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  1. Your C-6 is beautiful. Very nice work. Now i think i have to buy the conversion set.
  2. I have the Eagle Strike 32072 sheets in surplus. They are yours if you want them. LMK Cheers Mikkel
  3. Yes please :-) Thanks a lot Mikkel
  4. He was not landing, he was towing the carrier
  5. Hi Miloslav Thanks a lot for the link. It is very helpful. Cheers Mikkel
  6. Beautiful work Miloslav. Thanks a lot for posting. Can i please ask where you found a plan/drawing of the rivets ? Cheers Mikkel
  7. I have some 0.12 mm brass sheet i use for stuff like this. Cheers M
  8. Yahu makes some great luftwaffe PE latches. Cheers M
  9. Hi Chuck I have been doing my own photoetch for a couple of years now and i had the same problem as you. I could not find any place to print in super small detail. I ended up buying a Samsung C1810w laser printer. I can not get detail as fine as 0.1 mm the smallest i have had succecs with is 0.2 mm. But i think it would be very difficult to get 0.1 mm detail on DIY etch even with a perfectly professional printed mask. Aligning the front and backside mask is very hard to do within a 0.1 mm tolerance. Also i think you need super thin photoresist to achive such details. I can send you a test print mask from the Samsung C1810 if you are interested. Have fun. Cheers Mikkel
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