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3 minutes ago, LSP_Kevin said:

That's a really terrific build, Gary! You should post your stuff here more often!




I'm a coward when it comes to sharing my stuff, I model mostly for the art ,accuracy plays 2nd place and I see too many trolls on the various forums who will spend more time belittling a kit for it's shortcomings than they do actually building it, this puts me off posting outside of my comfort zone. I have people tell me my stuff is good but to be honest I still lack confidence, this is my 1st push and you'll probably see it posted over Facebook a lot. At least I've got my 5 minutes of fame, it's all downhill from here  :)

I've posted the build log on Facebook and a couple forums, someone said I should post over here as well. So I went to what I thought was LSP only to realise after I'd post that I'd posted on the other Large Scale site, I'm member of both and Chrome just logged me in, so if you see the same post over there it's not because I'm a posting whore lol

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It was an absolute doosey to build it literally fell together, most of the kit was almost push fit, it went together that well. I was able to build the whole cockpit area and all the interior as dry fit then take it apart and paint it.

I'm definitely going to be getting at least one more of these and the D, the D I'll do as a Mk. III in RAF use, either as Coastal Command or 205 Group.

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IMO, building OTB is the biggest challenge for model builders because it all boils down to basics: perfect seams, perfect decals and building plumb and square. If you don't score 10s on the basics you can spend a kings ransom on aftermarket and you fail. 


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Wow! That is a super impressive build! 


Yes, there are a lot of na-sayers on this kit, but generally LSP is about the journey, and since we dont allow trolls or trolling, LSP is a bastion of helpful modelers all interested in helping each other, and looking at gorgeous models like this one! And it is too.....

Kev is right, please do post your stuff here as I think you'd fit right in.


Cheers, and very well done indeed!

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Is that belly turret positionable Gary (as in able to be posed up or down after installation)?   


I see a few pics of it down, and at least 1 with it up.................would be nice to be able to pose it.



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