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  1. A very touching tribute Jennings. I’ve been with MY 85-year-old mom Nancy this weekend, an unplanned visit because she took a fall on Thursday night that cracked a rib and forced me to end quarantine by taking her to the local urgent care facility for xrays. I DO treasure her, of course, and am happy that I’ll get to tell her so and wish her a happy Mother’s Day in person. To you and to ALL medical personnel, thank you for your dedication and service. It is so greatly appreciated. And happy Mother’s Day to all moms jimbo
  2. PM sent Sam. I’d be happy to help. jimbo
  3. Happy birthday indeed friend! Enjoy your day and then some...... jimbo
  4. I’ll just leave this here with but one thing to say: B*lls of steel. B*lls of f**king steel. So much respect and gratitude for an amazing display. jimbo
  5. Truly an inspiration indeed. This was on our national news here in the States the other night. They showed volunteers displaying all the cards he has received, on a gymnasium floor (or two). It was a sea of cards and clearly every one well deserved. I doffs me cap to you Col. Moore! jimbo
  6. Oh what a handsome fellow! Congratulations Jennings! And so good on you for helping your friend out and for bringing this boy into your home. I’m sure he and Trooper will be inseparable before long. This makes my day, really. So happy for you and for Buck! jimbo
  7. ... and all who serve her. Seriously. My heart is gladdened to hear from Her Majesty at this rough time for so many. And I’m an American. As an individual who is taking this situation very seriously for numerous reasons (my personal health and my 85-year-old mother in particular) it fills me with admiration and gratitude. Thank you to all of my friends from the Commonwealth and to Her Majesty for such comforting words. jimbo
  8. That just does not look “street legal” to me LOL...... jimbo
  9. Received the notice this morning from the Trumpeter representative that the Pontos Detail Up Set For this kit is available. Looks like a great addition to the kit. jimbo
  10. Since the P-39 was a mid-engine aircraft I don’t think the deck behind the pilots’ head was used for radio equipment as other aircraft. This image of a drawing of the P-39 is from the book Aircraft Anatomy of World War II and shows the radio compartment as being in the fuselage behind the engine. Number 27 is labeled as the “radio installation”, Number 28 is “access panel” and Number 29 is the “radio equipment tray”. Unfortunately Number 43, the “engine compartment deck” which is the pan in the rear canopy is in the gutter of the book so hard to see. Image provided for educational use
  11. I’m so sorry Jennings. I can’t say it much more eloquently than anyone else here - your memories of LuLu will always be with you. You gave her the best gift anyone could, a happy warm life with a faithful companion. jimbo
  12. Wow amazing! And you only have to do it 3 more times LOL... Really superb. jimbo
  13. Soooooo many other “punny” bits in that photo Phil: “mass production”, “ask staff for help”. Oh this gave me a well-needed chuckle - thanks! jimbo
  14. Pete - Maybe the solution is to soak the whole piece? Just curious. Might change the properties too much? I don’t have any but sure looks like a great addition to the detailing stash jimbo
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