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1/32 ZM Do-335 A12 with a Luft 46 theme

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Hi gents,


Recently finished the ZM Do-335 A12 2-seater. I gotta say, after having built the HK 335 that the ZM beats it hands-down! The detail differences in what can be seen - and what can't be seen - is night and day. Built straight from the box except for the ZM-supplied PE instrument panels. The fit and finish is superb though a thorough read of the instruction manual is a must! The only problem I can see (and ZM might supply this) is a lack of weight to hold the nose down. I planned to keep the front engine cowled up so a strategic deletion of some of the engine and gun bay parts left plenty of space for weight. It is a bit wobbly on the gear so I probably should have splurged on metal gear. Other than that a very pleasant build.


For markings I decided that the one and only scheme just didn't do it for me, so I opted for a what-if Luft 46 motif. Assuming that had the airplane reached extended active service it would have been utilized as a day/night interdiction fighter bomber, trainer and jack-of-all-trades, I wnent with a night bomber scheme and a mix of decals, national markings from ZM and aircraft number from the spares box. Weathering was kept light, just a wash to dirty things up a little. On to the pics:














Thanks for looking!



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Very nice, and I like your "what if" paint scheme. :goodjob:  I recently added this very kit to my stash, and your comments make me glad I choose this rather than the HKM kit. 





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