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"The Star of Africa" - Hans-Joachim Marseille's Do-335 A-2/Trop - Yellow 14 - FINISHED!

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Next up was the............................


Umbrella of all things!!   Floyd from Werner's Wings was gracious enough to send me one of his 3D printed 1/32nd Me-109 Trop umbrellas.  I have to say it was  tad pricey, but it really is well done for what it is.

The umbrella in 1/32nd scale was much larger than I expected, but for the size of the Dornier, it works!  The umbrella is about the size of a large US .50 cent piece or larger.    Here it is just after I un-boxed it, and prior to clipping off the printing supports:













You can see on the top right section of the umbrella, a slight point was broken off of one of the tips of the umbrella. This was not a big deal to me at all, as it was going to be an easy fix IMHO, and things happen. 


So.......................on to me attempting to cut it out of the printing supports...............THIS is where it got all fowled up! 


Apparently whatever material this was printed out of, is not like PLA in that it can be flexed a bit without issue.   The detail and stepping is really wonderful on the umbrella but the material is HELLA brittle. 

I started gently (so I THOUGHT) snipping out the supports, and in the end, after snipping all of them off I realized that two complete sections had their edges crumbled off after clipped off the supports in that area.  :(


Bummer.  BIG bummer!  I was worried about how to fix it and retain the fidelity of the 3D printed part. What I ended up doing was tracing out a good section of the umbrella, and tracing the edge sections onto the thinnest styrene sheet I had.

Surprisingly it worked out OK so far. 


You can see here the damage I caused and had to fix. Still along way from as good as the 3D printed edges, but not too shabby if I do say so myself. I think this will look fine after slathering it with some Mr Surfacer and then sanding/priming and sanding again:










I also fixed the original tiny single missing point that was there from the start:








This is just all sitting here, and when the end comes, I have a LOT more work to do on the umbrella, as I would like to add the internal rib connections between the main pole, and the ribs that are always seen, as well as angling the very top of the umbrella and adding what will appear to be an angle adjustment piece on the umbrella pole. 


The wire is not cut to length yet, but overall not too bad, and a little stiff here, but gives you an idea of what Ill be going for:











Fortunately, with the way I've designed the umbrella holders on the fuselage, the umbrella will always work just like the real thing, and will be removable for transport and what not. The Milliput has now had a couple of days to dry, and after I take some pics for a review I need to get done, Ill be back on the pylons attempting to shape the Milliput.


Cheers, and thanks for stopping in on me! 

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2 hours ago, Azgaron said:

Cool with an umbrella! Looking good so far! :)





Thanks Håkan!  I wasnt sure I even wanted an umbrella for the model, but it seemed to work out.


I'll need to start smoothing things on the umbrella, then will drive into the pylons again.

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15 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Thanks Shawn, in the end, well get there. The fringe and flowers should go well with the desert camo..................    :lol:



You do realise you may have started something here ?

Obviously this would have been an official Luftwaffe issue brolly?

Therefore it would probably have had several pages in an RLM manual somewhere on the size it must be, the number of panels, the length of the handle and the real killer - which RLM colour it must be.

Cue several pages discussing the correct RLM colour for an official umbrella complete with faded photos !



I think the Brits and the US would have a better idea to just steal them from a local bar complete with beer logos.

1/32 beer logo decals maybe.....................................:popcorn:




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I really want to get back to the big Dornier, but I have some responsibilities first, as I have a review coming up for a very good how-to/technique book by Mike Ashley publishing, and I want to knock that out tonight now that I have the glossy pics done for it. 


I also have been doing some packing for a friend we all know and love, who is arguably the best modeler on this site.......................


Those that know of whom I speak will be very happy as I'm sending some long overdue sheets to him so he can "Lope" along again.............and I "Hope" he gets them well received so we all can get our fix of updates!!!!


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11 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

           Those that know of whom I speak will be very happy as I'm sending some long overdue sheets to him


Poor guy.  Ask him if he needs any blankets or pillows too..





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