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  1. the first details of the new project Lemkits at 1:32 in front of you. And soon the "beast" will come out of the shadows).
  2. http://lemkits.com/product/arado-e-377a-rheinmetall-borsig-starting-trolley-heavy-glide-bomb-limited-edition-resin-kit-pre-order/ https://www.ebay.com/itm/124320023874
  3. The pre-order Arado E377A ends and the model will become available on eBay. Salamandra and MiG-9 are not included in the package. When pre-ordering, two aviation technician figures will be added to the set. http://lemkits.com/…/arado-e-377a-rheinmetall-borsig-star…/…
  4. Lemkits 1:32 Arado E.377A with Rheinmetall-Borsig starting trolley( launching dolly) - Heavy glide bomb - Limited edition resin kit -pre-order http://lemkits.com/?post_type=product&p=1625&preview=true At the end of World War II, German aircraft designers realized that in the absence of resources only technological superiority in balance with the simplicity of the materials used could bring a tangible effect. As a result, projects began combining simple materials (wood, steel pipes, etc.) with super modern jet engines and sophisticated control and guidance systems One of t
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/124219040215 http://lemkits.com/product/1-32-su-9-k-1946-limited-edition-resin-kit/?fbclid=IwAR39-t2NPsACgdNLwZuuL4bOCYWOYLLtjbGpGziVbSCH4oxF9Q6ZNhiXFG8
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