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  1. I seem to recall there is PE for the slat wells in the Eduard set for the Trumpeter 262 night fighter. Cheers
  2. Great work. Next project is hopefully a Betty :-) Cheers
  3. No problem. I am happy they are with you. Looking forward to your build. I plan to build this bird soon too. (using masks) Cheers
  4. Hi Kevin I sent you the decals. I am happy they finally showed up. I was worried they got lost in transit. Happy modelling Cheers Mikkel
  5. It is a selector switch + fusebox for underslung weapons . Cheers Mikkel
  6. Great news. Hope they can capture make the effect on the wings properly. Cheers
  7. Hi Thierry Looks great. Pics will be very helpful. Thank you very much Cheers Mikkel
  8. Hi Thierry Please post pictures of jumo nose if you find it. I ordered Allycat A, B, C and D conversions last night. Cheers Mikkel
  9. Hi Mike and Jennings Thanks a lot for the info. Cheers Mikkel
  10. Hi Thierry First off a big thank you for compiling the various tweak lists. They are VERY helpful. I am planning to build a few Eduard Emil's and i have a few questions i would like to ask. I am using the Oleo from the Cyber-hobby kit to correct the flawed Eduard part. I noticed the Cyber-hobby part have what seems to be a leather boot covering the exposed part of the Oleo cylinder the Eduard part have not. Your list does not specify whether or not an Emil have the covering on the cylinder, what is correct? I have the Eduard BigSin resin goodies for the Emil and included in the set is two different kind of wheel hubs. One is solid and one have what seems to be lightening holes . I attached pics of the two hubs. Do you know what hub was used on what marks ? I plan to do the V-14, E-1, E-3 , E-4 and E-7 The tire in BigSin set is a Metzler tire and i can see Northstar Models offers a Continental tire for the Emil. Do you happen to know what tire is correct for the different marks ? Thanks a lot Cheers Mikkel
  11. Hi Jan Please do a riveting set for the 110 :-) Cheers Mikkel
  12. Hi Stormer I just bought the HD one and it measures 23,9 mm Cheers Mikkel
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