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  1. Thanks Richard. Daft rather than meticulous probably
  2. Hi. No it's Airscale full monty. It's not really been shot blasted as it looks it's actually solid black with applied weathering but cameras always seem to make IPs look grainy
  3. Been a while since I've posted an update for the Hellcat but I'm switching between this and a commission build of an old Monogram B-17G Flying Fortress with a clear glass port side. As it's all clear, I'm fitting the full internal works from Eduard and it's fiddly stuff! But back to the Hellcat. Engine finished it was time for the cockpit. It all goes together very well, a little too well at times as some of the tolerances are very tight. I've used the full cockpit upgrade from Airscale to spruce it up a bit. So, the build of the cockpit itself was quite straightforward, HGW Seatbel
  4. It's a nice build and beautifully detailed, worth a look
  5. I'm enjoying it immensely. Hope I can do the rest of it justice
  6. New Year, new model. The beloved bought me the Airfix 1:24 Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat for Christmas and I started it on Boxing Day. Engine just completed and I've saved all the photos up so here they are all in one build post. The P&W 2800 double wasp 10W is a little model all in itself and I think I spent more time researching this than most other models in their entirety. So to business. I'm sure most know that the crankcase of the engine is far to large in diameter to allow the various push rod rings and cylinder blocks to pass over it so lots of flexi file work needed as al
  7. Thanks. Yep it's a big un even at 1:32. Wouldn't have room for it in 1:24 I don't think
  8. Well it's been a while. Work and other things have taken my time then this lockdown thing made me finish the kit I'd started in January 2020. I didn't have the where with all to do a build document TBH and I apologise for that but here's my take on the old warhorse, just in time for the end of 2020. I've painted it in the kit given KG54 Totenkopf-Geschwader and imagined it having just landed from a bombing raid over England in 1940 and waiting for a reload and a refuel. Not much time for cleaning down so it's a tad mucky. I've used the Eduard interior and exterior PE kits and HGW sea
  9. Not fixed yet. In too much of a rush to get the photos done before I left for Italy
  10. Thanks so much. I’m pretty pleased with it
  11. Thanks. First go at it to be honest. Will be using it more I think. It looks really nice when it’s done
  12. Thanks so much. Not a common build. I’m happy with it
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