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  1. Awesome, just kick the tyres and light the fire and into the wide blue yonder.
  2. I can assure everyone that the actual aircraft was indeed painted black and nothing but black (excuses to Henry Ford).
  3. Ok, where did you find the Lilliputians that made this awesome, words fail me, stupendous aircraft.
  4. My ghast is flabbered, I feel like I should get my spanners out and start a B/F on it.
  5. I remember Heritage did a 1/32 Vacform some years ago, a beast of a model. You will need a hangar to store it. Good luck and happy modeling.
  6. Fantastic detail, the toggle switches look like they are ready to be operated. Even the mod state (STI , service technical instruction) looks authentic.
  7. There was something resembling a Hawk here at R.A.F. Valley used for similar purposes. I think it was giving to a local Air Cadet unit a few years ago. Shame I never took a photo of it.
  8. Add me to the list, I have the Whirly Birds 2 seat conversion, yet to enter the "in progress stage".
  9. Hurry up and get back on Board the Connie. We need our annual fix of this splendid build. Bob.
  10. Exactly what you have done. Aircraft tyres had inner tubes fitted and the creep marks were a reference to the tyre slipping on the rim of the hub and a possible shearing of the inflation valve. You have done your model justice to all the hard worked ground crew. Bob.
  11. Some tyre creep marks on the wheels, and this build is awesome. (that's the only criticism can come up with) . I look forward to seeing this build in all her finished glory. Bob
  12. Further to my earlier post, it seems Martin Baker have changed the colour of the leg restraints to olive green (just poked my head in the cockpit today and I was surprised that they weren't blue as I thought they were. I am sure they were once? I've only worked on them since 1983). I will check with one of our armourers to see if my memory is playing tricks or that I am colour blind.
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