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Sepecat Jaguar GR3.A / GR1.A in 1/12th Scale


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15 hours ago, Timmy! said:

Time to take a little break from tubing!


Here is the Weapon Main Unit, part of the control of the five stores hard points.  It' s a good warm up for the cockpit detailing to come.  The main box was printed along with a block of switches and knobs.  The clear cover was cut from Evergreen clear 0.010" styrene and scored and folded to it final shape.  The upper portion masked and sanded to create the frosted border.  Fairly simple paint job, black body, aluminum wire connections, switches and cover latches and dark grey wiring boots.  After a coat a Future decals were applied and a little thinned oil paint was used to pick out details and add some grime.  Finally a coat 50/50 flat and gloss lacquer to unify the finish and the cover was attached.


Plumbing is about half done so that's next....










More soon and thanks for checking in!




It looks like the real one!

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Thanks all


58 minutes ago, Pete Fleischmann said:

I can’t help but think that history is being made here. This is so beyond what anyone has been doing up to this point- this changes everything I think.







Thanks bro!  It has been so long since I've built finished parts.  CAD and masters have been most of my modeling for quite some time.  My finish chops are coming back.


31 minutes ago, USMC Herc said:

Nose wheel well check, WMU check.....Great pics of a real aircraft parts!!


One word from this Marine maintainer "F##K"




That is the correct word Devil Dog.  Semper Fi!


8 hours ago, Victor K2 said:

Fantastic detail, the toggle switches look like they are ready to be operated. Even the mod state (STI , service technical instruction) looks authentic.


They were copied from the real thing I'm glad those detail are not lost.  I'm doing my best to get the correct wording, legible or not in the finished decal.




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On 7/30/2019 at 4:15 AM, Timmy! said:


Sorry buddy....I hear baseball cards are big!?


They are tied with with wire...still can’t find scale zip-ties but there you go. 


Seriously thanks for kind nod and following along.



I am sure I have seen etched zip ties in the model car world..... I'll do some digging.

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I saw some just recently, after I posted that comment.  Found them looking at other, scale hardware.  From what i could tell even in 1/24th scale they looked way too big.   The wire solution I use I’m pretty happy with.  Doubly so when you consider all this detail is in the wheel well.


Curious to see if you come up with something else.  



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  • 1 month later...

Quick update.  More tubing and parts added.  Getting close to closing up the nose gear and cockpit assembly.  Lots of parts needed to be modeled up printed and attached.  Plus no small amount of time figuring out where the plumbing goes.  I'll do a complete write up of the nose gear well and publish a complete article on my website once the assembly is complete.






More soon....




More soon....



Edited by Timmy!
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