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LSP/32SIG at Telford 2019

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Dave just shot me through the following photos of the LSP/32SIG table at this year's Scale ModelWorld at Telford:




Thanks, Dave! Looks like a great display, and from what I've seen so far, a great show. If you're attending, be sure to drop by and say hello to the boys.



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Absolutely superb display  guys .. The Vietnam dio  is simply a work of art !


I do wish I could be there .. many someday I'll get back to the Nats , until then keep posting the pics 

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1 hour ago, Aerobat said:

Super display! What strikes me is compared to not that many years ago, there is a huge increase in the variety of LSP aircraft on display. Well done :bow:


Indeed we do, there is such a large spectrum of subjects of all prices and qualoty its amazing. 

7 minutes ago, phantom said:

Who makes the revetment?



The revetments were hand made by our very own Mike Tayt, a talented guy by any other name.. .


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