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  1. Not fixed yet. In too much of a rush to get the photos done before I left for Italy
  2. Thanks so much. I’m pretty pleased with it
  3. Thanks. First go at it to be honest. Will be using it more I think. It looks really nice when it’s done
  4. Thanks so much. Not a common build. I’m happy with it
  5. Hi all. Here's my latest project completed. It's a commission build for a black, early Mosquito NFII night fighter from Airfix's excellent 1:24 kit. The all black finish and the night fighter variant, plus the fact its new owner wanted it in "flying" mode means there's not masses to see but it provided a good challenge in the painting, trying to make it look not black while trying to make it look....well, black! The cockpit gave plenty of scope for detailing and fine paintwork but was actually very well detailed OOB. Painting used the "black basing" principle of Doog,s Models, adapted for
  6. And so, finally she's all complete. after the decals went on, I did a little blending and weathering of them just using coal black pigment from the Alclad range. I literally wanted them a bit "mucky" as we say in Yorkshire. From there, another satin coat then a couple of filters to pull things together followed by the final satin coat. Cockpit masking off and I managed to remember the windscreen wiper also. This memory thing is getting better .Finally, just a suggestion of exhaust staining using a dilute off white base then covered with a little darker brown off white and a centre dark streak.
  7. Been a while since my last post but things have gone on apace. The canopy has been masked up and glued into place and I even remembered to stick the flare pistol in the roof before I closed it all up! After spraying the outside of the canopy cockpit green and a good wash down of the whole model with good old soap and water, it was time for the black! I decided to prime with Vallejos Polyurathane black primer and I have to say it covers beautifully. The down side is that it does leave a bit of an odour around but then I was covering an awful lot of plane. Also tip dry and cloggi
  8. As promised wings did indeed meet fuselage ...and all went well. This really is a lovely fitting, if rather large (look at the 12 inch rule) kit. I'm doing an old Airfix 1:24 FW190 next and I don't think THAT will fit together as nicely! I've put together the Hispanos and painted them black then drybrushed with gunmetal and some gunmetal pigment. I've used the kit parts rather than splash out on the Master metal ones as the whole assembly will be hidden away except the business end bits I am using the Model Master metal barrels for the Brownings though as they do protru
  9. Yes, my original thought was an off black base/ blender then mainly various blues in there for variety. Some greys anything to avoid black
  10. Yep Nato black’s the route I’m thinking. Tamiya do one. Thanks
  11. Thanks Troy. Same here, mine were on the bedroom ceiling in my youth and fell apart when I was ordered on pain of death by my mum to clean them. Mossie is already started. Build here: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/80410-airfix-124-mosquito-nfii-the-all-blacks/
  12. Thanks Kev. Just need to sort out how to make the black not so black now and I reckon we’re good
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