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Sepecat Jaguar GR3.A / GR1.A in 1/12th Scale

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It’s DONE!!  Well the nose gear well at least.  It’s been more of the same work I’ve previously posted, just more of it.  Getting the last bits of wiring and tubing installed at the halves and front and rear bulkhead came together was a bit of a challenge.  The are a few lines that proved impossible to install.  But none of the ones I couldn’t get to can be seen easily or at all.  In fact there’s a good bit of detail that will be difficult to see when the gear and doors are installed.  You never know what will be seen or not until everything is installed so I put the details in.


On to the photo’s:


The CAD model as it exists today, a good chunk of time was spent updating the model with new parts for printing.





The completed well:












The last parts to install were the “filler” parts that close off the well and define the door opening.






That’s all for now…


Oh and I created a new template for my website, that I hope is a little more modern and user friendly.  Feed back welcome.


Full article here.


Timmy!'s Tech Jaguar Nose Gear Well


Thanks, as always, for stoping by.



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Just SO SPECTACULAR....I dont think I have ever seen such intricate and perfect looking Nose gear well.  :wow:  :wub:

You sure do have patience to get precision  and exacting  detailing done that I dont think anyone will be able to equal to your workmanship.










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