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  1. Hi Derek, I can attest to your modifying skills (obsession) from 38/39 years ago when you converted a 1/144 scale DH comet into a Nimrod using double bond putty (H.M. Gov brand),It was a heavy beast if my memory recalls. This, among many other projects you had on your prolific list of conversions and modifications you had on your never ending list of projects. All this gave me motivation to try and emulate what you were already achieving, which was light years ahead of anything I had achieved before or since. I still think of those days at Scampton whenever a kit requires modifications or conversion I remember your words of wisdom of using whatever is available at that time and to at least try and use the real aircraft if available to check against the kit (Matchbox Victor springs to mind and being in the R.A.F. helped was my first attempt to correcting a kits fault using H.M. Gov brand double bond to re shape the intakes as having worked on them was something I just had to ) and if not use the best references available. It's only plastic ( or double bond) after all. I know that your Lightning will be one of if not the most accurate construction available in any scale. I look forward to seeing the finished article. May your kit always fit perfect and if not "fix it" Bob 38/39 years older and still trying to catch up
  2. Outstanding work as always Derek. I still have the !/48 I.D. vacform kit I bought off you back in 84/85 with all your notes regarding that kits corrections, namely the too thin cross section amongst others (it is still in the loft as bought from you all those years ago) Airfix made my mind up to leave it until my skills improved enough to do it justice. I am still not up to the standard of your good self and I doubt I ever will. However, if I can come close to be half as good, I can hang up my modelling tools and be a very happy modeller. My Trumpeter Lightning is waiting for any upgrades that you and Iain manage to produce so that I can at least construct a model that will look as good as it deserves. As always Bob
  3. The Hawk T Mk1 has a similar seat (Mk10) and the straps on these have had both colours (bronzy green and green). I have also noticed the U/C legs on the Tornado in white (most used) or grey (rarer). Great build keep up the good work, Bob.
  4. Hi Rob, sorry to here of your mis- hap, as mentioned earlier I think a few minutes using micro mesh will work wonders in restoring your canopy (what have you to lose). If not, I think getting in touch with Revell and explaining what happend should get favourable results as MikeC has found out. On the full size Hawk the M.D.C. is sealed in place and there is a slight over lap of clear sealant, not unlike the carrier film on the decals, your rendition looks as it should (pre paint). I am sure Revell would be able to help with a replacement Decal as well. As for meeting up for a pint, if ever you go right side up and are able to make a trip to the I.P.M.S. Nationals, I am sure that there will be quite a few members willing to by you a pint or 3 to exchange Hawk tales with you ( I include myself ). Hoping you get results with either the micro mesh or Revell route and get your Hawk back on the bench and completed . Bob
  5. Great looking Hawk Rob, I am currently working on XX285 here at R.A.F. Valley. It is in 100 Squadron anniversary markings but is currently assigned to to the Navy based at Culdrose. If I was able to publish photo's of it I would, unfortunately the M.O.D. would have me locked up if I did. It has a target towing fairing located near the rear port side of the fuselage and it may be likely XX289 may have had this facility sometime in it's life (as it is one of 100 squadron's duties). Hope the decal cord works. Bob
  6. Hi again, yes I did serve in the R.A.F. 1974-85. Most of that time I worked on the Victor K2 at R.A.F. Marham. This became my all time favourite aircraft, I would love to see a 1/32 scale kit. I contemplated scratch building one and got as far as enlarging drawings and accumulating build materials, oh for more time to fit it all in. I then had a couple of years with the Red Arrows where I met that master of scratch builds, Derek Bradshaw. I was insanely envious of his amazing skills. He made a 1/48 Red Arrows Hawk out of a snap together kit made especially for the Reds. It was one step up from a toy, it was molded in red plastic and had stick on markings. Derek turned it into a master piece with scratch built Ejection seats, hinged canopy, pull down footstep, I am not too sure