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  1. I have said this before on LSP, and I'm sure I'll say it again... I wish my dad was alive to see this - he'd weep with joy at the engineering in this build. Simply gobsmackingly awesome work.
  2. For me, the 262 - without any of the bolt-ons.
  3. If only they'd make a full dress 1100 GoldWing.
  4. Ta for the heads-up, I'll get on it!
  5. Oooh, I didn't know there was a 346 kit available - another one for the "what if" shelf Nice job, looking good!
  6. I'd love one, and a B17 as I don't have the room to display a 1/32 Lanc "properly"... hanging them on a wall just doesn't look right, to me.
  7. I'm new to this airbrushing game and don't know any better... but so far, I've had no problems at all with ModelAir paint, beyond needing to keep the tip clean. No problems with adhesion on either of my completed builds, nor on the Viper that's underway - and that's with no primer coat at all. The only colour I've been under-impressed with (so far) is yellow, which was very translucent and needed several coats to look right but as I recall from my youth yellow was always that way. I'm using a Paashe Talon, and spray at 12-15psi undiluted - except for the varnish coats, which I thin
  8. That is lovely, that is. Bravo!
  9. Beautiful work - and very inspirational, too!
  10. Long overdue (I only went for a coffee, and here we are, a fortnight later.... the service in this house is terrible) but herewith part the third: I've actually made quite a bit of progress, just for some reason or another I've not got round to posting anything. My main focus has been on what to do with the thrusters. They're only represented by black decals OOB, as you can see below and frankly, that ain't good enough - but, like all good Cylons I have a plan. More of that next time; for now, other progress. First, the engine exhausts. The kit part is
  11. Love it! I'm really looking forward to numbers two and three.
  12. Variously, Pusser's rum (gunpowder proof or Black Tot anniversary), Stella, Guinness or red wine - usually a Margaux of some description. Tonight: Black Tot. Mystic Meg sees a bacon sarnie in my future
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