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  1. Hi Stormer I just bought the HD one and it measures 23,9 mm Cheers Mikkel
  2. I agree. The surface detail is also so crisp and rivet detail so small it looks almost correct in scale. Im happy the paint manufactures stepped up their game over the last decade or so also. It would be really hard to do a modern Tamiya Kit justice with old school paint.
  3. I absolutely agree. Tamiya is just one step ahead of everybody Else.
  4. I wish too. It is so unfortunate the later in the war the worse the quality of the pictures. There is many good pictures that show the rivets and putty work on the prototypes and first batch of production machines. But not many that show the operational machines in so great detail. Cheers Mikkel
  5. Hello The rivets on the Me262 seems to be the can of worms that come up every time the models of the 262 is discussed. I would like to drop my 2 cents on the subject. The 262 is one of my favorite subjects and i have quite a bit of reference material on it. My gut feeling so far : There was no doubt a lot of putty put on the 262 before paint, but it did not cover all the rivets. The more pics i study the more i get the feeling putty was primarily used on the panel joints and secondarily on leading edge rivets (both wings and fuselage). Also there is a wide range of the quality of the putty work. Please remember the desperate conditions of the production facilities in the closing days of the war in Europe. Parts for the 262 was produced at a myriad of subcontractors by unskilled labor (forced labor/slaves). Final assembly took place under far from ideal locations . Sometimes final assembly line was concealed in the forest under open sky. Despite the strict specifications of the RLM the final products varied very much in the terms of quality and surface finish. My conclusion: Have fun modelling. If you like rivets please add some to the 262 especially on the rear fuselage and rear of the wings. :-) Cheers Mikkel Operational Me262 A-1a W.Nr 110926 of III./EJG 2 . Lechfeld 1945
  6. Mebo

    Luftwaffe cockpit sets.

    Ok. Thanks a lot Cheers Mikkel
  7. Mebo

    Luftwaffe cockpit sets.

    Hello Did something happen to your website ? I cant seem to find any 1/32 scale LW cockpit sets ??? Cheers Mikkel
  8. x2 This is really one of the missing pieces of info needed when modelling WW2 subjects.
  9. Ho Ray The pics are mostly from Airframe and miniature No. 9. I highly recomend this book if you like and build the do 335. Also there is a pic from the Classic publications book. Cheers Mikkel
  10. You're welcome. LMK if you need other info. I have a few books on the Pfeil. Have fun my friend. Cheers
  11. Luftwaffe hangar in northern Jylland / Denmark. https://www.knivholt.dk/hangar This type of hangar was common in occupied europe. Floors and foundation build by local contractors from german drawings. The building came prefabricated from factory in germany. Have fun. Cheers Mikkel
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