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  1. Hi Chuck I have been doing my own photoetch for a couple of years now and i had the same problem as you. I could not find any place to print in super small detail. I ended up buying a Samsung C1810w laser printer. I can not get detail as fine as 0.1 mm the smallest i have had succecs with is 0.2 mm. But i think it would be very difficult to get 0.1 mm detail on DIY etch even with a perfectly professional printed mask. Aligning the front and backside mask is very hard to do within a 0.1 mm tolerance. Also i think you need super thin photoresist to achive such details. I can send you a test print mask from the Samsung C1810 if you are interested. Have fun. Cheers Mikkel
  2. Looks basic but really nice. Will be a nice platform for some detailing. Especially like the fact all the control surfaces are separate. will bring some "life" to the finished model. Cheers Mikkel
  3. This kit looks like a lot of fun. I think i'm gonna build a few of them :-) Cheers Mikkel
  4. Outstanding. Cant wait to build this. Do you have any plan on doing a J 8 conversion with the goofy looking ski's ? Thanks a lot. Cheers Mikkel
  5. Looks spectacular. I really look forward to this release. Hope it will sell well. Cheers
  6. Very nice project. Will follow for sure.
  7. Hi Scotsman Since i can see you are located in Scotland i recommend you use this :-) https://www.sylmasta.com/product/sylmasta-casting-kit-01/ I have cast a lot using Sylmasta products and they work great. LMK if you need any pointers. Cheers Mikkel
  8. I second the HP-CH. The mac valve is really useful. Unless you currently experiment a lot with pressue when spraying it will change the way you use your airbrush. I became way better at finding the right pressure because it is so easy to adjust. This ulitmately made me way better at spraying opage layers and use newer type of paints like MRP. All in all it just made a huge difference to the better. Have fun. Cheers
  9. X2 The Sparviero would sell pretty good i think. Lots of cool paintschemes The torpedo version is Looking so damn good. Cheers
  10. I seem to recall there is PE for the slat wells in the Eduard set for the Trumpeter 262 night fighter. Cheers
  11. Great work. Next project is hopefully a Betty :-) Cheers
  12. No problem. I am happy they are with you. Looking forward to your build. I plan to build this bird soon too. (using masks) Cheers
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