of the tail markings but it depicted an aircraft that was involved in a cable strike on route to a display in Scotland. This involved 2 aircraft, the lead aircraft struck a power cable causing the rear crew member to eject ( this aircraft was recovered safely diverting to Prestwick ). The snapped cable whip lashed into the following aircraft slicing through the nose, leading edge of the mainplane and also the Fin, this aircraft also recovered safely. Derek's model depicted a repaired nose in yellow primer and a camouflaged fin which was a strain gauged replacement for the damaged fin. It was mounted on the actual map that the pilot used on this trip. Please correct this missive if I have any of the facts wrong Derek, of which I am relying on a distant memory (1983 or 84). I am now a civilian and have been working mostly on military aircraft ever since as a contracted technician, firstly at R.A.E. Llanbedr then for the last 17 years here at R.A.F. Valley. Yes, working with Wilbur and Orvil was a great experience, I said a tail first/canard aircraft would never catch on. Bob
  7. I am that old modeler, Victors, Jet Provost, Canberra, Sea Vixen Dr1, Hunter, Devon, Meteor U16, oh and a 46 year old Hawk XX154 to name but a few in my 46 years and counting career. I wouldn't dare make such comments if some one made me a gift of an aircraft that I worked on (did I hear Derek say I missed out the Wright Flyer) Good luck with the Det Cord, I will watch with more than a passing interest. Cheers, Bob.
  8. The panel you refer to is the air intake (both sides) for the G.T.S. (gas turbine starter) this effectively is used to start the engine. On windy days (nose to tail) the exhaust can leave scorch marks on the R.A.T. (ram air turbine ) doors (immediately behind the exhaust). The G.T.S can also be used to re start the engine in flight. The rear of your Hawk, below the rudder, has the later fairing (longer) which means the "teddy bears ears" (air intakes for cooling the air conditioning unit) top of the fuselage behind the canopy, are undersized for this modified/later Hawk. Heritage Aviation did the later (larger intakes), I would check reference photo's for aerial fits as well, as the Hawk has under gone quite a few modifications (some more visible than others) over it's 46 years (August 21 1974) of existence. Sorry to sound like a rivet counter, as I am normally a believer in that if the model looks like a Hawk (other models insert as required) it must be a Hawk. As the recipe books state "season to taste". This is the reason some of my builds stall and are pending more research due to watching master builders on this site and waiting for my skill set to catch up (curse you Large Scale Planes) instead of following my own advice. Bob So many models to do, so little time to finish them.
  9. The rivets look great as they are a prominent feature to the rear fuselage on the Hawk. It looks like you have missed the starboard louvered panel (photo etch) just forward of the G.T.S. exhaust, or maybe you haven't got round to fitting it yet? Look forward to seeing more progress Bob.
  10. T2, how to make a pig's ear out of a silk purse My reference from the 1/1 scale Hawk has the revell Hawk's floor being too low for the kits seats, which are very close to scale. So your replacement seats with the casting block not entirely removed should compensate for this. Also the air con intakes (teddy bears ears) are under scale for a later build aircraft using the type of seats you are using as opposed to the earlier seats used when Derek and myself worked on the Red Arrows (The head box was a different shape). I have thought of using a fine grey cotton soaked in a diluted white glue (pva) and using this to represent the MDC on the canopy ( my build has stalled due to many other ongoing projects but seeing this build has made want to put it back to the head of the queue). Hope this helps Bob
  11. Hi Derek, not sure when they changed from blue (the colour that I remember) to the now olive green colour? but since 208 Squadron ceased, I always thought that the leg restraints were blue. Since working in Depth maintenance and seeing the seats out of the aircraft on most servicing's, they are most definately green now, I would love to know when they changed over the colour, I realy must pay more attention. Bob
  12. Awesome, just kick the tyres and light the fire and into the wide blue yonder.
  13. I can assure everyone that the actual aircraft was indeed painted black and nothing but black (excuses to Henry Ford).
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