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"The Star of Africa" - Hans-Joachim Marseille's Do-335 A-2/Trop - Yellow 14 - FINISHED!

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What a great paintjob. The masking with kite-wire seems to worked out great. Do you have a closer pic so we can see the line between the sand and the blue? I'm just curious.

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Thanks again boys. I'll take a close up of the demark line to give you guys a better idea of the shading. 

It looks like a harder demark from a distance, but is decently feathered when seen up close.


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Here is where I'm up to at this point.....

I was not satisfied with the spacing of the spots on my test bed spot painting experiment, nor the overall shape of the spots. The test bed came out more like a Japanese "puzzle" looking camo vs the less jagged spots in the leapard spot camo.


I was happy however with the overall hand sprayed look of the spots, and the test confirmed to me that hand spraying was the way to go.

I figured out a way to rectify the spacing and shape all at once, albeit a bit unconventional.


I went to the local Hobby Lobby (US arts and craft  store) and picked up these:




Round baseball, basketball and general office type stickers.

Ok, stick with me on this one......its gets a bit weird.

So, I figured that it would be way easier to figure out the spacing I wanted, and move these around VS having to just wing it.

I de-tact each sticker on my wrist before application and set about applying them in a random, but evenly spaced pattern.

Strangest looking camo EVER!








Weird I know...........

The next step I took was to use a dark green colored pencil, fairly close to RLM 80 and very lightly traced each circle:






The next step was to make randomly shaped camo spots (generally) inside the circles and then use a moistened cotton bud to remove the circle:




As you can see, even with a good de-tack on the stickers, some still pulled up a tiny bit of paint here and there.


Fortunately, wherever I found a spot like that, with some judicious planning I just formed a spot right over the pulled up paint, after some 6000 grit polishing of the spot.







Im much happier with the spacing and general shape of the spots. Should get working on the spots today.



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