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  1. Great start - and good to see another out of the ordinary scheme Following, for sure!
  2. Ahoy! Another small update: Plug leads and "piggy back" ignition lead channel on. The front pair each side go to the magnetos, the aft pair go... well, I have no idea, on the real thing. I'm going to lead one each side to the starter, and the other to the firewall, after all, something has to run to the switch! After paint and a quick trim at the front (I didn't like the silver ignition frame, so it's all black now): Next up for the engine will be to make the oil filter housings that are visible through the front scoop, then (after
  3. Good luck! I love the look of those '60s GP cars.
  4. And we're off! Not much to show, other than I have actually set scalpel to plastic... I'm waiting for various paints to arrive - the first one I'll need is RLM02 and, of course, it seems it'll be the last to turn up so I've started out of sequence. Again. The kit's Argus engine is quite nice, but is missing all sorts of components. For the most part, this is not a problem as it will all be hidden when mounted in the fuselage, but some - such as the HT lead that should run between the Bosch units that sit each side of the front of the engine (on the left of
  5. Me again. I'm calling it done. I was going to add some form of wiring/ducting to the engines, but my lad is happy with it as is - and as it looks like he might have caught "the virus" he wanted something to look at while he's isolating, so we decided enough's enough. I can always revisit it later, should he want. Painted in Vallejo ModelAir shot through a Paasche Talon, except for the engines, fuselage panels and canopy frames which were brush painted. Tip lights are Tamiya clear red. Home-spun decals (another first for me) made with Experts choice laser decal paper,
  6. Educational, inspirational and entertaining all in one go. Oh, and superb craftsmanship, too!
  7. Hi again, More progress: Try as i might, I couldn't persuade my printer to match the grey of the kit's decals, so I bit the bullet and drew up my own stencils and the decal sheet now looks like this: The really tiny letters pushed my Lexmark laser to the limit of what it could produce, and probably a bit beyond. Next time, I'll probably use an inkjet, which I know can reproduce such small detail. For some reason, the "dotted panel" warning came out lighter than the others. No idea why, but it's too late now - at least they're the same on both sides!
  8. Ahoy! My Colonial Viper isn't yet finished, but I'm waiting for decal paper and I think I need to keep the mojo going. This post is really just to set out my stall for my next intended build, and will hopefully prod me into getting a move on with it before the ground attack group build starts; I'd really like to get involved with that, and don't want two on the go at the same time. This will be another what-if subject; those not inclined to entertain such heresy should look away now Obligatory box shot: Aiming point: captured Fi156-C in service with 3
  9. Excellent work - and a big thumbs-up for that PE... I absolutely hate trimming the inevitable tags off itty-bitty parts. Please let it be a glimpse of the future!
  10. Hi again. Very small update: Fuselage panels and engines painted, first gloss coat on, pictured prior to polishing it back to a better finish. Why oh why does dust seem to find the bits that will be most often/closely looked at? I'm quite pleased with how the panel detail turned out - carving out the fourth grill/bar thing and reprofiling them was definitely worth it. Engines may or may not receive some pipework. It should be there, and I know I should at least have a stab at representing it; I'm just feeling lazy at the moment! Another ponder point is that
  11. SK-N, s/n MK471 was indeed a Castle Bromwich-built mkV/IX, as an LF.IX
  12. Thanks for that! Looking forward to watching the build
  13. Nice project, Brian! As a fellow user of food/drink as a modelling aid, can I ask - did you use the steam from the kettle, or a nice warm bath to ease the warp out of the wings? I ask, because I have two of these things in the queue (plus a Roden). Glad to see it's a redeemable flaw Following for sure! Cheers, John
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