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  1. Two of the things that frustrate me when building kits are paint order and build order. Chicken or the egg? Which comes first? I spend a lot of time spinning my wheels trying to decide which, usually to then just plunge ahead and just do it for heavens sake! Here I’ve painted the cowl interiors aluminum: And here I’m painting the exhaust stubs, first a dark brown base and then a mist of red primer for a rusty effect (I might hit them with some rust powders during installation): I think I’ll do the cowl exteriors prior to bringing these all together. Onward! Jimbo
  2. Some small progress on a rainy Friday morning. Seems rainy days are made for hot coffee, playing hooky and modeling! This morning I worked on the empennage parts, gluing them together: After fighting a trailing edge that wouldn’t quite close up nicely, on closer inspection I found raised areas on the mating surfaces that resulted, I think, from the molding process: You can see the zig-zag pattern of very slightly raised plastic that corresponds to the fabric detail on the outside. With some diligent scraping and sanding I was able to relieve these areas for a tighter glue join at the trailing edges of the rudders and elevators. B-25 builders if you haven’t gotten this far check your parts. If left as is considerable sanding to achieve a thinner trailing edge would have wiped away the nice surface detail. Now back to the WNW channel LOL.... Jimbo
  3. Wow looks amazing Thomas, great detail you’ve added there. I enjoy working with strip styrene and think I’ll do likewise. Congratulations on the man-cave, it’s goid to have a place of your own! Jimbo
  4. Looks fantastic Marty, I’m following along and your pics are helpful for my build. Thanks for sharing and model on! Jimbo
  5. Thanks Brian! Just looking for more time. I know those plug wires are absurdly oversized but I don’t mind. I’m trying not to get too bound up in dreaded analysis paralysis. Onward then! Jimbo
  6. I seriously think I have a problem... this arrived today: Is is anyone else swayed by these big ship kits? I have the Missouri (with Pontos upgrade set) and the Arizona (w/ Eduard upgrades). They’re just too cool! Jimbo
  7. Ahhh, thanks for that intel Carl, both bits. Since the rocker cover fitment looks tenuous at best, I may indeed not bother with the rear set then. These will be closed cowls. I read somewhere the reduction housings were “off” but not that they were upside down! Too late for a fix there I’m afraid. They do look a little weak for sure but hopefully the props, and data plate decals, will help hide the mess. Im not looking to enter any contests, well just a contest of my will to get a build done! Thanks again to all. Jimbo
  8. jimbo

    Dragon BF 110 D

    Nice start! The E-2 trop is the boxing I have, looks like a super kit. Following along I will be! Jimbo
  9. Slow, incremental progress. Not a lot of personal bench time unfortunately. But I do manage to steal away a bit of time here and there. I’m enjoying everyone else’s builds of course! But here’s a little bit of progress, engines ready for rocker covers and exhausts, cowlings coming together. Jimbo
  10. Now that is classy. Just superb. Thanks for sharing fellows!
  11. Sad news from Buffalo, NY today. Samantha Hanna, proprietress of Section 8 Hobbies, has passed away. I never met her in person but very much looked forward to one day being able to. My sincere condolences to the Hanna family and the entire Section 8 community. James ‘jimbo’ Harr High Bridge, NJ
  12. Indeed, would she rather you were at the pub with your mates? This is always my sure-fire, go-to reply when my love questions my hobby purchases. Works every time. Well, the 1/72 Bandai Perfect Grade Millenium Falcon may have been a stretch but then she’s a greater Star Wars fan than I. You choose yer battles! jimbo
  13. Very much so, sir! This is why these WIPs are so invaluable for many of us; I’ve already made notes in my instruction manual. Turrets look fantastic, great progress. Thanks for sharing! Jimbo
  14. Nice! Great to see some of the interior bits going in, gives us perspective. I think these kits will build up in to a veeeerrryy impressive model, I’m looking forward to your progress! jimbo
  15. What a fantastic build Carl! Very inspiring for those of us who’ve yet to tackle their Bf-110. Love that paint scheme and I’m also very appreciative of your notes on kit errors, etc. Most informative. And I love your ‘assistant’ photobombs lol! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to it’s final RFI portraits. Jimbo
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