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  1. Saw this on another forum: 30 years ago, on 7 September 1989 to be exactly, DACO Products was officially registered as a company, after already being active for several years in designing decals as a hobby... 30 years now, wow - time flies ! For this 30-year anniversary, DACO Products is going crazy: a full discount is given on all available DACO books, kits, decals and other products for 3 weeks! During the first week (from 7 to 15 September) a discount of 30% (YES 30 percent !!!) is given on all available products, the second week (from 16 to 23 September) this discount will be 20%, and during the last week (from 24 to 30 September) it will be 10%, still a nice gift. It all happens at http://www.dacoproducts.com So if you're still looking for an extra stock of my Boeing 737 -300, -400 and -500 kits, or any of my civil decals, NOW is the time to get them at the lowest price ever! Let's go crazy these coming weeks and take advantage of this anniversary discount! Thanks Danny Coremans DACO Products http://www.dacoproducts.com While there is not a lot of LSP items, there are a few decals sets and the "uncovering" book detail series. Don't miss the paragraph for the tombola (raffle) for the 1/32 Fouga Magister test shots on the home page. He has three test shots available (1 each over three weeks).
  2. Yes, stored at the USAF Museum in Dayton. " 43-50224 - in storage awaiting restoration in the Restoration Hangar at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio. The prototype was struck off charge[clarify] in 1949 and was given to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C., in whose care it remains although it has never been placed on display. The wings were removed for transport but have since been lost. In late 2010, the fuselage was transferred, along with the Douglas XB-43 Jetmaster, to the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio where they are awaiting restoration in the Restoration Hangars. Once completed, they will be displayed in the Museum's Experimental Aircraft Hangar.[7] " BTW One of the two jet powered XB-43s developed from the Mixmaster was stored in Washington by the Smithsonian for a long time before going to Dayton.
  3. For modeling this was always my bible on Tokyo: http://tokyo-hobby-shops.geraet040.net/ Get a day pass for the subway. If you have used any other subway (underground) it's simple and cheap to get around. If you are eating on the cheap (like me), lunch at Lawsons (a convenience store chain) has great fresh sandwiches and some hot food. If you pass an OHSHO restaurant, do yourself a favor and have some gyoza there (picture menu and point). https://www.ohsho.co.jp/english/ There are some aircraft in museums, but others will have to comment on those as I never had time. Have fun, Gary
  4. I'll echo Radub's recommendation. I visited the downtown museum decades ago (and the intriguing Garber storage facility). This year I went to both. The Udvar Hazy has many more aircraft on display. While the original has many iconic and historic a/c, it's a bit cramped and some rooms are very dark. If you are doing photography, no tripods or mono-pods are allowed in either museum. https://www.airhistory.net/photo/99522/153369
  5. Just read my last e-mail of the day announcing a 10th anniversary sale at Wing Nut Wings, so head's up! https://shop.wingnutwings.com/
  6. That's an interesting program if you're familiar with commercial flying. You should be able to watch the original training video here: Children of the Magenta Line
  7. There has been a review posted on this kit. It's in Portuguese, but there is a translate button at the top right of the page. Even though it looks a bit rough, I am interested to see if anyone has been successful ordering (and getting) the kit. https://www.spruemaster.com/2019/02/review-1-32-a-29b-super-tucano-cacciari-models/
  8. The IPMS Seattle Spring Show is the the same location again this year. Always a great show. IPMS Seattle 2019 Spring Show
  9. Trumpeter did a few 1/48 scale kits before the Mig-15/Mig-17/Mig-17PF/JJ-5 releases in1/32. The Mig-15 appears to be a copy if the 1/48 Tamiya kit. These models brought me to the original LargescalePlanes. I was searching for opinions on the new models and there weren't any .... no one had heard of them.
  10. Could you please enter me as a recipient and I would like to donate 2 books as separate prizes. Gloster Meteor - Macdonald Aircraft Monograph North American X-15 Owner's Workshop Manual Thanks to all who makes this a great place to visit
  11. Head's up after the hubbub when Photobucket changed their free account. Flickr is planning a (less abrupt) change with theirs. Still generous, but a 1,000 photo limit is coming next year. Full announcement here: http://blog.flickr.net/en/2018/11/01/changing-flickr-free-accounts-1000-photos/
  12. You're bringing back memories of book stores on Tottenham Court Road. I never missed a chance to pick up a book or three. It seems to be a policy with some publishers to clear out a title are a year or two. Rare is a book that gets multiple printings. Remaindered books
  13. This question is asked periodically. It's a one man operation and perseverance is an asset. It takes less patience than ordering 1/72 scale items from jbot decals, though; (also worth the wait). https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/flightdecs-and-joe-t246255.html
  14. You can see some info one their re-vamped website. BTW They are only selling to dealers only now. http://www.pacmodels.com/about.htm
  15. My Akihabara visits were done one afternoon at a time and I never made it to the Yodobashi roof; but you made me look. https://www.google.ca/maps/@35.6992998,139.7744583,789m/data=!3m1!1e3 The do have double decker driving ranges to compliment the golf store and some batting cages to boot. I have stopped being jealous (mostly) and now worry how you are going to carry everything all back.
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