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  1. Since the P-39 was a mid-engine aircraft I don’t think the deck behind the pilots’ head was used for radio equipment as other aircraft. This image of a drawing of the P-39 is from the book Aircraft Anatomy of World War II and shows the radio compartment as being in the fuselage behind the engine. Number 27 is labeled as the “radio installation”, Number 28 is “access panel” and Number 29 is the “radio equipment tray”. Unfortunately Number 43, the “engine compartment deck” which is the pan in the rear canopy is in the gutter of the book so hard to see. Image provided for educational use only jimbo
  2. I’m so sorry Jennings. I can’t say it much more eloquently than anyone else here - your memories of LuLu will always be with you. You gave her the best gift anyone could, a happy warm life with a faithful companion. jimbo
  3. Wow amazing! And you only have to do it 3 more times LOL... Really superb. jimbo
  4. Soooooo many other “punny” bits in that photo Phil: “mass production”, “ask staff for help”. Oh this gave me a well-needed chuckle - thanks! jimbo
  5. Pete - Maybe the solution is to soak the whole piece? Just curious. Might change the properties too much? I don’t have any but sure looks like a great addition to the detailing stash jimbo
  6. Thanks for all you’ve done Kevin, onward and upward as they say! And I’m hopeful along with everyone else we will still see you around the Fora! jimbo
  7. Wow that is SO cool! That will get me to move up to RC. Thanks for sharing Brian! jimbo
  8. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys bring these to life! I think ABS should be fine - I find it works almost just like styrene, a little softer perhaps. I’ve made a lot of prototypes from it and like working with it. jimbo
  9. Nice bunch there. Wildcat is yours right Woody? Looks just super. I like that Mig 3 also. I really need to kick mine off the SOD and get it finished! jimbo
  10. Haha that’s awesome Kent! You should make that available - I’d love one! jimbo
  11. I’m on my second LSP mug, both from zazzle. The first, oh, about 14 years ago. It fell off my truck and the handle broke off and rest cracked so I purchased another, oh, probably 9 or 10 years ago. The second one was slightly different, not as good as the first. Its handle is now cracked and mended with superglue. I’ll be bereft when it finally gives up the ghost. So I, too, think we need new merchandise. I’d be happy to assist in the endeavor any way I can! jimbo
  12. Thanks Brian, nothing to it really, I quite enjoyed the exercise! And Lee, couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks to you as well for stepping up! jimbo
  13. Ok Chris and group. Here are some shots of this part. First a comparison between a primed assembly of acrylic parts (lower) and the kit styrene original (upper): Next a couple of views of the primed assembly posed on the kit styrene engine back part: Next I’ve grouped an unprimed assembly with the others: And here’s a view of the backside of the parts, compared: You’ll note the parts are a little crisper and sharper edged than the original; buried in the engine compartment I don’t think it will matter much. So, while this may not be as exact a copy as a resin part molded from the original I think it will work just fine. Chris I’ll send a PM to get your address but I think you are good to go. Happy modeling! jimbo
  14. Thanks Jennings; BTW if you do create new decals may I lobby for you to include the Olympic names? Civilian that is not as troopship although she probably didn’t carry the name, just the number (which I can’t recall at the moment). I plan on doing this as Olympic during the 20s. jimbo
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