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  1. Very nice subject, that! Beautifully executed, too
  2. I aplogise in advance that there will likely not be many pics, and what there are will be poor quality as the only camera I possess is the one on my phone. Money is tight atm, so this will in all probability not change in the forseeable future. Well, first baby steps. I spent the day yesterday playing with my new toy, a Paashe Talon. Very nice it is, too. Allow me to introduce parts C1 and C2. These two innocent pieces of plastic are going to get painted, stripped, scribed, riveted, filled, gouged, re-filled, painted and stripped (again) and generally will be horribly tortured over the coming weeks, poor things. I have to say, I'm impressed by Vallejo's Model Air paints. They've put up with my ineptitude very well, so far, and I was impressed with how little paint was required to get the white to completely cover the black in the test above. I also managed to get some paint (brushed Hannants' Xtracolour, for those who are interested in such details) and even some tiiiiny decals on the cockpit sidewalls: More later...
  3. Thank you for your interest! My father's family is originally from Brittany, (hence my choice of 'what if'). The Kroaz Du forms the basis of the military ensign and unit colours... Aircraft markings in the timeline evolved from a differenced French roundel - early on I did indeed look at a Finnish-type cocarde, but I prefer the ermine spot
  4. Thank you Nice to know someone is out there, lol.
  5. Hello world! By way of a (short) introduction, my name is John and the last kit I built was way back in 1975, when I was 14. Now I'm within touching distance of 58 and after lurking here for nearly nine years and marvelling, goldfish-mouthed, at the tremendous talent exhibited here, I think it's well and truly time that I actually took the plunge and had a go at nailing something together... My chosen victim subject aircraft is Tamiya's lovely 1/32 rendition of the later P-51D. It is beautifully produced and the cowling is, as many have said before, a work of art but why Tamiya chose to include toy-like features such as vinyl tyres, removable landing gear etc. is a puzzle to me. Oh well, it is what it is. For me, this build is not so much about the "what", so much as the "how to". When I was a kid, I was happy just to stick the bits together and slap some paint on and this , as the title says, is therefore a confection of firsts for me: first time using an airbrush, first time doing anything that might be kindly described as "detailing", first time using PE, brass, resin or DIY decals, first time masking markings etc., even the first time putting varnish on the thing! I realise that to some the notion of alternate history is an immediate and complete turn-off, but I enjoy it and it does allow me the freedom to explore technique without having to worry about doing justice to a historical subject. With this in mind, the end goal will be an unashamed "what if". Spoiler: this will probably also apply to some extent to my first few builds - many more firsts to go, including foiling - those of a nervous disposition should look away now Anyway, enough dithering - if all goes according to plan, it should turn out something like this: 12e Escadrille, Forces Armées Bretonnes, Algeria 1954/55 in support of the French campaign. Thanks for looking in
  6. Great rendition of an unusual subject. Very nice indeed
  7. Don't forget: if you're gonna depict the ailerons other than in the neutral position, lean the top part of the control column above the pivot in the appropriate direction (toward the upgoing aileron).
  8. 1/32 IM, preferably by Tamiya, even more preferably w/out needing major surgery ... Rafale M.D. 450 Ouragan Cessna Citation Excel or XLS (only because I used to fly 'em ) A really, really nice AlphaJet Beech 19 Sea Fury
  9. Nice work! The owner's manual is very convincing and the Jepp folder is an inspired touch. You nailed the Cessna-cream panel colour, too. Naughty pilot for having loose articles in the cockpit, though
  10. Well, aircraft get moved around, reassigned, shot down and codes get reused, so I guess it's not too unusual to find two different airframes with the same code. 5F+YK was also worn by a Fi 156, for instance. Maybe you could start a shelf dedicated to that one code
  11. Me, I love what-ifs - especially of the alternate history/fantasy nation sort - but I'm sure there are others here who would have mini heart attacks at the very thought. On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoy reading along with some of the truly awesome down-to-the-last-nut scratch builds that are on here. Just do what you enjoy doing. None of us have the right to tell another their work lacks value.
  12. Rick - according to Bruce Robertson's "British Military Aircraft Serials 1878-1987", R7673 was a Typhoon 1A (or poss 1B) which was later (if I'm reading the notes right) given maintenance airframe no. 4632M. [Edit to add] X7673 was a Beaufighter Mk. I Hope this helps!
  13. That truly is a thing of beauty. Bravo!
  14. Thanks! Been lurking here, quietly impressed, for a loooong time, but I've recently bought a little something to have a play with and we're currently weighing each other up over the bench, lol. Lloegr (also Lloegyr) is basically anywhere southeast of a line roughly between the Severn and Humber estuaries ... excluding Devon and Cornwall. Anyhoo, back to the show!
  15. Lovely build, interesting and informative from the beginning. Just a thought... as your aircraft is undergoing maintenance, could you not simply reason that the missing armament has been removed for same "sorry, Guv, they're still with the armourer", for the sake of the GB? Then construct a bench, trestle or some such object showing them waiting to be re-fitted, once your barrels arrive? Think of the fun you'd have, scratching maintenance tags etc
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