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  1. Yes. I think this is true for the Yamato turret as well. The Yamato base is square instead of round as on the Bismarck turret.
  2. No. On the Bismarck it just covers what i seen om my model. I just cut of the small decorative bevel that imitates a wooden base. There are some hose reels and other small fittings i still need to fit. Cheers
  3. Hi Kev Im working on a Bismarck turret in between other projects. It is a really nice kit and a menacing size too. Im doing a wooden base to raise it up a bit. The kit base is molded in and it is ok, but i just had do a wooden base. The barrels are the weak link in the kit. it is impossible to fill and sand the inside. I think you can get turned aluminium barrels now. I am doing a brass/resin combo for the barrel replacement. If you have any questions let me know. Cheers Mikkel
  4. Try and use the return button and put a line of space between the pictures and the text. And Also space between the individiual pictures. This is how i got it to work. Cheers Mikkel
  5. Your C-6 is beautiful. Very nice work. Now i think i have to buy the conversion set.
  6. I have the Eagle Strike 32072 sheets in surplus. They are yours if you want them. LMK Cheers Mikkel
  7. Yes please :-) Thanks a lot Mikkel
  8. He was not landing, he was towing the carrier
  9. Jup. I saw the Eduard 48 ones. Will look into the Lonestar ones. Thanks for the info. Cheers
  10. Thanks a lot for the link. Great stuff. I really like the VLR mustang and plan to build a few over time. What we need are some accurate 165 gallon droptanks with the plywood braces. I hope Eduard does them at some point but my hopes is not high. Do you know what available Kit that have the most accurate 165 gallon tanks? Cheers Mikkel
  11. I will take 3 sets. Also please consider doing a set for P-47's Thanks a lot Cheers
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