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  1. A Sherman series would be awesome.
  2. You know the emperor was most displeased with the appearent lack of progess of the construction crew on the Death Star, perhaps doubling their efforts resulted in the dogs breakfast of holes, gaps and other panels to nowhere we see illustrated.
  3. As regimental and organized as the Emprie is I always found the representation of the under construction Death Star a bit weird. Seem it would be built more evenly and not as shown. The miniature sure was cool looking though.
  4. This is exciting news, Meng certainly have the resources and polish to start offering a strong WWI product line. If it continues we could see many of the more mainstream AC released based on market demand.
  5. Excellent is there a release date?
  6. Here is a Flickr post. First do this. Flickr help by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr Then this. Flickr help by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr Equals this, you copy the blue code right into the post. 1/32 Morane Type N by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr
  7. I don't wear one unless told to. Completely fine with it.
  8. Lead wire and a steady hand, or sacrifice the part to a bandsaw and slice it up at the station points you want.
  9. Of course with this point of view, perhaps mine should all be unpainted and un-marked. Wonder how many folks are building Police Cars currently?
  10. I build the machine, not the governments that used them.
  11. These work very well.
  12. I just noticed the cartoon chick is casting a shadow on the model, perfect attention to detail and great presentation. The seat armature is nice too. Ryan
  13. And the Star ship Enterprise prototype, well the engine layout anyway.
  14. From what I can see of it it looks like an interesting car, much more than that blue egg with nose hairs glued to the front of it.
  15. What is the car to the left of this one?
  16. What a mess that’s going to make upon landing.
  17. Yep, gotta a long road ahead of me.
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