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  1. Have a look at Google Maps and plug in 36.765813, -119.714361. The aircraft are visible in the satellite map. I did not get over there since without a US id, it's problematic getting into any US facility anymore.
  2. All of the MD-80s were the same fuselage (except for the MD-87). Differences in the MD-81, MD-82, MD-83 and MD-88 were engines, allowable weights and fuel capacities. The MD-87 was a "short body long body" - a little over 5 meters shorter than the other MD-80s. Various angles and color schemes can make that aircraft look longer (or shorter) to me, though.
  3. Is the airliners.net a hot link problem? Old school link There are some other photos over at a newer site: airhistory.net Compass MD-80s Gary
  4. And now for something completely different Pro Studio conversion kit This really piques my interest.
  5. You seem to been to the best. I can only add the Uvdar Hazy Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum' annex by Dulles Airport. I really replied, though, to add those great models at Seattle's Museum of Flight are a changing display by the NorthWest Scale Modelers (an informal local scale modeling club). There is some planning that goes into the them as you can see in their future displays. https://www.nwsm.club/display-cases/ Sadly, the club had to cancel this year's annual show at the Museum of Flight due to Civid 19
  6. I though "The Unusuals" deserved more than one season. The comedy cop show disappeared without a further mention. The Unusuals - Wikipedia IMDB
  7. Heroes had a following in the beginning. A writers strike in Hollywood during the second season cut the number of season 2 episodes in half. The story also seemed to take a left turn. Characters were written out and new ones introduced, I sort of lost interest and I wasn't the only one.
  8. The kit was really good for it's day (1970s). I think it was the best of the Revell Japan molded aircraft (Tony and Raiden were the other two). The wings however, are subject to warping (the lower section is one piece). As for worth today's prices, it depends on how bad you want one. That's colored by the fact I'm an old fart that used to be able to get any new 1/32 kit produced (I bought the Revell George when it was new!). Now, I pick my kits in a severe desire/cost factor.
  9. I think it has to do the current shipping situation which is killing our LHS margins. Getting product from some areas it's the cost, in others it's the availability of capacity and most it seems to be both. I have yet to see the Revell single seat Me-262 available locally.
  10. Remember when you were young and cool? A lot of terms are short slang that catch on. Take the North American B-1B Lancer. To shorten it up when speaking, the B-1 became B-One = bone. I never thought about it, but the Hun for the F-100 makes sense. Gary who never got used to the Boeing 727 being called a three-holer at my first airline job.
  11. It was nice while it lasted
  12. A small thing .... With the last major upgrade I was pleased to see when I clicked on "mark forum read", it was marked read right away without the query box asking if I was sure I wanted to do that(Are you sure you want to mark all topics in this forum as read?). I see today that extra step is back. Is there a way to change that on our end?
  13. I tried making my own center finder decades ago, but found this to be a quick and cheap tool. I picked it up at Princess Auto (Canada's Harbor Freight tools). Center Finder
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