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  1. I have been doing it wrong for many years then....
  2. Yes it is true I have one on the shelf.
  3. Hey Pete, I bet that 777 is awesome to pilot. I always thought of the 757 as the sports car, the 767 as the station wagon , and the 777 as the Cadillac.
  4. How about the turned metal effect as seen on Fokker aircraft?
  5. At least it's not a full size F-14.
  6. I am completely lost, is this a real release?
  7. I'm happy to help the modeling community.
  8. Yes excellent news, I hope other releases are in the pipeline. You could probably print your own money with a injection Mig-15 series.
  9. I’m not sorry I bought it, just would rather work in plastic. I fully support HPH getting into the IM game. Ryan
  10. Nice cat Carl, I’m allergic to them dang it.
  11. Well this remark belongs in the other topic about hall of fame new kit release comments, but here goes. Crap, recently bought the resin one.
  12. "hopefully the aftermarket guys will come to the rescue"
  13. Yeah or in some cases, halfway through a scratch build!
  14. Almost forgot this one.... ”yawn....”
  15. Just poking fun at ourselves Jennings.
  16. “Pre order finger ready and waiting”
  17. "I hope they didn't just scale up XXXXX"
  18. You have to pre load your PayPal if I understand correctly. Which sucks because these releases are good candidates for 6 mos no interest offered by PayPal.
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