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  1. Great work Brian. Perfect solution for constructing the joystick. I have to shamelessly copy that when i get to finish the He162D conversion :-) Have fun. Cheers Mikkel
  2. Great work Jan . Beautiful photography too. Thanks a lot for sharing. Cheers Mikkel
  3. Mebo

    Bronco starts new line of armor...

    I pray Radu B will release his version of the Scheuch - Schlepper . His stuff IMHO is superior to most other manufactures. So well researched and executed. But if he chose to do a IM version i would definitely not complain :-)
  4. Mebo

    Me-410 info sought

    Hello This book is what you need :-) It is very nice with lots of useful color pictuers. https://wwpbooks.com/en/aircraft/57-messerschmitt-me-210-410-in-detail.html Happy modelling Mikkel
  5. Absolutely beautiful Tempest. Very well done.
  6. Thanks a lot I wiil look for the Assembly ships book. You are right about "The dragon and his tail". It is the Memphis belle of B-24's :-) Cheers Mikkel
  7. Hi Rich Really nice collection of reference material you got. Can you please recomend some 'essential' B-24 books. Im mostly into tecnical stuff and stuff with lots of pictures and paintschemes. I allready have the following : Haynes book Warpaint book Consolidated mess Japo Book Thanks a lot Cheers Mikkel
  8. Mebo

    Horten Ho 229 1/32

    Very nice. I love the dark sinister look. Cheers
  9. Hi wouter If you like photoetch look at www.pktinyland.tk They have various stringers in 1:48 and 1:32. I have most of Their stuff and can send you some samples if you like. Happy modelling Cheers Mikkel
  10. Hi Chuck I bought the Samsung C1810W laserprinter. I did some tinkering and god some decent prints on some Avery 3491 film. Here is a pic of my print (the black square is 44 x 31 mm) I don't know if the matte Avery paper will work with the pureetch foil that i am using , but i will keep this thread updated. Have fun Cheers Mikkel
  11. Please post your findings here. I am struggling with the exact same problem. Thanks a lot Cheers Mikkel
  12. Mebo

    12. Tempest Mk.V, now with full engine

    Cool. Thanks a lot for the info. Cheers Mikkel
  13. Mebo

    12. Tempest Mk.V, now with full engine

    Hi Miroslav Beautiful work you are doing. Are these parts included in the engine set ? Thanks a lot Mikkel
  14. Mebo

    FROMM 1/32 IAR 80 A-1 now availible

    Hi Radu Thanks a lot M