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  1. Hurry up and get back on Board the Connie. We need our annual fix of this splendid build. Bob.
  2. Exactly what you have done. Aircraft tyres had inner tubes fitted and the creep marks were a reference to the tyre slipping on the rim of the hub and a possible shearing of the inflation valve. You have done your model justice to all the hard worked ground crew. Bob.
  3. Some tyre creep marks on the wheels, and this build is awesome. (that's the only criticism can come up with) . I look forward to seeing this build in all her finished glory. Bob
  4. Further to my earlier post, it seems Martin Baker have changed the colour of the leg restraints to olive green (just poked my head in the cockpit today and I was surprised that they weren't blue as I thought they were. I am sure they were once? I've only worked on them since 1983). I will check with one of our armourers to see if my memory is playing tricks or that I am colour blind.
  5. Great looking build, just a comment on the colour of the leg restraints. These are blue and when the aircraft is parked they are stowed attached to the instrument panel (the cords are placed in the grooves either side of the central instruments). The canvas case attached to frame 10 (rear bulkhead ) is stowage for the F700 (maintenance history etc) also there is a smaller one slightly lower which holds the rear seat apron (fitted to solo aircraft, modelers of Red Arrows take note). Finally, the seat pan is set to almost it's highest setting when the aircraft is parked for maintenance. Hope this is of help, Bob.
  6. Nice to see Connie again in all her splendor and none the worse for the wait, thanks Iain for bringing her back to the fold. Keep nibbling away and let her see more of the cat (but don't let the cat nibble) Bob
  7. Stunning model Just one tiny observation, the Harrier operated in some quite out of the way airfields/landing grounds with the ground crew working in field conditions. I can't quite see the aircraft having such clean "remove before flight" flags. Otherwise a championship model in the making.
  8. I agree with your sentiment, build and make a model in your style. I know will follow.
  9. Mission Model Paint (MMP). I endorse the above comments on this amazing paint. I bought mine at Newark model show last year and have been amazed by the coverage and durability. Tiger Hobbies are the U.K. importers and have began to supply a number of retailers. Great model by the way, I look forward to seeing more. Bob.
  10. Hi Warbird, I wish you had started this build from the beginning, so that we mere mortals could have seen you address and correct the problems that have mentioned. I have one of these kits on my "to do" pile (which is getting bigger all the time). I look forward to seeing more of this build and will be following this thread to help to promote my model to the front of the pile. Bob.
  11. As long as you don't send Trump over here, I will gladly have a shipment of JT albums and Supernatural dvd's. Without British help and invention (Jet engine) your aircraft would still be operating with pistons and beeswax
  12. If the undercarriage legs seem too long, it could be that the aircraft Trumpeter used as a reference ( photo's, drawings or museum aircraft ) were devoid of fuel/equipment/ordinance etc, and were therefore at the full extent of the oleo's. A lot of manufactures should offer fully extended or compressed versions of U/C legs. so as to give we, the modelers a choice of posing our model as either "in flight" coming in to land, or "on the ground" fully loaded. Oh, one other thing, we do Maths here in the UK, Maths is made up of a sum of numbers with an answer the result. A number on it's own is just a number and not Math as how did you get the answer without doing the Maths All joking aside, I look forward to this build , if only to give me some inspiration to get mine out of the loft/attic. Bob.
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