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  1. Check Kevin Martin’s 109ace Facebook page. He’s releasing his resin/vacuform kit 1/32 P 51 B/C Sept 1. I’ve ordered one today. He’s offering a 10 presale for 100USD with the shipping included. I got no 1.
  2. I bought from used micro drill bit guy some years ago. The very small dia. below .016 break off very easily and snap the tip end off in the hole use at your own risk. I also bought packs of small bits from Mcmaster Carr.
  3. This has been announced for years. The only other options if you can't wait is 109ace Kevin Martin. He has an all resin kit about ready to go or you can get a resin conversion and the bottom of the old Hasegawa D and along with the Revell kit is possibly used per Bert Kinzey P 51 Early P51s. Myself I will have ago with the conversion and buy the resin kit also.
  4. Ordered from SH Sat. Prices: Kit $ 90.70 Shipping: $6.76 PayPal: $ 3.90. Total is: $ 101.36, about what I guessed, couldn’t preorder as I was moving. SH sent confirmation 2 hours after order placed.
  5. I bought two Combat Models kits must have been almost 20 years ago. IMO they were apply named. I got the ME 410 and Ta 152. Saved what I could for scratchbuilding.
  6. Well, I must say it looks like it was worth the wait. I have both CA kits in the works and there is no comparison, the quality of Special Hobby keeps improving with every release. I’m a big fan.
  7. Jennings, I have a story. Back about 1988 or so I went in the spring to the Civil War battle sites in Virginia and Maryland. 1 night I stayed in a state park outside of Sharpsburg and the only other camper was a guy with an Aliner. So he invited me to join him for a couple of Rolling Rocks. Got to talking about it,I thought it was good idea. He told me he was from Latrobe and what he did was drive around with the Aliner to camping shows and when he did sell the one, he drove back to Latrobe and picked another one. I only recalled this when I started seeing Aliners in campgrounds fairly recently. Life is full of surprises.
  8. Great article and photos. My experiences in Wis were in the 60s & 70s seeing B 52s from K I Sawyer flying at treetop level, first you would hear the roar that military jets make, a brief glance overhead. The other area was from the palisades at the junction of the Wisconsin & Mississippi rivers when the planes would fly below the ridge and you would look down on F 102s. Same roar and brief glance. Most recent example was in the early 2000s. Heard the roar in Sheboygan Wi and turned out to be a B 2 flying quite low, looked to be about 500 ft. By then you could look up things on the internet, I read that the B 2 was returning from a shoe in Michigan.
  9. The ancient 1/48? Aurora aircraft kits I remember were the cherry red 109, bluish spitfire, screamin’ yellow zero and the OD p 38. I also recall the all black P 61. This was before 1961. Built a fair number of box scale Monogram too.
  10. Been waiting patiently who knows how long. The 88 USD price was reported a number of weeks ago.
  11. I don’t recall much about it, but I remember reading about it in the mid 1960s. The troops in the massed battle scenes were Russian soldiers. The IMDB says that it was broadcast without English subtitles on the ABC network in 1973, so it’s possible I might have watched it.
  12. I have most of their older kits which just take quite a bit if patience but will come out well. Last one I bought was the Yak 3 and it’s the one I would recommend. Waiting for the Whirlwind myself.
  13. I had a bunch these kits, I had trouble with liquid glues. I finally tried MEK and that did the trick. Be sure to use in well ventilated area if you do this.
  14. I'm in the same position with my Hase 163. Bought on Ebay for 20usd and came with the eduard photo etch. Tried to find the Rocketeer sheet but of course had no luck, so a couple months back I got the Foxbot sheet from the Ukraine on Ebay. Arrived fairly quickly and has quite a few options, Cheaper than the Rocketeer and looks very good.
  15. I've had all the 21st Century kits and IMHO the only worth building are the 109s. I'm still working on 4 Macchis (3 202, 1 205). The Macchis are the most toylike of the bunch. I have tried to correct the faults listed above as these are the most glaring. IMHO the Macchis are only worth 15 USD and that's because the quality of the decals. Build OOB unless you are willing to correct the many faults. I have a PCM 205 and the quality is magnitudes better. I recommend you prowl Ebay or trader boards to find one at a reasonable price, which will make the price difference tiny compared the prices asked on Ebay. The PCM kits tires are not as good as the CMK G50.
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