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  1. Sepp

    B-17 Down

    It was indeed Nine-O-Nine. 2 fatal reported by the Hartford Courant. NYT carrying the story, with more pix of where she ended up. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/02/nyregion/plane-crash.html
  2. That takes me right back, that does Nice one!
  3. All good stuff to ponder! Thanks again for the advice, and also for the encouragement.
  4. Thanks for the advice, Brian! I can see I'm going to have to invest in various makes/grades of foil and have a nice long play with them. Of all the firsts, I think it's the one I'm most looking forward to, whilst at the same time being the one that seems most daunting.
  5. How on Earth have I missed this build? Awesome!
  6. Another very busy week has provided only limited opportunities to make any progress on this project, so the planned work on the tub has given way to beginning painting various parts - yes, actual paint on the actual model - no more mule! Awful pictures I'm afraid. All will eventually receive a coat of gloss then some light dirtying up, to various degrees. Firstly, the gear legs are assembled and painted. The rudder has its basic scheme on The gear doors are painted inside and out (no pics of the main doors or the outsides, we've all seen blue paint). One inner, to illustrate... and I had a play with some BMF, which I really like using. Not sure how good it'll be for a metal finish bird as it has a noticable grain... some experimentation with micromesh and wire wool is in order, I think - ditto kitchen foil - as I'm currently intending learning curve subject #3 to be NMF. Still have to trim the edges of this one, but in the flesh, the polished scuff plates look great. The gear bay is done - except the reservoir in the right-hand side, which I need to paint yellow and I might change the colour of the (few) wires, just for some contrast. and finally the prop and spinner have received their basic scheme I'm quite pleased with how the spinner turned out - should look OK with a wash to bring out the detail. So, not the week I had planned, but progress nevertheless and the education continues! Tub next, definitely. Sepp
  7. Yes indeed! It's good to see so many people taking it up again.
  8. Thanks, Chris. The muzzles are made by Master who do an extensive range including full-length barrels. They're widely available via on-line stores
  9. It's certainly going to be one of a kind Definitely following this!
  10. Well, after a week that I'm going to try very hard to forget, it was good to clear the mind with some more time spent on this. Firstly, the moulded gun barrels (or, I suppose, more correctly muzzles) have been drilled out and replaced with the lovely Master brass set. Apologies for the poor pic. Then I set about the wheel wells. I decided that out of the box, the kit doesn't have enough parts, so I detatched the inner gear doors from the centre divider. This made access to the side walls easier as I would be adding a few things to get the feel of lead wire, CA glue etc., and it will also help when it comes to installing a modern VHF aerial between them (as this build will represent a heritage/memorial flight bird) and when I play with bare metal foil on the scuff panels. In the process I discovered that said CA glue is very good at sticking anything to anything else, except the two things you're actually trying to stick together (particularly if one of the unintended participants is, say, one of your own fingers)... however, eventually i arrived here: Again, I'm not going overboard on it because 'how' currently trumps 'what'. Finally, I couldn't resist trying out the masks to see if my intended sequence was going to work so the Revell mule was stripped down and out came the Paashe. Don't look too closely at the finish because I barely allowed each layer to dry before moving to the next and didn't pay much attention to ensuring the masks were seated properly, because (as you can probably guess by now) the process is still more important than the finish at this stage. The red part of the diamond was another experiment and there might yet be more of that involving Sharpies and smaller stencil masks. I'm still heavy-handed with the airbrush but at least there are no runs, and although the wavy leading edge is not going to make it to the finish line it looks like the plan might actually work : The dry run has shown some improvements I can make to the markings masks to ensure proper placement and orientation but I'm happy with where things stand. Next up? Cockpit tub, I think - but for now, I can hear a cold beer or three calling! Cheers, Sepp
  11. Very nice work - and I love that moveable pipe
  12. Yes, indeed - very useful Once Silhouette has traced your outline/shape, multiple paths (like the two masks for the left wing in my original attempt) can be split using Object>Release Compound Path, and individual nodes can be adjusted using the (would you believe) Edit Points tool on the left-hand side. It is a very fiddly tool to use, I find, so atm I prefer to go back to Inkscape and re-import.
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