it bronze?) gear is the way to go. Jimbo
  4. jimbo

    HK B-25J as "Vestal Virgin"

    Not a huge amount done but I’ve been continuing with parts cleanup, and prepainting some engine parts. Jimbo
  5. jimbo

    1/32 HK B-25J Meet Miss Runyon

    Great tips so far Ryan, build is looking super. Thanks for sharing. Jimbo
  6. jimbo

    HB B24 discussion: AM and fixes.

    FYI Ron, the nose wheel is 36” dia. per the chart Iain shared as well as the B-24 erection and maintenance manual someone else shared in his Coastal Command Lib build. jimbo
  7. jimbo

    HB B24 discussion: AM and fixes.

    Thats it! Thanks Iain!! Jimbo
  8. jimbo

    HB B24 discussion: AM and fixes.

    Here are my quick findings fellows: Kit main TIRE: 1.875” diameter Kit nose TIRE: 1.200” diameter Kit main wheel HUB: .890” diameter Kit nose wheel HUB: .600” diameter Kit wing main wheel opening: 1.820” dia. True Details dimensions: (diameters) Main TIRE: 1.735” Nose TIRE: 1.065” Main HUB: either .935 or 1.050, not sure which line - real wheel may be two-piece hubs/rims? Nose HUB: .615” I do not know about the gear LEGS - whether they are dimensionally correct (a couple of the above responses are concerned about the Gear Legs being too large); I will endeavor to find out. But, to be sure: the True Details tires are more appropriately sized; someone posted a tire size chart comparing B-17, B-24 and other large a/c tires. Can’t recall where, if someone knows please remind us. Hope this helps! Jimbo
  9. Bloody f%~x:&@ hell man! That’s just amazing. I love your treatment of those panels Brian. I think the weight and feel of all of that wiring, squished in as it is, looks phenomenal. Will you do any more paint enhancements in that area or is it good to go? The exhaust shield mod looks sweet as well. I’m so sorely tempted to add a do-335 to the stash Thanks for sharing this amazing build. Jimbo
  10. Wow, I wouldn’t stick my arm out that cockpit window at 225 mph!!! Loving this narrative Iain, keep it going. Jimbo
  11. jimbo

    "White Death", it's comin!!!

    Stay safe out there guys! jimbo
  12. jimbo

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Lol this thread jumped the shark long ago, just have to separate the wheat from the chaff I guess. My last grain of wheat: by my quick measurements the kits’ prop radius is 2.01 inches +/-. That’s 64-3/8 inches times 2 = 128.75” or 10’-8.75” diameter, about a foot too small. The blade shape seems off but I’m no expert. My 2¢... maybe my math is wrong. It’s Saturday night jimbo
  13. jimbo

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    All good brother, maybe that’s what I like about it, sort of impressionist, although that style seems incongruous with war. I agree on some of the toy-ishness, the tires are indeed pathetic. My opinion is that development and tooling costs would have been the same to do correct turrets and wings. It’s sloppy and, frankly, in the new millennium, inexcusable. But, still, it’s a ginormous 1/32 B-24 that 99.6% of people that could begin to identify it as such, will do, just fine. I’m really excited to build this kit, way more than the 2 B-17s in my stash. Just waiting on getting the turret glass sprue (which I’ve got a tracking number for, thank you Trumpeter/HobbyBoss). Jimbo
  14. jimbo

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    It’s a company you either love or love to hate apparently. Personally, and no offense to Eagle Driver, but I take the “boxart - ridiculous” comment as meant in the modern sense of ridiculous, as in ridiculously good. I rather like the box art - it’s dynamic and refreshing. Is it Steve Anderson/WNW? No. But I like it. My box lid was tight but my first reaction was ”good, it stayed closed in the shipping box”. The HK Lanc, in the same shipping box, the lid was half off. FYI I think the props are 1 foot too small in diameter, I haven’t seen that mentioned yet. jimbo
  15. jimbo

    Revell He 111P with HPH cutaway conversion.

    lol “raise the angst level” indeed. Based on that list of supplies this sounds to be an epic build! Looking forward to it! jimbo