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  1. 'I had a look at eBay and saw that the model you have is Chinese. I presume that for having it without any issues for 5 years it is a trustworthy and safe machine.'

    It's not as if you would be using it alot.  Depending on your project, you can go a year without using it.  Then you would be using it regularly to get a good vac.  The thing is solid and sturdy, cast aluminum, heating element softens the plastic quickly enough.  No long waiting like the Mattel vacuum form.  And it has a powerful vacuum draw.  As Rich stated, the platform is small.  But it makes really good vacuum forms.





    Rich, your skillset is unbelievable.




  2. 'Nice stuff there, Mark, real nice.'

    Thank you, Kevin.


    'That movie gave me shingles and haemorrhoids.'

    I will be sure to not put you through the same.


    'So which 1/16th kit are you going to convert?'

    Tamiya 1/16 M4 Howitzer.


    'I actually have SOL's complete resin M4A3E8 kit; it looks really nice.'

    Covetingly so.  If I hadn't gotten such a bargain with the Tamiya kit, ($100.00 on eBay.  Yes, one can occasionally find a bargain) I would have gotten theirs.


    'Also, was lucky enough to see the real Fury - as well as Tiger 134 - at Bovington. Incredible museum.'

    Lucky indeed.  Missed Bovington the (only) time I was in England.  Been to Yad La-Shiryon (Latrun) over the years, though.  3 or 4 times, I think.  IDF is my primary armor interest.  Fury and German are on the side.  After I finish painting my Shelf of Doom (2 aircraft, one PT boat) and building CVN-65 circa 1963 for my dad, I'll be going back to armor.




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