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  1. Sad to hear - but life must come first! Good luck with wherever yours takes you next - and thanks for the grand job you've done to date!
  2. A Bf110-F2. If the ramp was full of them, I'd hope it would magically tranform into a Ki-45 KAIa.
  3. Then may I sincerely apologise for the racket we used to make, doing all our base checks there* * (in a Citation, not Concorde!)
  4. Pardon the profanity, but - bloody 'ell, that's good!
  5. That is.... nope, I have no words to accurately describe how good it is. I may have to take up knitting
  6. Oooh! Missed this one, somehow... welcome aboard And - veeery nice work, there - following, for sure!
  7. Thanks muchly! I hope you have a good one, as well
  8. Wow! Thank you, it's really kind of you to say so... although I fear you may have been standing a bit close to the sherry trifle, lol!
  9. Thanks for the links/info I will read and digest... Sepp
  10. Seasons greetings, all! Not so so much an 'on your marks' post, more a letter of intent or possibly even a memorandum of understanding... the next thing I'm going to try to not completely ruin is Eduard's Adlerangriff edition Bf109e. I haven't yet decided what the scheme will be - much will depend on what aftermarket markings are available - but I do know I'd like it to have the 'clean' blue fuselage with no mottling etc. and at least some yellow and/or white bits... not necessarily an entirely yellow nose. Possible candidates are currently: E3, 7/JG26, Lt. Josef Bürschgens, white 7 + I or E4, 8/JG54, Oblt. Erwin Leykauf, black 3 + E?, 5/JG26, pilot unknown (to me), black 2 + is also in the frame, but I'll need to ascertain what mark I should build it as. If I can't find or knock up suitable markings for any of the above, it'll be E4, 9/JG3, Oblt. Egon Troha, yellow 5 + I (one of the provided schemes). Any thoughts/suggestions gratefully received! Back soon(ish), Sepp.
  11. Good to see the Cat is back, Brian! I agree, it's a beautiful aeroplane - I wonder why none of the main stream makers have taken it up? I'd love to see what ZM or Tamiya could do with it :)
  12. Thanks, all! @Mozart: yes, I agree, the undercarriage is challenging. I doff my cap to the Machiavellian mind that designed the Hunter's gear door arrangement.... and I thumb my nose at the person who decided that a "stick it in a trough" fit was a good idea for [a] getting the geometry right and [b] supporting the weight on the model. Also, it looks very odd, with the trunnions not being supported at all
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